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    Britney Seduces Times Square Billboard

    https://mobile.twitter.com/fiebrebritney_/status/879444503270223872?ref_src=twsrc^tfw&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fs9e.github.io%2Fiframe%2Ftwitter.min.html%23879444503270223872 CNN chooses Britney to be one of their 1990s documentary series Queen of only being around two years and being the face of the 90s pop
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    Britney Seduces Times Square Billboard

    Came out in 1999 and represents the entirety of the 90's. Talk about a Living Legend.
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    See them all in XRAY: http://xray.breatheheavy.com/displayimage.php?pid=509242 one more from June 23, 2017: http://xray.breatheheavy.com/displayimage.php?pid=509223
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    Cuz she's obviously been secretly rehearsing for a new setlist, so she got confused bookmark me
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    $2 million? What the hell for? It's certainly not the costumes or the sound engineers
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    This song is criminally underrated

    i can't believe this song was never preformed live and barely acknowledged by Britney and her team it's such a beautiful song and it's really sad to know this was her last single before the breakdown imo this could be even better than everytime
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    I'm disappointed in that answer... girl you ain't dancing like before to get credit for it and where are these live vocals... cause I ain't even hearing it on the ballads... I mean is the mic off and she's singing and actually thinks she's doing it live ?? And plus she says 'it pisses her off she doesn't get credit' ?? Oh britney...
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    a little bit of play back? credit for what? its 100% playback.
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    you don't know what is iconic for sure now this is iconic
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    You can call me crazy but i ship her with...

    Keanu Reeves, yeah, he's like 50 but you know what? f**k you all, he's humble, down to earth, very sweet, he lives a normal life, he even takes the subway like a normal person, he stays away from all the drama and sh!t from Hollywood, he donates serious amounts of money to charity and (he even gave about $50M of his $70M earnings from the Matrix Sequels to the special effects and makeup staff) , he doesn't really care about money or fame (“Money doesn’t mean anything to me. I’ve made a lot of money, but I want to enjoy life and not stress myself building my bank account. I give lots away and live simply, mostly out of a suitcase in hotels. We all know that good health is much more important.”), he's smart, a hardworker, a good guy even though he had a very though life full of tragedies (from his father leaving at the age of 3, losing a friend from drug overdose, losing the love of his life, etc), and in my opinion? fucking GORGEOUS. A man with a good heart is what Britney deserves, not controlling or money hungry assholes!
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    Geez, "rough translation"? That was uncalled for. I translated it so you guys could read it too Here is a picture of the writer with Brit after the interview:
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    I love her and will always have an immense amount of sympathy for her but she's a hypocrite in this situation.
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    The Ultimate Cringe Thread

    She looks ADORABLE and SEXY on those gifs
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    she should've said "yea there's playback at my show because it's really hard to sing properly and dance at the same time for me. I'm first and foremost an entertainer and I wanna give people a good show" or something like that... but not lie. that's stupid.
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    'Life is a beach' era will never end
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    Like in mood ring her deep voice sounds so fkn good, reminds me of the bomt album in some parts, she really needs to use it more. Please Brinny for your next album only sing with your deep voice. + now she smokes so i'm sure her voice is even deeper and sexier.
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    Why did I actually think this would be longer?
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    It's time we give Britney Spears the credit she deserves. Britney's Piece Of Me show is one of the most high-intensity pop acts in the game. It requires her to use playback, meaning the performances aren't 100% relying on singing live, due to the intricate and explosive choreography throughout the 90-minute show. The subject of lip syncing is somewhat taboo, but in a new interview with an Israeli television show ahead of her performance in Tel Aviv on July 3, the pop star sets the record straight. Related: It’s Britney Beach! Israel Names A Beach After Britney Spears How much of your show is with playback, backed up with playback, how much of it is live?, a reporter asked the singer. “I’m glad you’re addressing this question,” Britney said, “because it’s really funny – a lot of people think that I don’t sing live... Because I’m dancing so much I do have a little bit of playback, but there’s a mixture of my voice and the playback. It really pisses me off because I am busting my ass out there and singing at the same time and nobody ever really gives me credit for it.” Hear that, haters? Listen below:
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    Britney Seduces Times Square Billboard

    CNN giving Britney more promo than Britney's own team
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    I honestly feel like unstanning :/

    stop living in the past, that happened 4 years ago lmao
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    Case closed putanassssss IT'S REAL I can't believe she opened up like that, this guy is one lucky mothafucka And also, the fact that she got sassy on him 'Crisis is a strong word' is my motto.
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    Britney's whole 2017 SLAYAGE in only 2 GIFS!

    Britney creating her own choreo like knee bending + hair touching =
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    yassssss... britney, clap back... hopefully this will be gone viral and shut all the haters.
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    link to the interview: http://www.mako.co.il/news-israel/entertainment-q2_2017/Article-e17f0fb62aaec51004.htm?sCh=31750a2610f26110&pId=2100566639 hey The Israel's news program (Channel 2) will broadcast a new telephone interview with Britney today. I just saw a short piece to be broadcast in an hour and a half. The reporter asked Britney a question about the use of playback. Britney answered: I'm glad you brought it up. She said she was ripping her ass on the stage while dancing and that she is using playback while she danced But she also sing live. As soon as there is a link to the interview I will post you the link. I don't believe she was asked about it Britney sounded very serious and persuasive in her answer to Playback
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    She thought she was really singing

    Wasn't live and wasn't intended to be live either Enjoy the performance and put the analysis to rest
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    The Ultimate Cringe Thread

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    I'm looking for PROOF of this conspiracy theory that Myah Marie sang most/all of the vocals on Britney Jean. As in, actual factual evidence that this is supposedly the secret truth. Saying "I'm a fan, I know her voice" is not proof, it's opinion. Saying "Britney doesn't sound like that" or "The lyrics obviously aren't her style" is also not proof, it's more opinion. Please do not waste your time spamming this topic with your feelings and emotions and hunches. I want receipts, kiddos My opinion: I do NOT think that Myah Marie had as big a part in these vocals as most people say. When I hear Myah Marie's own songs and the demos that she makes for Britney, it's clear to me that their voices are similar but not identical. I'm not sure why everybody is so quick to completely forget power of electronic engineering of voices and pitch adjustment and all sorts of really nifty technology (e.g. Auto-Tune) used all over the music industry to intentionally modify the original vocals. Britney Jean was obviously heavily edited vocally and in its overall production. I don't find this as a reason to entertain this ridiculous theory that Myah Marie is the main vocalist here. But if your claims can be fact-checked, then let's hear them.
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    This song is criminally underrated

    if she found out she was pregnant after shooting the video i'd be worried for her i think it was after writing or recording the song that she found out she was pregnant
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    i saw that they named the beach as `Its Britney Beach` but check out the comments. which exhaler is that?
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    I realized that we are most likely not getting DVD of this mini tour (neither Vegas one, since PH pretty much confirmed it), so I decided to make one for my collection. It took me some time to collect high quality footage and to put all those pieces into one body of work, but it's finally done. Thought I could share it with you. STREAM 1 (HQ - for members with slow connection) STREAM 2 (HD - for members with faster connection) P.S. If you want DL link, feel free to PM me.
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    There is a difference between Britney bashing and criticism. I'm so sick of seeing members attack other members who are merely POINTING OUT that what Britney does or doesn't do isn't enough. What is it wrong for us as FANS to expect Britney to perform at a certain level? Is it wrong that we WANT Britney to succeed and be the best she can be? By being a fan you don't need to praise Britney all the time. She's not perfect, none of us are. But we are the ones who are paying for her career, we are the ones who have let her have a career for as long as she has, why should we accept lackluster performances, lies from her team and unfortunately from Britney herself? I'm not saying that we need to be down on Britney all the time because yes, she has been in the business a long time and yes there are times when I'm so proud to call her my idol but when you've been a fan for as long as I and I think many others on here have, it's seriously heartbreaking and frustrating to watch someone of her skill level not execute in the way she should. I know she still has it in her and its sad that some fans don't believe in her.
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    So I decided it add up how many times Britney says the words ''Baby'' or ''Babe'' on each studio album release. On the '...Baby One More Time' album, Britney says them 41 times On the Oops Album, she says it 22 times. On the Britney Album, they're said 55. On In The Zone, they're said 39 times. On Blackout, they're said 121 by Britney, but its said a whopping 155 on the album (by Corte ''The Author'' Ellis, and once by Pharrell Williams) On Circus, they're said 82 times by Britney (90 times if you include the distorted ones in Lace and Leather, 78 times if you discredit the L&L AND Radar as a track) on Femme Fatale, they're featured 39 times On Myah Britney Jean, the word baby is only said by Britney 17 times (twice in perfume, once in ISBE, 13 times in Tik Tik Boom, and once in Don't Cry). (20 times on the album if you include Will.I.Am saying it) On Glory, the word Baby is said 52 times. #TheMoreYouKnow
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    This song is criminally underrated

    Criminal is criminally underrated too.
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    What happened to sabi?

    I heard she's in the line up for next year's Hell's Kitchen
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    1. We already have the new BOMT dance break 2. Given that she almost fell during Do Somethin', they'll probably scrap the chairs 3. Britney has probably forgotten how to perform Everytime and I Love Rock 'n' Roll so they won't add those back again
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    I am 100% in agreement that for Britney to progress forward she NEEDS to mature her brand. No one is as interested in what she does because she's been doing the same thing since the beginning and the main thing is that she's not 21 anymore. I don't think she needs to become all Celine Dion onstage but maybe more maturity in her performances/music would attract the attention of the public again and I also think it would be a good thing to see Britney mature in terms of her image/music. I get the impression that's what she was aiming to do with the material she was recording after In the Zone. I'd love her to go down the route of more soulful music or the style of music that was performed during BOMT at the Onyx Hotel and I'd love to hear more of her powerful natural voice aswell! In terms of image I just wish she would be more exciting with her choices. I hate the leotards. Part of the excitement around her performances is what she is wearing and when she's wearing the same thing in a different color its just so dull.
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    she keeps revamping unnecessary things while the cringeworthy final segment has been the same lackluster mess for 20 years now
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    O M G If only her meet & greets in Vegas were like this! She looks AMAZING!
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    God bless her new makeup artist, she looks incredible wtf
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    Me when I remember listening to Sia's vocals on Perfume's super live performance in Vegas Britney, dafuq girl?
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    Y'all need to calm your tits with your negativity

    I feel like no one really understand her problem. I don't pretend to understand her or anything, idk her personally but if she is REALLY bipolar well i don't even know how she can handle all that pressure, i grew up with a bipolar sister and these people can become completely overwhelmed very easily when there is too much going on around them, all they wanna do is sleep all day and do nothing, it's difficult to live an active life. Imagine Britney's life between learning and trying to remember all those 20+ choreos, travelling all around the world, doing another show every night, and having a personal life. I mean honestly you guys need to calm your tits and be more understanding. Idk how she manages to do that with her issues, i'm really impressed by her, she's such a strong woman, a fighter, she's been through a lot
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    Y'all need to calm your tits with your negativity

    Normal people also don't have millions of complete strangers analyzing their every move. But sure.