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    I had a wonderful dream last night; my friends and I were apparently in Vegas and stumbled upon the Axis Theatre. Britney was performing that night but we didn’t have tickets. That didn’t halt our ambition: somehow, we bypassed security, walked through the doors, and stood at the very back of the theatre to witness the show. The theatre was more like a stadium in my dream, so there were tens of thousands of people. Britney was slaying and everyone’s wigs were snatched per usual. At intermission, my friends and I decided to be ballsy and somehow stole a few seats in the VIP section. While i felt bad about my actions, I justified them as this was my first time seeing Britney live. I was about to snap some pictures as the stage crew and dancers were readying for the Slave 4 U performance. All of a sudden, the theatre transformed itself into a sunny, outdoor park. Rather than a tiny pit section in front of the stage, there was a huge expanse of grass, trees, a small lake, and other things directly in front of the stage. My friends and I ditched our VIP seats and ran through the park to get as close to the stage as possible. By the time we made it close to the stage and found some lawn chairs, Britney was just starting to perform Slave 4 U. Right as she was going to slay the dance break, some pine trees decided to sprout up and block our view of the stage. Then I woke up. The end. Thanks for possibly reading this far into my wacky dream. Has anyone had a strange Britney related dream before?
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    She Wolf is such an underrated album. It's not perfect and it sounds a bit demo-y is some places but it definetly doesn't deserve the drags it gets.