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    So I got the Britney hoodie from urban outfitters a few months ago and I really love it. It's beautiful and comfy (duh). My brother, who is 15 years old, often borrows clothes from me. Since I showed him that many celebs had been wearing that hoodie he really got into it. He knows how obsessed I am with Britney and he's one of those siblings that are annoyed by that fact lmao. He's also the cool type in his school (not saying that to boast or sth) and he's str8. (we live in new york btw) So when he wore that hoodie at his school one of his teacher was so surprised that he liked britney and she told him that she's going to britney's concert in new york (same date I'm going). Two days ago my brother went out with his friends in manhattan and he wore my hoodie again, and he called me while I was at work to tell me that 12+ people stopped him and said "It's Britney, Bitch". After all these incidents (and more) he's really realized the fact that Britney is super iconic and in her own league. But for real guys, we all know this wouldn't happen if it was a Madonna hoodie, or a Lady Gaga hoodie(Gaga is my second fave but lbr). I'm not gonna even mention the current celebs like taylor, ariana etc. It wouldn't even happen with a beyonce hoodie and we know how loved she it. Britney just got something special about her. Something that transcends through the newer generation and people cannot just ignore her.
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    BURNS is working on B10?

    I kinda hope so. Make Me is a bop and deserved better
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    This angle is the reason I'm breathing right now
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    BURNS is working on B10?

    It deserved to have a music video at the very least.
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    Britney: "i guess, ok let's do it" **rehearsal starts** **halfway through the 1st song** Britney:
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    http://xray.breatheheavy.com/displayimage.php?pid=553576 New pics: http://xray.breatheheavy.com/displayimage.php?pid=553581
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    She'll wear the hat, throw it into the crowd and then have her bodyguards beat up the gays until they give it back for the next performance
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    Why is people still saying that she looks different in her Kenzo pics when thats the way she's been looking for years now? and there's proof: I mean she looks the same in motion: This pic is edited but it's not like they re -did her face or smth. They just added some filters. It's like Britney can't look pretty on a pic since 2007. The media talks the same s--t all the time. Even Circusney had this problem and we all know she still had her classic and beautiful face back then. And don't even post unflattering pics cause photoshoots are not the same as candids. There's massive production to make you look the best possible. Britney looks great when she has good makeup on and y'all will deal
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    Yesterday we discussed about Apple posts and similarities between Britney's and BURNS' social media posts. Today he liked this tweet, pretty much confirming that he is working on B10.
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    There's so much negativity in that other thread. Let's talk about the positive aspects of this campaign here in this thread. I hope the trolls don't come here to bash it here. I think she looks really good.
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    Met Gala 2018?

    hopefully she is in a place where she realizes that she can have fun with the concept of being a celebrity.
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    We all know that Britney started posting pictures with apple emoji since the end of last year. BURNS tweeted this in January... A lot of fans spammed his notifications wanting to know if it is Britney related, but h stayed silent... Today he tweeted this... I was curious if it is somehow Britney related, so I checked his recent posts/likes. Turns out he liked this tweet... "Make Me" 2.0 is coming?
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    Oh so i don't know if this has been said but there's a kenzo truck in Paris with Britney music and all, giving free limited edition soda bottles and there's a contest to win a ticket to her show in Paris this summer. https://www.facebook.com/events/2060029507611402/
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    The Britney Army won't have to wait much longer to see Britney Spears star as the new face of Kenzo's Collection Memento N° 2 line. The Britney Army won't have to wait much longer to see Britney Spears star as the new face of Kenzo's Collection Memento N° 2 line. The high-end fashion brand just teased a visual today (March 16) that included a brief shot of Britney wrapped up in an oversized denim jacket. How are we sure this is Britney? Several weeks ago, three promotional images of the pop star were leaked. Not only did one of those photos include the Kenzo logo on it, but the setting and clothing matched what Britney wore in her ~secret project~ Instagram post.   [adinserter block="1"]   Very exciting! And there's more to come. Kenzo says they'll reveal the new campaign on March 20. Watch the clip below and stay tuned...   Thoughts on the promo? Leave a comment below! And while you're at it... follow us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.
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    Coupure electrique didn't teach me enough French to read this article
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    Honey, whenever you tag or quote the troll, you feed it and it will continue. If no one replies to trolls, they eventually go away. They always do. Just enjoy the amazing content we're getting and don't waste your energy
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    Let her do what she wants. Ive been wanting her to feel sexy again since femme fatale. The past 3 years shes been feelin herself. Thats who she is. Slay
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    That's highly subjective, I like that look on her. Other people will like it too. Just like Zara, their autumn/winter collection was s--t and ugly to me, but a lot of my friends liked it. Britney looks flawless in the pics so far and let's just appreciate that.
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    So happy for her! She deserves nothing but the best!
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    Brits already got SO MANY articles written about the Kenzo Campaign announcement. And the reception is all SO GOOD. Her presence in the fashion industry has absolutely blossomed. Even twitter Stan’s are praising her.
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    I'm sorry but this is ridiculous! Kevin has a wife and 6 kids and is still looking to Britney for money. There are single mothers and fathers out there who are struggling and would never see that amout of money.
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    Janet folllows only 15 people on Instagram, and mostly is family and friends Britney is now one of them <3
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    Do you think that '07 damaged her image to the point that peopla can't believe she can look good anymore? The media talked s--t about this photoshoot too: And this is how she really looked: It's like a stigma
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    I know that most fans hate it. Personally I kind of respect it because it's more iconic than my life Anyway, whether you like it or hate it, my question is: don't you think that it's part of an unfinished "narrative"? I would like a remake of that performance with the same setting but with fierce choreo and attitude, at a Superbowl Halftime show for instance (let me dream). I think it would be a big FU to many people who make fun of her still today. What do you think?
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    i guess Kevin is really broke after he paid Wendy to say that
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    Omg I saw this over my grandmas house today My grandma went on to call K-Fed a pig and said how he needs to get a job. She's so cute
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    omg our queen always looks after us gays