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    Some work better than others and some seconds dont match that well but I kind of like it. What do you think works best?? Piece of me - Overprotected Choreo Make Me - Overprotected Choreo Change your mind - Oops, Crazy Choreo If Im dancing - Oops Choreo Freakshow - Boys Choreo Clumsy - Boys Choreo Slumber Party - Boys Choreo Radar - Overprotected Choreo Ooh Ooh Baby - Boys Choreo DYWCO - Stronger Choreo Get Naked - Slave Choreo Kill The Lights - Boys Choreo Liar - What Its like to be me choreo
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    It's like two different people..

    Am I the only one who watches her old performances (DWAD / VMA's / ONYX / etc) then watches ANYTHING recent and feels like they're watching a completely different person. I'm not talking about just dancing either, I mean just all around in general as a human being.. its like I don't even know who I'm looking at anymore. What happened to that bad bitch attitude that would OWN the stage the second she stepped out, not just skip & prance around on it. It's like shes blatantly forgotten who she was in the past & whats even more bizarre to me is that she basically wont acknowledge her legacy whatsoever. Everytime anything from the past is brought up we get responses like "I don't remember" or "I forgot" which is actually kinda scary because how do you just forget colossal moments of your life. For example (VMA 1999): “I think the whole setup was a classroom, and my four main dancers were in the front at their desk and I came out of my locker. But, you know what, I don’t remember at all. I have no recollection. I couldn’t tell you anything about it.” HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE!!! I'm not trying to be one of those people but... she's been cloned she's been cloned she's been cloned. No but really, I just wish she would sit down and maybe watch some old performances or SOMETHING to make her realize she's not just this typical everyday mom who happens to be the #1 popstar of all time.
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    omg, that black swimsuit, isn't that one of Britney's costumes from POM?
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    You don't have to wear no designer clothesJust as long as we're dancing on the floorFingers in my hair and I'm letting go tonight, so free
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    Or maybe most of her friends aren’t celebrities and she respects their privacy by not posting pictures with them.
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    Of course it's her. She invented french just to sing that song
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    https://attitude.co.uk/article/16854/britney-spears-just-proved-shes-the-nicest-pop-star-on-the-planet-and-we-dont-deserve-her/ When will others to be honest?
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    That would be a little slap in the face to JT. Like she's stealing attention away from him in his big moment. I like it.
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    Rich people stay rich because they live within their means. I mean, britneys Maserati is like 6 years old now and she buys normal clothes and stuff. She probably goes to normal hair and nail salons too. She’s wise.
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    When she tried to become her mom back in 2014
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    ALSO I physically cannot take the stupid facial expressions anymore. Like her most recent IG video WHAT is she doing with her mouth it drives me absolutely insane it's like she's a robot stuck in a loop & doesn't know what else to do with her face/body/arms/etc. She's become so detached from what's "cool" & how awkward she acts all the time now. It's like she just doesn't have a clue.
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    I'm always slayed by DWADney omggg who do we have to sacrifice to summon her back?
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    stop search for logic when we speak about Britney's team..mistake, HUGE mistake
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    Because the coins are coming in without doing that, so why would they?
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    Surprised Britney - new IG

    I do like that pink dress.
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    Lately a lot of britney related tweets have gone viral, and we are on the eves of a new era. Coincidence? Maybe. Maybe Team Britney are finally doing their job
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    Seriously, I had listened a couple times but recently actually listened to it and this ish is my new jam I'm not sure how this didn't make the standard edition of ITZ, but this song is a gem. I have a GP friend who was obsessed with ITZ when we were kids (long before I even became a fan) and I sent this to her asking if she had heard it. She hadn't, but she'll be listening tomorrow am on the way to work. I'm sure she'll love it
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    this forum has reached such depths of boredom
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    Britney when she sees this:
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    January 12, 1999 is the most important date known to mankind. Today marks the 19th anniversary of Britney Spears' Baby One More Time album. January 12, 1999 is the most important date known to mankind. It's the day Britney's impeccable debut studio album hit shelves and quite literally changed all of our lives. I would probably be a kindergarten teacher, an escort or a pilates instructor if it didn't exist. I HATE pilates. To celebrate, we listed only 19 reasons why the record is the most important album/era in history and how it will forever keep a special place in your dark, cold, Millennial heart. 1.) The "Baby One More Time" music video. Pigtails, knee-highs and belly baring button-ups are now timeless fashion staples. 2.) The invention of emails. 3.) The ...Baby One More Time Tour. No one did it or can do it like this. The dance breaks are still seriously insane. 4.) When will your favs? 5.) The era produced multiple clones (Willa Ford, Mandy Moore, Jessica Simpson). 6.) And the ultimate imposter and decades-long feud (Fighters, wassup?) 7.) The "Sometimes" music video. If you didn't recreate the heart choreography with your friends, did you really have a childhood? 8.) She pioneered the bubble gum pop transition because that's just who she was. 9.) I still rewatch her VMAs performance with *NSYNC at least once a day. 10.) "Soda Pop" deserves to be on loop in The Louvre. 11.) When she saved jazz music from extinction at the Billboard Music Awards. 12.) She was the MOST professional singer in the game. 13.) And the least innocent. 14.) Gracious Queen gave Max Martin a career. 15.) If you don't think "Crazy" is one of her best music videos of all time turn in your stan card immediately. And you're a horrible person. 16.) Erm. 17.) Her relationship with Rosie O'Donnell is unparalleled. 18.) Britney popularized duets. I wonder what that guy is up to btw. Not really, though. 19.) Long live Baby One More Time, the most influential album of all time.   Time will take us a part, but I will still love you. Happy birthday, Baby One More Time! Is Baby One More Time your favorite Britney album? Tell us in the comments below! And while you're at it... follow us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.
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    Did it though? Let's wait and see
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    Why haven't we GIF'ed the woman

    at the end of the NYE WB performance There i done the hard work:
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    This drsss is so Jennifer Aniston on friends wearing her nighty to dinner episode
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    You cant be a lesbian at some point and then become straight again. How old are you?
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    Hold on a second. Us fans remember all her performances cause we watched the videos many times . She probably watched it once right after it happened or the next day. She's obviously not going to remember every little detail like her fans do. Also she has had sooooo many performances that she'll not be able to remember each one perfectly. And it's been a long time since then. It's like asking you what did you do on your school play 15 years ago? What did you say exactly?
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    It’s good that she’s staying relevant in social media.
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    Before MM video premiered, someone came here saying he was at a pool party with some of the dancers, and that they told him they had to scrap the original video, because it didn't work, and supposedly they shown him the video, and "it didn't make sense". And he said they had already shot another one, and we were all like "sure jan" because we had already seen some pics and gifs from the original video. And then the day of the premiere came, and we learned that everything he said was actually true, well, not sure if everything, but at least the most importan part: MM video being scrapped and replaced by the official version we got. Since that day we can only trust people that attends pool parties with backup dancers lol
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    My guess: Everyone sees an opportunity to make a buck out of Britney's first album celebration and have plans for marketing it in their favour. Team Britney meanwhile: somebody already marketed this album, not my job
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    I ordered this pin this December. Iconic af
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    Yes, something like shape mag:
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    2014 4 years already Time flies I'm old AF Why did you make this thread?
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    she really is like a new human being, but she's actually has been like several different Britney's over the years. I think her early years were full of so many iconic things, that for her it was just the everyday stuff. For us is like "oh the snake, the kiss, the Toxic video, this song, that album" but for her it was just the normal. I know it's very hard for us to understand, but I sometimes think it would be like the equivalent as if someone asked us for that time 18 years ago that we took the bus to go to school, and there happens to be a picture of that event, but you actually have never seen that picture since it was taken. You might recognize it's you and your classmates or whatever, but you won't remember what were you thinking when you chose that outfit, or what was your seat, or I don't know, a homework you had in high school many years ago. We keep watching and listening over and over everything that she does, but she doesn't. She creates, releases, performs, and moves on to the next thing. That is regarding about why she seems to have forgotten about all of her past stuff. Now, regarding how different her personality and face are, that really is bizarre, when you think too much about it. Xtina for example, over the years, with kids, without them, skinny or fat she kept behaving like the same old Christina. Well, at least the last time I saw something about her she was still the same. But Britney is like totally different. And yeah, one of my dreams would be to make her watch old clips of her, performances, interviews, but in a much more comfortable place, not like FTR countdown with audience and cameras, but I wish I don't know, her friend Cade or someone made her watch her old clips. And most importantly, the current ones, to see the contrast. And it's funny because I remember not too long ago she posted on Instagram a clip of ITZney with Halle Berry when they're almost kissing on SNL or something, and it's like, how can she see ITZney, and look at the mirror and feel ok, not for the physical appearance, but like, everything else, the way she moved, she talked, everything. Queen of not being herself all the time
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    The irony being that the Oops video isn't anywhere near as embarrassing as her POM "performances," which Britney probably thinks of as her "best live work ever." Her brain is so messed up. If somebody sat her down to watch The Onyx Hotel Toxic performance with killer dancing and outfit and hair and then showed her the POM Toxic handography I genuinely believe Britney would think POM was better. "Wow I dance so much more nowadays, look at how much I move my hands and arms. I used to be so awful."
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    So we're pretending Courtney, Laura Lynn, and Jansen don't exist? True, she doesn't seem to hang out with them as much as she used to, but they're all adults now with families.
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    Yeah, and I will announce my pregnancy tomorrow
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    I love this one By Prady Betty Spears Poot's hidden girlfran
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    I'm fairly certain this isn't how lesbianism works.
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    Well, she went from a teenager/young adult full of hormones to an adult with two children. It would be weird (and sad tbh) if she hadn't changed