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    Like team Britney would EVER fork over money for SIX 30 second spots during the SUPER BOWL... I genuinely don’t think Britney has even started recording anything for B10.
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    https://attitude.co.uk/article/16854/britney-spears-just-proved-shes-the-nicest-pop-star-on-the-planet-and-we-dont-deserve-her/ When will others to be honest?
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    Or maybe most of her friends aren’t celebrities and she respects their privacy by not posting pictures with them.
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    Is Britney big gay icon?**

    much more heartfelt. than a cheap song.
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    This pic forever ICONIC

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    That would be a little slap in the face to JT. Like she's stealing attention away from him in his big moment. I like it.
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    What happened to her eyes/pupils?

    I miss her old pupils. 2018 pupils could never can someone make a video of primney's pupils dancing to Glory songs
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    The Greatest Show

    This pic forever ICONIC

    people really need to learn the difference between iconic and cool. It would be a nice DVD cover or poster tho
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    Is Britney big gay icon?**

    The best support is to just accept. Thats why Britney is the queen. She doesnt use the gays for attention.
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    Is Britney big gay icon?**

    Cause she the hot sexy beautiful girl that very gay wish they were
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    Lately a lot of britney related tweets have gone viral, and we are on the eves of a new era. Coincidence? Maybe. Maybe Team Britney are finally doing their job
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    I really liked the primeney dancing to glory videos so I decided to make a short pretty girls version. Sorry Iggy, you weren't a thing back then so you had to go. Hope you like the edit!
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  15. 17 points
    this forum has reached such depths of boredom
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    The Single That Could Have Been

    Liar from Britney's iconic 2016 album Glory, it could've been so good
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    Of course it feels warms you feel the holy spearit and the love of Godney
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    Tom's Diner, no vocoder

    i have only found this real short snippet, so a version must exist? I've been waiting for one too, it sounds so much better!
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    It’s good that she’s staying relevant in social media.
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    Before MM video premiered, someone came here saying he was at a pool party with some of the dancers, and that they told him they had to scrap the original video, because it didn't work, and supposedly they shown him the video, and "it didn't make sense". And he said they had already shot another one, and we were all like "sure jan" because we had already seen some pics and gifs from the original video. And then the day of the premiere came, and we learned that everything he said was actually true, well, not sure if everything, but at least the most importan part: MM video being scrapped and replaced by the official version we got. Since that day we can only trust people that attends pool parties with backup dancers lol
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    Oh this is the most !

    i literally love anticipating, it's such a cute song.
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    This pic forever ICONIC

    Exactly. This is iconic
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    he played it in his live sets (which I saw live and were incredible!!!). Apparently Britney requested the vocoder.
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    So we're pretending Courtney, Laura Lynn, and Jansen don't exist? True, she doesn't seem to hang out with them as much as she used to, but they're all adults now with families.
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    all the money in the world and she chooses to wear a bracelet from a fan for four years to show her support. What an amazing person tbh. Just shows that although her anxiety doesn't always show her as being "genuine" or "not-caring" this woman cares more than any other popstar. Either that, or she just liked the bracelet, will.i.am came up with it
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    Whenever someone either posts: 1) A blurry as f**k, low quality photo 2) Photos that only show the side of someones face It's NOT real. If they had a new Britney Spears music video they'd just show her full on face without distortion. Same goes for "snippets" of songs. If it's low quality or 2 seconds long, it's fake.
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    she needs to stop coming off as distant. i know shes under a conservatorship but when it comes to connecting to her fans (aside from 3 second impersonal meet & greets / all her social media being run by her "team") its very weak. the way she talks to the crowd during her performances seems so rehearsed & insincerely coming from HER. its like shes being told what to say & do every single little step of the way which makes it hard as fans to connect & relate to her. i want to see her aware & coherent as a human being & take control of her era's not just let them be run by everyone in the background. she needs to connect with her music, fans, and even more-so herself without it seeming all so fake & forced. thats just my 2 cents tho.
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    A big portion of Britney's fanbase is basically lgbtq people and I think being a judge on there would boost her credibility as a gay icon tbh. Could you imagine the queens recreating her looks while she watches. A whole episode dedicated to her like the Gaga one on season 9 or the night of 1000 Madonnas. Just a thought... They reference her a lot on the show. Ru loves her.
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    Omg these fucking videos always makes me feel about 100
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    Imagine a commercial with Britney looking snatched AF popping up right after his performance.
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    Oh this is the most !

    I'm literally offended
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    The Greatest Show

    No news is good news

    At this point im not even expecting news. She just finished POM and is probably on a break from that "gueling scedule" lmao I dont expect anything until late spring or early summer when they announce the new residency.
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    I love how Britney isn't even an option
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  39. 10 points
    get naked by far. one of the best produced song of all time.
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    Imagine caring about this or even noticing it.
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    Seriously, I had listened a couple times but recently actually listened to it and this ish is my new jam I'm not sure how this didn't make the standard edition of ITZ, but this song is a gem. I have a GP friend who was obsessed with ITZ when we were kids (long before I even became a fan) and I sent this to her asking if she had heard it. She hadn't, but she'll be listening tomorrow am on the way to work. I'm sure she'll love it
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    No news is good news

    I mean we waited for months after the V Magazine shoot and the BBMA’s only for Make Me and Glory to drop out of nowhere so we have to wait and see.
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    and I was super proud of it. I can now graduate with my diploma
  46. 9 points

    Slave at Oprah

    I was looking for that performance... golden suits her so well!! who's that epic girl?
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    Is Britney big gay icon?**

  48. 9 points
    This is faker than Britney Spears claiming she is still a virgin.
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    Did I just have a prophetic dream?

    I had a dream i was sucking a stud and i hope it was prophetic as well
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    these type of threads are exhausting