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  1. 50 points
    not official unless it comes from fiebre or a pool party
  2. 42 points
  3. 40 points
    Britney setting trends again Now every celebrity will wanna quit their Vegas shows too
  4. 25 points
    RCA might have those plans but doesn’t mean Britney or her flop team will follow through
  5. 25 points
    so the result: we wanna see her in sports wear , kissing a hot dude , singing and hang around her house. So basically we want a reality show .
  6. 23 points
    No but Madonna sucked Britney's soul out. That's why it all went downhill after that!
  7. 20 points
    Lol she'll prob release a greatest hits album and have a baby w sam
  8. 19 points

    Boy , we come a long way

    you don’t even know his personality
  9. 19 points
    Me And the E! News interview where she looked stunning. I thought primeney was coming back
  10. 18 points

    Choose the best flop fan moment

    Until earlier this year, I thought the Onyx Hotel Tour was a residency concert in a hotel called Onyx.
  11. 18 points
    1- Britney 2- Jean 3- Spears
  12. 18 points
    Track 9 is what Britney said after GEazy talked about one promo performance for Make Me.
  13. 17 points
    Does anyone remember seeing the commercial for Private Show, and thinking "wow, this is going to be a great era?" I seriously thought this commercial was better than what we got for Make Me.
  14. 16 points
    Dripping For Britney

    Sam is only 23?

    Age (provided that everyone is legal) is just a number baby. Men f**k much younger women all the time. When I was 21 I had a 5 month f**k affair with a 47 year old man. If Britney wants to get herself some fresh c*ck after Jasons dusty sausage and David's mouldy balls then let her. You only live once
  15. 16 points
    idk why there is so much J Lo shade in here. she's huge in minority communities and her show and performance skills are 10x better than Britney's. she's smart to stop while she's ahead.
  16. 15 points
    Let me perch for the inevitable when either he cheats on Britney or she realizes a 22 year old boy isn't a suitable stepfather for her children and you bottoms are going to have the biggest meltdown because you won't be able to cling onto some fantasy anymore.
  17. 15 points
    im dying, the JLO fans on facebook are commenting about how awesome her show is listing all the positive things and that they're sad to see it go. meanwhile, britney's fans throwing end of piece of me parties complaining about the tacky outfits and bad choreo.
  18. 15 points
    If you honestly think Britney would have aborted a baby because it got in the way of her career...
  19. 14 points
    Nothing against her but I've honestly never met a JLO stan
  20. 14 points
  21. 14 points
    Planet Hollywood is O V E R. But here's to 2018 and JLO probably touring for her 15 stans while Britney shacks up at the Monte Carlo!
  22. 13 points
    But have you seen this? Skinny
  23. 13 points

    Boy , we come a long way

    she was also against marriage at the beginning of chaotic. stop taking britney's word for everything, she's a notorious liar
  24. 12 points
    Theres a Bebe Rexha interview where she says that Britney started singing all about that base when she walked in because she thought that Bebe was Megan Trainor
  25. 11 points
  26. 11 points
    The Greatest Show

    Boy , we come a long way

    I know that he has shamed fat people online, made fun of homeless people and made fun of a fat lady who broke a bike.And I know that he has a history of using his girlfriends. Thats enough for me.
  27. 11 points
  28. 11 points
    95% of her tickets sold..Britney only did 80 something...the last thing britney stans need to be doing is dragging someone who's more booked, busy and a better performer... Meanwhile exhell drags britney daily because of how bad her show is...but bring another female into it and all of a sudden Britney is the supreme the hypocrisy in this forum is something else
  29. 11 points
  30. 11 points
  31. 11 points
    So her most recent posts are the most liked...is she finally gaining relevance on instagram?
  32. 10 points

    What if the new project is

    What if it's a POM DVD directed by Randee?
  33. 10 points
  34. 10 points
  35. 10 points
    Dear Jordan, You have shitty music taste. I still love you and your website. Sincerely <3
  36. 9 points
    and as usual Team B never bothered. But they can high pitch insta videos of flawlessney. They should all be fired period.
  37. 9 points
  38. 9 points

    Bebe Rexha tweets about Britney

    Britney's would be winning if she said "retweet for Christina, like for Britney" people in general like favoriting tweets more than they retweeting. There's no way in hell xtina has more fans.
  39. 9 points
    Yes She looks absolutely gorgeous I'm hoping she looks this good at every public event in 2018
  40. 9 points
    I thought the album was gonna be called Private Show. And it’s honestly a better fit as a title than Glory.
  41. 9 points
  42. 9 points
  43. 9 points

    I found this on IG

    She looked fine, don't be so mean
  44. 9 points
    Since I tasted you I got a craving Me the first time cum hit the back of my throat tbh
  45. 8 points
    i hadnt! She looks like literal perfection
  46. 8 points

    Madonna: Pop’s Female Succubus

    I love Britney, but Madonna, sweetie, I'm so sorry... Anyway, get educated: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cultural_impact_of_Madonna https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Madonna_(entertainer)#Artistry https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Madonna_(entertainer)#Life_and_career
  47. 8 points
  48. 8 points

    .... IS A BOP !

    She looks just like me.
  49. 8 points


    I still don't know why many of you guys think Slumber Party wasn't a good choice. The era started out bad and after a silly MV, barely any album promotion and a tired VMA performance nobody would give a single f*ck about Britney 'cause she's been consistently disappointing. Slumber Party, Love Me Down, Just Luv Me and Better are some of the songs on Glory that could have successful if Britney gave a f*ck. They f*cked up with Glory real bad. They had a perfect opportunity to promote the album in the first week on the VMAs if they were a little bit more creative. Britney's idea of doing "something she's never done" is that little shadow thing she did at the beginning and then continue to lip sync and do mediocre choreography when she knows damn well everybody at this point is not sure if she's actually talented as a dancer or singer, so instead of proving everyone wrong she confirmed it. And we all know the original Make Me video would have more controversial and would have gotten the song more attention. It had potential to be a hit. The chorus is catchy and her vocals were really good on the song. Another wasted opportunity. If Britney wanted to, she could have done a lot of things, so let's not pretend that her team and Jamie are the only ones making decisions. Plus, I think another reason for Britney flopping consistently has to do with her breakdown, her lack of dancing, lack of personality in most interviews, and her aging (not to us fans of course, but to the GP). Most people never really thought of her as an amazing singer that they would love to listen to, she was an amazing performer with a lot of charisma, good looks and charm. To the GP, she lost all of that, just look at her instagram comments for example, everybody is saying how old she looks, how she's not beautiful anymore, how she's not dancing, how she sounds bad when she sings etc. I think we all can continue to support her and enjoy what she does but the gp is over her in my opinion.
  50. 8 points
    Does anyone really know the lyrics to Mannequins second verse though?