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  1. She looks fine but you negative nancies always have to make these shitty threads where you do nothing but complain and nitpick like a bunch of narcissistic assholes
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  2. It's funny because realistically she isn't strong for us, she's strong for her children and family.
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  3. The real question is... ...How much did beyonce pay for this one...?!
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  4. "I wanna be strong for my fans" "I will be strong for my boys"
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  5. The moment when she casted the flop curse over Gaga.
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  6. mauureee

    Ariana keeps Fantasy in her purse.

    flawless bitch Now put that Glory physical copy there too.
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  8. So basically I created this thread, thanks for other posts around here, and I've been doing my research and now a days is possible for you to remaster SD videos (with preference from a official DVD source import, like GH or Singles Collection, etc). Some videos have been published but nobody really noticed them at the time, and some people did amazing work on them. When I say remastering them flawlessly, I mean quality, not simple upscale videos that just waste space and are only maximized overall. Remastering these videos take some work, you have to import from the DVD source and then in programs like Adobe Premiere + Adobe After Effects, there are some new tools developed by Adobe (Detail Preserving Upscale) that are really accurate and efficient when it comes to remastering these videos to HD. They reduce the noise, sharpen the videos and automatically do some other magic that it would take me the bible to explain to you. Here are all the remastered videos we have so far: All of them are in 1080p, and respecting it's original format (yes, I hate when they upscale videos from 4:3 to 16:9, logically it will cut parts of the video and mess it up). So if you find any more videos that match this type of rendering quality, or have the free time to do missing videos, we can combine all her music videos HD efficiently HD and create a fan made blu-ray or just keep it to ourselves.... As always, we are doing the homework that RCA doesn't bother to do.
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  10. Seriously give the girl a decent fashion designer or cancel this sh!t...this has to be the cheapest collection of outfits i have ever seen her wear !!!
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  11. Iamcharlesbass

    Britney shading Randee...

    I see you Queen
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  12. TheCharmedTributes1

    This Instagram account is really funny

    That's my account! Thank you very much!
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  13. kasavas

    Would Britney slay with current trend make-up?

    Duh! V magazineney says hi!
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  14. mental mystic

    It's time for a change already

    Alright so, firstly, as much as I love the idea of Vegas and what it has done for her, it really is killing her career. I know this has already been said but REALLY! The best way to promote a new album is by TOURING, for the sake of her career, to preserve her fucking legacy, it's something she really needs to do. It gets people talking about new music, buying and streaming it, when a big artist like Britney tours, it gets everybody talking, local radios announcing it, playing her singles, and lots of people go to see the show, not just fans. I'd love the idea of her doing a world tour, taking a break for the rest of the year, and then going back to Vegas the next year. It is possible to find balance between her personal life and career. The tour is not the only thing I wanna see change however. I want badass Britney back. I want her to sing the way that comes naturally for her, in a lower register, she sounds so good when she's not overdoing the bubblegum pop sound and in today's market, a sexy lower voice that's suited to her age would help people take her seriously. I want at least a couple singles that sound darker, more urban, maybe some r&b and hip hop influences. That's what's considered "cool" these days. I want her to hire new people on her team to help her market better, people that understand social media. For example, someone to take GOOD pictures of her. Sure she looks amazing here but this is whack ass quality. It's all blurry and the angle is weird. General public isn't gonna retweet and her sexy body isn't gonna go viral with pictures like this. She needs better photographers, better choreographers, people who know the market today, people to help her promote her music and take care of her image. She needs a team that would be OUTRAGED at how the Meet and Greet lighting makes her look. A team that would arrange a live performance every once in a while to shut people up about the singing live. I have been a Britney fan for as long as I can remember, since I was a little girl, and ultimately I'm happy with whatever she chooses to do. If she wants to stay in Vegas doing what she's doing, I will continue to support and love her. I want to make this clear. At the end of the day, she looks so happy these days and she's still alive after all that happened, making music for her fans and that's what matters most to me. However.... as her fan, I still don't want to see the Legendary Miss Britney Spears' legacy die down like this. Seeing articles about her last couple albums "flopping" and the fact nobody I know is aware she's still making music makes me a little sad. Part of me still hopes we get some changes and that we see her come back into the mainstream with the bang because its fucking Britney, bitch.
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  15. The Greatest Show

    Britneys team is so cheap

    Why is Britneys team so cheap? Britney is one of the most gorgeous women on earth and sometimes I feel like the designers are handing her outfits based on a dare. Like who can get her to wear the ugliest, cheapest looking sh!t? I mean yeah other artists have bad outfits too and Britney also has some nice outfits but is there any other celebrity even half as big as Britney that consistently has terrible outfits like this?? I mean even the ones that look ok are really ugly if you zoom in closly and look at the quality (also she has had a lot of costume malfunctions) I dont know who is responsible but they really should give her a bigger costume budget. Beyonce JLO Kylie Chris Primeny VS Currentney I wanted to add Gaga, Perry and Swift as examples but I got lazy.. But you get the idea right?? She just looks so sloppy and everything is unflattering and just.. weird.
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  16. Then focus on the here and now. The good times.
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  17. Artsy Fartsy

    FF tour gif

    she looks so good
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  18. The first leg didn't have ANY of this..... The proper Work Bitch choreography movements, the Baby One More Time breakdown, the improved Me Against the Music breakdown and Britney twerking, the new Gimme More choreography, the I Love Rock 'N' Roll performance with her riding the huge Femme Fatale guitar, the Missy Elliot dance tribute, the Pretty Girls performance and break down, the If You Seek Amy performance, the Breathe on Me performance, and the Touch of My Hand performance with an assisted backflip. PLUS she now improvises a lot and actually has fun and shows personality and is way more interactive during Freakshow. And finally...... SHE LOOKS FUCKING AMAZING AND IS IN THE BEST SHAPE OF HER LIFE. So just try and be a little more positive. Thank you.
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  19. Britney, if you read Exhale, YOU FUCKING ROCK!!! This is the Britney we know and love. She not only was feeling the music, but her movements were sharp and the dancing was so on point!! You need to keep that hair too!! I don't know why, but it's a lot more "fluid" when she does hairflips. And it looks absolutely perfect!! Baby One More Time break (I'm slayed!!!!) Womanizer break (This looks even better than the first time she did it!!!!) Slumber Party floor part (This is probably the best she has ever done it, and I love her hair)
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  20. And this is Britney at that age: Lol
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  21. asitalian12587

    Blackout secrets

    Blackout was set to debut at the top of the Billboard 200, but debuted at number two due to a last-minute rule change. i will NEVER forget this bullshit, im still annoyed by it
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  22. Tbh I can't wait to watch this mess haha But imo if Britney's life were to be made into a movie, it should have high production value and ON A BIG SCREEN, premiered around the world and worthy of being nominated at sundance, oscars and other prestigious film award ceremonies ...
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  23. coo

    So this leg she is not herself anymore...

    .... Im sorry but this is so SO wrong. Shes not responsible to do anything for anybody. She's there to entertain those who find her entertaining. If you're not entertained you're welcome to find other source of entertainment.
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  24. QueenAri

    Ariana keeps Fantasy in her purse.

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  25. Neemz

    Every Fantasy Bottle Pictured together

    I just got my Fantasy In Bloom... It smells so clean... The more I smell it, the more I think guys can wear it. Smells like clean clothes and spring.
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  26. vip_anonymous

    I've had enough i'm not going to stay

    I'm sorry for running away like this and I'm sorry I've already made my wish... but Cinderella's got to go revisiting Britney, now I am obsessed with Cinderella. Even her fillers were so good back then. I bet most of y'all were thinking it was another meltdown thread
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  27. Well she is human so... maybe she is on her period, maybe she didnt sleep well the night before, maybe she is stressed over something, maybe she just had a bad day, maybe shes a bit sick. It can be that simple
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  28. She loves to exaggerate have you noticed? "like 5 months later"
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  29. Artsy Fartsy


    ugh IUSA deserved a way better performance
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  31. kasavas

    Just a reminder...

    VS Just because I saw some of you bitches calling 2017ney out of shape.
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  32. arrow

    One of the reasons I never liked her...

    she's trash!
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  33. Nick Jonas

    I'm getting REALLY worried

    It's been dead since September sis. Its already been on life support, been switched off, had all its tubes removed, died, had an autopsy, had a funeral, been cremated and had its ashes scattered over fucking Christina Aguilera's dinner.
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  34. The GP will always chose Beyoncé cause it's cool to Stan her. i swear ppl be like yaaaaas she slays and I'll ask what's ur fav performance and they'll be like "that one where she danced a lot." Like ok.
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  35. Starburst

    So this leg she is not herself anymore...

    I really can't believe I'm reading this, its so stupid. Now strangers are responsible For the things people do and how they feel? How is it her fault that you're so impressionable? She an artist who entertains and if she isn't entertaining to you anymore than don't listen to her music or follow what she's doing if it's apparently so stressful for u
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  36. Losio

    Britney (Album) Secrets

    -The album was rumored to originally be titled "Shock Your Mind". It was titled "Britney" because she felt the album reflected who she was at the time. - Britney wrote nearly the entire album before the track listing was changed. "Spears also noted that she wrote all but two of the tracks currently slated to appear on the set." - The songs Britney recorded with BT did not make the album due to conflicts between him and Jive. His production on "Before the Goodbye" is said to be unfinished. - Jive wanted "Bombastic Love" to be a single multiple times, including the first single but Britney refused. They also remixed the song that was to be the single version when they were trying to convince her to release it. - "Back at the Ambassador Hotel. We didn't start on time, 'cause I had to talk to Clive, the Chairman/CEO of Jive, my record company. I felt strongly about this song, "Bombastic Love", not being used in the screen version, only on the DVD version. It took me a long time to talk him out of it. But I walked away satisfied that we're not gonna use it as a single release from my new album." - The "Britney" album was initially going to be much edgier and was not going include the songs used in Britney's movie "Crossroads" which were specifically written for the movie. A soundtrack wasn't released and the songs were used on the album, and tracks such as the leaked "(Tell Me) Am I a Sinner", "Mad Love", "When I Say So" and other tracks by The Neptunes and BT didn't make the cut. Britney's favorite track "Bring Me Home" also didn't make the album when this happened. - The songs meant for the soundtrack were "Overprotected", "Not A Girl", "I Love Rock & Roll" and possibly others. "Bombastic Love" was also originally meant to be used with the movie. Songs used in the movie by other artists might have also appeared on it. A promotional soundtrack EP was given to anyone who ordered the movie on Pay Per View or attended it opening day but it was only sold exclusively at Best Buy and a few other select retailers. - "Max Martin was brought in to write several songs for the movie, and the songs were also on Britney's third album, most notably "I'm Not a Girl." "The film's soundtrack will feature a ballad called 'Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman', which will also appear on Britney's album." - "Boys" was announced as the third single in North America before it was changed to the Darkchild remix of "Overprotected". -An insider confirmed Missy Elliott and Diddy were originally going to appear on a remix of "Boys" before Pharrell."Let Me Be" originally appeared on a soundtrack before the album was released and considered to be a single. That's Where You Take Me was released as the last single in Philippines only, after it was cancelled due to Britney recording new material (In The Zone).
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  37. GetBack98


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  38. "My friend", are you sure it's not you, sweetie?
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  39. Next thing you know they'll also say POM will last until 2031 and that Britney meant 20 more years instead of 2 back in 2014
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  40. It looks like Anthony and Manuela got what they deserved with how they treated the real owner of that fansite after Manuela (laracroftonline) changed his passwords and took over his website. She never gave it back to him Here is also a small proof of that since she herself admitted it! Anyway! Let's ignore for a moment the above! Let's see what Karma brought to all of them for their horrible actions and stealing a website from a teenager and threatened/bullied him (the poor guy even received insults and threats to not try come back on his own damn site), and generally being thirsty idiots and licking team B's ass for few crumbs. Looks like team Britney kicked to the curb Anthony lmaoooooo... Anthony sweet pea, did you really think that her team would give a single f**k about you? Did you think they would "care" for what you say or do? They don't give a sh!t about you. They used you and kicking you to the curb once they didn't need you anymore. Did you think you are a special delicate snowflake???? Im fucking dying at your dramatic post you made about them. Like... are you serious? The woman on the phone you spoke with had every right to tell you what she said. You are LUCKY she didn't tell you straight away to shut the f**k up and accept what they say or else they will just cut you out. They will cut you out anyway now from what it seems lmao. Farewell Britney-Galax.y. You didn't last long anyway with such shitty owners you have. Looks like team Britney will always use you and if you don't agree, they don't care anyway lmao. They are done with you. @BrittonJeanSpears @nels64
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  41. Lmao and these queens wonder why Britney is so awkward when they meet her. This Anthony person is a fucking mess. f**k that website, I would literally be honored to work for Team Britney. "We want you to be our spy to tell us what the fans want." This bitch literally has the chance to voice our critiques about Britney's career to her marketing team and all he cares about is being given credit for some raffle ticket twitter bullshit. I literally cannot.
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  43. MM

    Ariana keeps Fantasy in her purse.

    why doesn't she have glory in there
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  44. oh and she also looks bigger... this is ironic tho,,,,, FLAW FREE BITCH
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  45. And we should care what this irrelevant guy says how??? I honestly could care less if someone thinks that Thiefonce is somehow superior. Beyonka may be successful now but soon enough her success will run out too, or people might just see through her fake ass eventually like they did with Taywhore Beyonka doesn't hold a flame to Britney's legacy
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  46. Not surprised, you guys jumped to conclusions. Its obvious they are still together, none of the pics where he was with Britney on her instagram was removed, it was a sign. I like this guy really, he seems a nice person. When she was with Jason or David people complained about how they were boring but when it's a young and hot man, you guys complain too. None of them will ever please you lol
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  47. S. Cameron

    Pic: Sam at POM last night

    https://twitter.com/NikolaJohnston/status/822955606160064512 Nikola ‏@NikolaJohnston 2 h @CollieJJ dunno cause that's one of britney's friends with him at the show. Nikola ‏@NikolaJohnston 2 h @CollieJJ she was with Jansen (https://goo.gl/pZ4csc, https://goo.gl/OjTRop) and her husband sitting with Sam and his sister. Jansen and Sam's sister http://www.breatheheavy.com/exhale/index.php?/topic/738239-pic-sam-at-pom-last-night/&do=findComment&comment=15849456
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  48. Am I the only one who excited to see this??? OMG don't bash me lol
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  49. Slaying those pussi tattoos
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  50. LMAO so true... as if now she is responsible for some stupid fans that live in the past
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