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    he's right in 2004 the GP didn't care for Britney anymore, she wasn't seen as someone to look up to or admire after 2002. Toxic's song/video was what revived it, and whoever denies it is lying to themselves or was not a fan back then. about 2007 stuff, even South Park said it how he said it probably came out harsh (or it was edited that way), but I can't blame him after the Perfume fiasco
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    She has some nerve that's for sure. It's just yet another symptom of her 'I have nothing to prove' syndrome, she brazenly lied saying that there is a 'little bit of playback' when she knows full well that her decorative microphone is switched OFF or so low that her singing is completely inaudible. She then went in for the kill by saying it annoys her when people call her out on this!!! So many years living in her bubble has given her serious brass neck.
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    how? (face)

    Makeup can really change the whole impression. She looked like primeney here imo
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    Vegas in general There's even a shot of where she was gonna spend 4 years of residency in the future Queen of predicting the future
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    He's not wrong. They're doing it now to Katy Perry. Before that it was Justin Bieber. I bet Taylor Swift will follow after this album. It's bandwagon hate. People don't actually hate the people (Britney) they just see other people hating her so they join in because they want to be a part of it. The media is so shitty sometimes.
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    I can't believe her team allowed her to say this. She's making a joke out of herself.
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    she's a horrible artist/performer/person BUT her marketing strategies are always successful congrats to her on that
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    Yeah, it always creeps me out how the "Everytime" video was essentially recreated in her actual life in 2007; the scene of her in the ambulance hounded by all the paparazzi in the MV is just so eerie when considering those infamous shots of her surrounded by the media while being wheeled away on a gurney just a few years later. I'm probably overthinking this, but to me, even "Lucky" appeared to be some sort of premonition. Like even when she was on top of the world, she could view her situation objectively and deep down had a feeling it'd all eventually come crashing down (which is of course the exact lyrical content of "Mona Lisa.") It also makes me think Britney is a lot more self-aware than she's given credit for. ETA: Oh, the other weird coincidence that always gets to me is when I'm watching DWAD Tour. Of all the songs, it just so happens that she is portrayed as bald during "Overprotected." Given the theme of the song, what are the chances? Back in 2001, no one could ever possibly have imagined Britney shaving her head. It's just a lot of little odd coincidences that for some reason make me a little uneasy.
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    Because they insist on pushing the sex and higher baby voice. They need to evolve the image. Give her darker hair, let her use her deeper voice. More in-depth songs.
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    Like a piece of me show, she starts with her hair down and it ends with a pony tail. love her so much.
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    2018ney is so iconic she doesn't even exist yet tho. Not even Primeney can beat that.
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    I was scrolling down, and saw "Baby Boy" and I was like whaaat? then read the artist lol Then I kept scrolling and saw "Boys" then read the artist Then I kept scrolling to find "Gimme More" hooray I guess
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    What success? Her biggest accomplishment is a backup vocalist for Britney. What other prospects did she have? Her solo songs aren’t good. The fanbase was right for dragging Britney, her team and the album. It comes as a shock that most of us are still here after that fraudery was committed. In fact, they are SO LUCKY this never got picked up by the media in detail because her career would have taken a huge hit to the point where had she refused to do damage control, Glory would have done Nelly Furtado numbers. Not to mention that her initial direction for the album would have proceeded the current Urban/Trap trend and she would have been ahead of the curve, instead of shoving out that tired ass EDM on the way out. Did Larry not see how ARTPOP performed?
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    It's eerie how 2004ney basically predicted her future life. Mona Lisa, Breakdown, Vegas moves, etc
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    New IG

    Queen of having a ball
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    *waits for her to belt "insecure" in the first verse and hears nothing*
  30. 9 points
    Just saw this on twitter. Does anyone know when she said this?
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    What Britney really should've requested instead was for her POM costumes to melt Those tragic pieces of clothing she calls costumes are an abomination to mankind and should've never even been created in the first place
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    We really can't state if they want or not since they have no idea Britney is still making music. She's just ignored by them. It would be different if she released tons of singles and people complained about it. That would be an indicative THEY DONT want to hear more Britney music.
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    If only primeney was around to show these girls how it's done.
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    Holy cow she’s really skinny. Maybe the best shape she’s ever been in.
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    We'll find a way to miss POM

    One day we'll be wishing she was doing a residency again. Bookmark me
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    I still think singles should've gotten released in this order: Make Me ft. G-Eazy (July release) Do You Wanna Come Over (September release) Slumber Party ft. Tinashe (December release) Just Luv Me (February, Valentines Day, release) Double release: U.S.- Love Me Down ft. Ariana Grande or Selena Gomez and International- Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortes) ft. Maluma (May Release)
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    Glory's album sales are embarrassing

    The thought of Britney performing gets me wet. I love Britnaay, its not a sin...I cant control whats happening
  39. 8 points
    and the article is clearly biased, Britney got lots of criticism for her 2000 VMAs performance. "Aguilera was enjoying, exploring, and exhibiting her sexuality in the song and video also garnered criticism, in ways that Spears had not received." WHAT? Clearly biased. A major part of why Xtina was vilified was her nasty attitude. Britney was sweeter and more relatable. Xtina had a nasty attitude. I was a fan of both's music, but Britney was my favorite for that reason.
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    They'd be shook The return of talentney I'd be wet Urma who?
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    I wouldn't say britney was the worst singer on CK, perhaps it was the most uncomfortable carpool karaoke coz her team must have given James a huge set of rules of what to ask, what to say and how to act next to her... not to mention that singing was out of the question
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    She deserves it, the album is great! I have it on repeat since Friday
  43. 8 points
    Britney Spears: The Girl on Fire Primeney really had an artistic vision and was dedicated to her craft
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    Do A My Only Wish Performance!

    Santa can you hear me... I have been so good this year.... And all I want is one thing...
  45. 8 points
    Britney Jean was an album by upcoming artist Myah Marie and it was called Britney Jean since Britney is her inspiration so people tend to think that Britney released that album as if it was her
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    go suck ur child raping brothers co.ck for paper magazine instead
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    So glad I already had plans to meet my friend for a workout tomorrow; otherwise I'd feel like sh!t right now (as I'm eating McDonald's).
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    And she only wears leotards at her show
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