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    Bonus track: Change Your Mind (and released as the fourth single of the next album) confirmed.
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    The amount of people I see calling her Brittany is laughable. I always have to correct them. It's BRITNEY, bitch.
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    I'm a 911 dispatcher and when I get a call from someone named Britney I say "... and thats B-R-I-T-N-E-Y?" Sometimes I end it with ", like Britney Spears?"
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    "Glory" is still my sh!t

    Slay me, flawless album!
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    A queen honoring a queen!!!
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    Balletney strikes again

    Videos like this give me hope that Primeney is still alive.
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    Sorry but dosn't matter how much money she still has, how great her life is or how fun she lives. It's about something called DIGNITY!
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    I am moist sistrens The ensemble, the position, the body, the bellybutton ring, the flotation, the queefs, the clitoris, the fumes. Remake this outfit for the POM tour please Team Britney Squat on my face after 3 hours on the treadmill Britney
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    If I had a pic with Primeney I would post it in every ocassion, event, holidays, birthdays and showers
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    Balletney strikes again

    Her living room is bigger than my house
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    still waiting for flawless eyebrows to show up on daily basis
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    Clumsy is one of the best songs on the album... one of the only songs that gets consistently positive reactions among my friends, was noted in Rolling Stone as one of the best pop songs of 2016, is one of the only songs on the album that can actually be danced to, her voice shines.. .it's got an unusual sound, with a 1920s flapper-club vibe... it is one of the only songs on Glory that didn't sound immediately like something else I've already heard... you people seem to prefer Bieber-alikes and Selena-alikes such as Just Luv Me and Better, though...sad! The major problem I have with it is that it has a really weak bridge. But the spacey, trance-y 'ahhs' added to the synths at the end bring the momentum back.
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    She looks good cause she actually has eyebrows and she doesn't have black makeup smudged all over her eye socket. Really, that's all it takes.
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    Britney is known for having huge, well produced, extravagant, visually stunning tours. Even when her performing wasn't at it's best (circus tour, femme fatale tour) she still delivered great production and the shows looked great. The problem with the upcoming POM tour, is that the production is not good, at all. In Vegas, the show looks amazing. But that's because the show was MADE for that theatre, and it includes all the props. But during the Asian tour last year, Britney barely brought any props and the show just looked SO cheap, it was embarrassing. The Asian tour was missing the tree, the guitar, magic entrance, the dywco pole, the slave fountain pole thing, the ring of fire, angel wings, etc... All it had was the cheap stripper pole and the MATM wooden wall things... That is literally it. I'm afraid that the general public are getting their hopes up and buying Britney tickets hoping for a great show, and they're just gonna be let down. If she replicated the Vegas stage and actually brought all the props, it'd be a different story. But walking out onto an empty stage with nothing but a screen behind you and performing the way she is now (ADHDney) and lipping to 20 year old vocals... It's just gonna be a mess. I LOVE her but this is just the tea.
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    "Glory" is still my sh!t

    Definitely top 3 blackout in the zone glory
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    clumsy is great! and so is "what your need"
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    Hopefully they change the show and bring the props Either way it’s a good thing. Either the show is better and fans are happy. Or she gets called out and ppl won’t go to her cheap shows. Both are pros tbh
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    honestly this is the best she’s EVER looked since her prime! The styling and makeup was on point! Who did it? Anyone knows She needs to work with Mario Testino again and whoever worked with her on this shoot. This photo I’m slayed
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    She was making a statement to those around her that she was not under their control. She wanted it to be seen. “Where’s your Britney Spears now?”
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    It was a q&a thing on twitter. She basically answered two questions in one tweet Iconic tweet tho
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    I don't think it was planned, she probably thought about it at that moment and just went for it
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    seriously those little videos depict more of her raw talent in dancing than POM
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    I don’t care. Just live your life and give me good music.
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    It definitely triggers when people call her "Brittany". Especially if it's clearly written in a BIG TITLE of an article or video and yet someone in the comments says Brittany. Do people even try to read?
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    Lol you must have not seen all Britney performances then... Say hi!
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    Well Beyonce is credited for adding a comma so why not just accepting it
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    Is everyone too busy fingering to reply?
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    well yeah because she choreographed and directed the video. we stan a hair touching mouth open queen
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    Britney Army destroying careers

    I feel bad for Iggy tbh, she seems pretty real and down to earth. Did she really say anything different than 90% of exhale? That Britney tweet though and who could forget how she liked the IG pic of the trash bag in Iggy's place?
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    Jesus who ruffled your feathers?
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    this energy and stage presence with the old bti choreo would be killer
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    Above all, this is my fave look and outfit she's had for a public appearance in the last few years. Can't. Stop. Staring.
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    The reason they looked great was because she was photographed by someone other than Randee!!! THANK YOU MARIO TESTINO!!!
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    The Britney Copycat Thread

    Literally no one was a bigger wannabe of Britney than Brooke Hogan
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    Here's my concept for Britney's new residency. I want a show that we never saw from Britney with her classics for sure, but also with surprises (good or not). I know it's a dream but... INTRO : 20th Anniversary video 01. …Baby One More Time (Iconic Remix) 02. (You Drive Me) Crazy 03. Overprotected 04. Stronger 05. Oops !...I Did It Again BRITNEY COVER 06. The Beat Goes On 07. (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction 08. Love Can Build a Bridge (Feat. Her old self on screen) 09. I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll 10. My Prerogative ACOUSTIC MEDLEY (1min30 – 2min of each song) 11. Born To Make You Happy /Don’t Let Me Be The Last To Know /I’m Not A Girl, I Am A Woman (2019 version)/Someday (I Will Understand) /Criminal SEX SYMBOL 12. Me Against The Music 13. I’m A Slave 4 U 14. Breathe On Me 15. Make Me… 16. Toxic TRIBUTE MEDLEY (1min30 – 2min of each songs) 17. Open Your Heart /Black Cat/The Way You Make Me Feel/Kiss/Girls Just Wanna Have Fun PARTY CLUB 18. Hold It Against Me 19. Work Bitch 20. Womanizer 21. Gimme More 22. Till The World Ends /Fake goodbye FINAL 23. NEW SINGLE With live band, live/pre-recorded vocal/, less choreography but GOOD choreography, less props, hand mic for Britney Cover, Acoustic Medley & Tribute Medley, high couture & fashion outfit, good hair and make up... I would be surprise with this kind of show :p But it"s a dream within a dream
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    oh really? well lets believe it than.
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    Iggy Making Fun of Brit?

    I didn’t pick up on any shade at all. She even said at the end she “is hilarious.” I hate how people build someone up then tear them down. Everyone did it with Britney so why are we doing it to Iggy here? She had some fun bops.
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    Too bad it wasn’t Britney and Justin
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    this comes from you with that profilepic?