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    a new choreographer that will get scrapped after Britney feels challenged
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    Dripping For Britney

    3rd date in Paris...

    I feel bad for all the French people who bought tickets to other countries in Europe
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    Imagine just sitting there looking iconic without any set production I bet it was so easy for photographers to work with her
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    Blur is about when you get drunk and/or go to a party and you wake up still drunk with cum in your hair and your friends sick in your shoes
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    LMFAO. I don't think so. She was drunk and went to a random guy house. This song is sooooooo damn gooood! A urban vibed jam with neutral vocal & amazing beat. Danja 4 B10.
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    From Timothy_b: Also found out that there’s going to be something exciting from Britney in April that has nothing to do with the tour. It’s either going to be an announcement or release. Not sure! And speaking of the tour: +10 dates are still on hold for several cities that’ll go on sale next month. And: a „new“ choreographer has been signed up for the upcoming shows. http://forum.popjustice.com/threads/general-britney-spears-discussion.14216/page-2948
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    Three sold out dates in a row, at the O2 arena - Team B take notes I know some of you are sick of POM but it's been almost 5 years of Britney's career and I want hard record of it
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    Favorite Slutney pictures?

    Slutney slays in her scrapped videos
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    Ok? stuff she's openly talked about gets removed or cut from interviews, because of her team and the conservatorship. Like when she was on the Johnathon Ross Show for example.
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    things would work right now
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    Go to 3:33 you'll see Janet Jackson and Will Smith standing and clapping for our girl B must be nervous SINGING LIVE and DANCING in front of her idol She sounds great!
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    As soon as she thanks "god" i'm like "no girl stop that bs"
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    we all love Kevin, thanks to him we have a great christmas movie
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    Is Britney Fake?

    1996, 2003 and 2005 aren't correct.
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    And this was only a 10th of what primeney could do
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    They talked about this tweet.
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    What illness does she have?

    What illness do you have?
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    Britney at sons talent show

    Can you imagine being a teacher of her sons and having a one on one conversation with her about them? I would ask her when is the next album coming tbh
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    After many years Britney finally releases a song with amazing vocals sung in her natural voice. She finally performs the song on her long-awaited Las Vegas Residency, after having stated that she always sings live... AND SHE LIPPED THE DAMN SONG MAKING SURPRISED EXPRESSIONS.
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    How I Roll Appreciation Thread

    this song is sickening!! I never fully appreciated it on the release. the "fillers" which I loved at the time overshadowed it. but gurl, this song slays my wig.... the production, vocals, everything. a PERFECT Britney GEM. soooo cute and fun. Remains the best of FF along with TTWE, HIAM, HATLM, TTYH.
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    And her not just showing up on stage “thank u lgbt community for always supporting me. It means a a lot. Have a great evening. kthx bye”
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    SHe killed every pinch of enthusiasm in me i can’t even get excited anymore lol
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    Well probably this is how it’ll go down but it’s ok. Britney keeps it short and real and goes straight to the point. And for some reason I do think that receiving awards and recognition or being honored tend to make Britney uncomfortable. I don’t know. And man I mean she’s been there when it comes to receive awards! But it’s ok if she doesn’t give like this long speach sucking some asses like other celebs do and everything. I just want her to look radiant and have a good time! If she brings Sam as her date the gays will swoon.
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    Was "Blur" about her hospitalization?

    Blur is like a continuation of Early Morning for me. And both are iconic morning-after-party jams.
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    Britney at sons talent show

    actually i think they're from two different ones. apparently from the one from 5 days ago she wore a crop top
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    It's hard to say bc she could have hired an even better manager or a way worse manager. But it really comes down to Britney. Larry is obviously an amazing manager if he was managing her during her peak. We don't know the real story, obviously her team sucks sometimes, but Britney is the one that tarnishes her own image. For all we know, her team behind the scenes could be trying really hard to make things better and it could really be 100% Britney. At the end of the day, it all falls back on her and makes her look bad and she's okay with that so I blame her either way.
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    Why are so many famous photographers creepy looking fat old men?
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    Probably she will pause for some seconds till the audience stop cheering her name so it counds as a whole minute on the stage
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    Britney at sons talent show

    saw this on twitter. i believe it's from 5 days ago
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    She was brunette here not blonde

    God we need some goddamn britney news/gossip stat
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    3rd date in Paris...

    I don't know the exact number but it's true. NOTHING NEW... The "single" thing is also true (as we all expect...) but the release date is NOT fixed... To be honest, for the moment, I don't know the names of the producers, but she doesn't want, the "fiasco" of a LEAD SINGLE like Make Me... (even if I love this song...) so all we can expect is a club friendly...
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    only thing that ruins it is myahs cut and paste vocals.. the song would be flawless if they weren't there one of my favourite Britney songs
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    SLN, AMAs,four singles... I don't know what to say... "Her mic was supposed to be on"
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    the doctor who did the mouth surgery should be arrested.
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    They actually did. Instead of showing him ski they showed the gimme more video
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    Several interviewers have commented that her team told them there were certain things they can’t ask Britney about. Her team mostly controls the content of the interviews
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    Britney's best look this decade?

    There are so many!!! She is flawless etc....
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    Britney did a full run through of the show, 3 TIMES and a soundcheck. Imagine performing the OHT 3 times in a row , I would have a effin stroke. Then the day of the debut/san diego show she did another soundcheck. Just like she did with the DWAD tour, she did a soundcheck for every date. Proof at 0:45 No effin wonder she doesn't dance as well as before. TBH she dances incredibly for someone who literally only learns choreo and does 1 dress rehearsal. Literally no one can keep up with that amount of work for years and years. Here's some clips from the opening show: Onyx was also revolutionary because it was the first pop show to have 30 video screens behind her, the most ever done at the time. so claps for the onyx hotel tour, I still haven't checked out
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    Larry Rudolph is one of the best managers in Hollywood. He knows what's best for Britney. Britney is still selling out shows, making millions and her brand is still powerful. Larry did a good job and I don't think anybody else would treat Britney the way he does
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    It was one of the most exciting moments of my youth and life. I was in full-blown Britney-mania by the time Oops! was released. It was my first big pop show. I was meant to see Britney in September 1999 at this YM Magazine concert in Los Angeles but got in trouble at school that week and was punished by not being allowed to go. That was devastating. Fortunately by the time the Oops! Tour came around, my mom was fond of Britney herself, so she got 4 tickets to the tour--2 for she and her friend to enjoy from somewhere further back at the venue, and 2 for my best friend Jessica and I to have as good as seats as we could possible get. (8th row center) I remember arriving in the daylight. My best friend Jessica got her makeup done professionally at Neimen Marcus department store and was bronzed to the max. Girl group Dream were performing in the parking area/venue reception area with a KIISFM van or something. We both bought programs. We were ecstatic when we headed to our seats and saw how close they were. Basically our line of vision was the stage, it was perfect. A mother with younger children behind us kept telling us to sit down because of how much she paid for her tickets and we said we paid more and that it was a concert and to loosen up. Mikaila & A*Teens were the openers. At one point the audience saw Marie from A*Teens peaking out from behind the curtain and got hysterical thinking she was Britney. Seeing Britney appear from her orb and stand with her arms above her head is really the moment of the show I most vividly remember. I had chills all over my body and she was gorgeous and REAL and it was just an amazing experience. The show went by quickly. Hearing all the songs with a live band and backing singers and what I thought at the time were all live vocals (save for a couple moments)was just--nothing better. I couldn't have left more satisfied. My mother, who used to review concerts for UCLA in her youth said it was the best concert she had ever seen. Britney was unstoppable, and that show was different from all the shows that followed because her mic was constantly on and it felt the most like an actual interactive 'concert' versus a 'show'.
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    So true. She looked great and production rocked, but this is the definition of going through the motions. There's ZERO joy in the performance. Though I think it's slightly better than cocaine fueled Duracell bunny Brit we have at the minute.
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    "I wasn't expecting this. omg. i wanna thank my gay fans from the bottom of my b* heart. this means a lot to me. thank you"