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    So, i'm a.... pro ? with photoshop and when i'm bored i like to make these edits just for fun I know, i need a life but whatever, let's see what i created bitches and then you can drag me if you want i used the same expressions from circusney / 2009ney, these comparison are very realistic (but not perfect) so prepare yourself because it's shocking Pre-Grammy Gala 2017 Radio Disney Music Award 2017 (OMG THIS ONE LOOKS AMAZING) VMA 2015 (she was fine already) Radio Promo in UK 2016 (her old smile WIG ) VMA 2016 (my favorite, looks real ) now i can finally go, bye bitches
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    She doesn't care about us.

    i know it sounds very stupid to say but at this point it's very clear that we are nothing for her. think about it sis: 2 minutes of live vocals in years since the starts of the Fart of Me, only because the media bashed her. that's the only reason. not for the fans that are paying, not for the show it self, for the media. i think they wants only to manipulate her reputation only to show to the court that she's doing "great." "hey, she's selling tickets on tour!" "hey, she's still making music!" "hey, she's very healty on instagram! look!" "i teach dance to kids!" "hey, she's happy with her sons!" "hey i'm doing great! free me now!" "hey i'm doing charity, so.. i'm a active member of the comunity now!" "i use the same top since 1941, i'm not spending money! see? i'm responsible now!" "salami gomezi is doing great for the gp? forget blackout 2, that's what can work with the general public. my fans can choke" At the end of the day, she wants only to bring home the results, good or bad it's the same because there's the fans that can find excuses for her. she's doing all of these things and i'm convinced that her lawyers use these bullshit to prove her improvements in front of the court. WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU DID SOMETHING FOR US? THE LAST SELFIE WITH YOUR CURVED LIPS? I SING LIVE AND NOBODY GIVE ME THE CREDIT FOR IT?
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    Here are Brinni pics from the David LaChapelle's Book LOST + FOUND Queen of imagenery
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    She'll still have the same shitty team anyway
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    The way The Army latches onto this guy just because he’s conventionally attractive. If he wasn't, you'd all be dragging him the way you did David.
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    sis stop, I can´t handle this
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    What's next? Vegas Fantasy? Secret Project Fantasy? Riccus Fantasy?
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    2 stages of being a Britney fan nowadays 1 - surprise announcement 2 - Surpise announced
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    her hand D:

    Britney comes out on WB Womanizer breakdown Comes down the stairs on POM During Everytime's bridge Touch Of My Hand End of the show
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    She doesn't care about us.

    let it out gurl scream n shout
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    Jesus, I know people age, (the pics are almost 10 years old since you know 2009), but her features have changed SO Much. Like she looks like a completely different woman.
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    I think she looked exceptional here. Hasn't looked better since IMO. Such an underrated look
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    I understand that people age but... I'm 40, and I swear I look younger than she does at 35. But maybe I'd feel differently if I saw high resolution photos of myself posted on the internet.
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    Well, she may want that, but let's see if it happens. We all have been praying for this to happen since the other contract finished, but they should really make a smart move with this one if they're actually considering the possibility of a new record label. They should ensure the new contract stipulates at least 3 singles/videoclips per album
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    That would be a positive next step. ... so most likely untrue.
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    The old routines had iconic moves ( whenever Slave, Oops, MATM, etc, comes on I can picture them perfectly in my head) and had fluidity plus Britney had the music flowing through her body she was really feeling it, the POM choreos are jerky, lacks fluidity and Britney seems disconnected from the music, even on the televised perfomances. Yes, she has great energy sometimes and can move her body beautifully but even a bad day from DWAD or OHT was prolly better than a good POM day. I mean she often executes the Womanizer break to perfection but it doesn't change the fact it's bad choreo and the moves ain't nothing to write home about
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    He's just pressed because Britney didn't notice the 765467 comments he leaves in her Instagram pictures
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    So the word on the street (Twitter) is that Britney is leaving RCA for Columbia records. They have offered to pay RCA millions for the break of contract. She will be joining the likes of Beyoncé, Shakira, Katy Perry and Adele on their roster thoughts?
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    https://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/pop/8039442/britney-spears-piece-of-me-las-vegas-show-numbers loved the article, shows us that the show was actually very successful and Britney changed the vegas landscape forever, we might be glad that its ending but no one can deny the positive impact the show and britney will leave on vegas
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    No lies detected, although mentioning Britney is rather unnecessary. It's amusing though how Britney has become the standard icon of lip syncing. that's the credit she deserves
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    her hand D:

    The clone needs new batteries
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    Yeah, and Christina is releasing a visual album next month...
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    moments ago I was all like but now that I'm done I'm just like
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    Who is in Britneys team?

    Preston and Jayden Federline
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    I mean it goes without saying that her trademark is the blonde hair, catchy sex songs and the high nasal voice. But is anybody starting to think it's wearing out nowadays? Like, I'm finding myself over it and wanting a change. Which isn't a bad thing, (her blonde hair isn't even bad. Maybe a shade or two darker though....). It seems that the longer they continue to push this image of her, the less popular she becomes. She doesn't need to do anything to achieve the power celebrity status she had back in 2004. But an image change would do wonders, and at this point, it couldn't really hurt her to try it. That's why we liked Blackout. She had dark hair, darker music, it was a change and it was rather nice!
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    She doesn't care about us.

    i ask myself why were all here when all she does is treat her fans like sh!t
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    omg, these are actually pretty good! the last one is awesome. well done!
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    I don’t care what anyone says, the Dream Within A Dream Tour is still her best tour to date
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    I miss the days when her video world premieres were big international news.
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    Post your mood with a Britney gif

    I'm in class right now so
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    The thing is, Christina can nail Whitney. She has done so on countless occasions. In fact, when she was still alive, Whitney herself stated that Christina did the best rendition of her song she's ever heard. That's why I was super disappointed with this performance; either Christina was nervous because it was her first time back in the spotlight after an extended absence, or maybe there were technical difficulties. Either way, it didn't sound good, and was no where near on par with what Xtina has proved herself capable of in the past. On the plus side, I loved her toned-down look. The lighter makeup allowed her natural beauty to shine.
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    Dead, I thought this fragrance was fake
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    They should add: 1 - number of songs sung live sorry, I had to
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    Poe Dameron

    Paris Hilton FB post

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    we have to be grateful the world didn't watch make me's official video premiere britney and her team knew what they were doing
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    Who cares? It was sh!t. Worse than Britney’s VMA performance.
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    She was out of sync with the band during "I Will Always Love You" and she totally butchered the song's climax, and she was flat and off-key several times during the other songs. Overall, she sucked! If you can't properly do Whitney, then don't do Whitney! Butchering IWALY is unforgivable. This is why she's X-TINCT She can keep the album she's been working on for 50 years...
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    She doesnt look that much different from currentney. Currently just needs better makeup like she had this day.
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    Ombreney for next album?

    Dark blonde like Shape hairney for me was perfect : I'm still angry at her that for keeping that hairstyle just for a few weeks.