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  1. 34 points
    Yeah let's just take an awful picture of someone at 30+ years old and compare it with a good picture of that same person at 20 something. yeah she looks f**king bad : I mean so f**king bad
  2. 21 points
  3. 18 points
    I don't understand the point of these threads.
  4. 15 points
  5. 14 points
    The best song being a bonus track only for Japan
  6. 14 points
    Expecting plenty of songs about sex, an uptempo track as lead single, and only one more single after that. Also expecting Britney and her team to f**k up the promo again somehow.
  7. 14 points
  8. 14 points
    Rap, excessive use of the N word.
  9. 14 points
    This is just a bad photo bc britney doesnt care about anything anymore, but she actually looked cute as she always did
  10. 13 points
    not to mention she was kindda black when she very first started Kween of all skin colors in one
  11. 13 points
    true. whoever, this fanbase should start accepting and learning to love their artists growing old or they gonna have a hard time, like the op.
  12. 12 points
  13. 12 points
    It's only sad because it's innacurate for what it's trying to say. Britney isn't ugly or very aged. It's the make up at one or two events.. Have u seen her IG no make up posts? Lets not act like she hasn't looked good in other recent red carpet appearances either. Britney stans, stop looking at the bad stuff. Especially this pic, it's enough that publications constantly use it and not her better recent pics.
  14. 12 points
    Why are you even bringing this up? Y’all are annoying as hell with these threads. Let it go.
  15. 11 points
    I was just about to physically fight you.
  16. 11 points
    Britney remains un-bothered
  17. 10 points
  18. 10 points

    24th London show

    lol if that's true, i'm cancelling my ticket
  19. 10 points

    say what you want but this photo is sad.

    let's just change the picture:
  20. 9 points
    Except that's clickbait Really, I've been SLEEPING on this track for so long! I've been on a Circus kick lately and decided to look up some of the extras that weren't included on the album. This song is really really good. Why wasn't this included on the standard album? Or better yet, why was this not included on the deluxe version I have yet Phonography was? Can we get some love for this track please?
  21. 9 points
    Deep strong songs. That includes not cheap production, not cheap choruses with repetitive lyrics.
  22. 9 points
    Thought this was gonna be another Glory cover art thread
  23. 8 points
    I'ma keep it simple, real simple....NO SCRAPPING
  24. 8 points
  25. 8 points
    She's in her late 30's, get over it!!! Is she supposed to look 20 when she's 36???