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    She's probably not gonna mime if that's the case. She's just gonna dance with CD vocals playing. No mouth movement. #QueenOfTechnicalities
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    Artsy Fartsy

    New pic with Sam

    https://www.instagram.com/p/BSFy4T5gqW_/?taken-by=britneyspears beautiful queen
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    Sometimes I Just Don't Get Her......

    It's ha prerogative.
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    Sometimes I Just Don't Get Her......

    are you surprised? rehearsal performance
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    How would you re-name the POM show?

    The never-ending show starring Britney Jean
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    Interesting Im so here for a tour if its true Too bad for the pressed fans that don't want POM brought around the world
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    It's cool I guess. Larry seems happy with the meeting. He's giving off this vibe of "You see baby? As long as they keep buying into our snooze fest and the coins keep coming in, we're good. Haha, poor bastards!" You do you, Larry! PS: It must be a redux version of POM, as usual. So Britney's got it. Her main motivation is probably traveling and showing the world to her son... and of course Sean P and Jayden as well. See what i did there...
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    Queen of selling a 15 years old Christmas song that don't even have a music video in the middle of march more than her recent single
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    What are y'all talking about? She always sings live
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    Cuz her fans wants it?
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    She can start with the abuse this fanbase endures from her team
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    stop crying sis. We dont care if she brings pom to another part of the world. be happy she's going on the road again
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    I love Glory. I love her music, but I'm wondering what the point of new music is if their only focus will be POM. They did BJ and Glory so dirty by only concentrating on POM instead of those albums. Yeah, she did promo last "era" but let's be honest. Most of that was POM promotion. She treated Glory like an afterthought and then just abandoned it. I want all the music we can get from her, but I want her engaged and into the project. I want promo that's about that album. I want her to perform those songs everywhere. Not greatest hits medleys. Not treating it like a hobby and POM her main career.
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    We all know she is going to lip synch to 1998 vocals with no shame But it would be a perfect suprise if she is going to sing even a single song live
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    Ah, that was the day Madge sucked the careers right out of both girls and they were never the same again...
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    I'm ready for Piece of Me: Live from The Great Wall
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    Sure we will. Glory, Greatest Hits, B In The Mix 3 and Piece of Me: The Live CD. Sorted.
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    You know the answer is yes
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    OK, we need to talk about this!

    Are we really criticising EVERYTHING now? Jesus Christ.
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    I could care less if its still pom as long as she tours. Theres so many people that want to see her but can't afford vegas
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    Is this her most recent iconic performance?

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    Is her last big great performance but you can't call it iconic if the gp doesn't talk about it.
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    She is especially on the inside which is what matters most. Looks fade but humbleness and kindness go on
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    Or the abuse the fans on this site have towards Britney
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    Her smile is getting back to normal Britney, don't do the lip injections, you look waaay better now
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    Change Your Mind Better Just Luv Me Love Me Down
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    And end POM. Enough is enough. Youre bored babe, we can tell. I can't take people saying you look like a candy with legs/ refrigerator because of those outfits. It's time to take your modeling career more serious. Xoxo, a worried fan.
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    No, because her son will tell her to name it Mommy
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    He was seen with Dina Lapolt an Entertainment lawyer at the begining of March leaving Live Nation Offices in Beverly Hills. Seems like the tour in Israel and other countries could be really true... The girl even had a Britney t shirt !
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    Life is a beach
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    Guys, I'm anticipating a huge meltdown. Don't get your hopes up, the asian tour might be false. Just don't complain when nothing happens.
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    a classroom with her 18 year old BOMT vocals (30 capacity)
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    Young Törless


    I bet you did it.
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    Official #PieceOfMe Thread: March 24th, 2017

    it's just sad, it's really frickin sad. I feel like the way she presents herself on stage, her passion is at an all time low and for me this is starting to particularly reflect on her music. I still listen to her stuff constantly but something is just off now, like the woman singing all her classic hits is not the same person at all we have today. Whilst I LOVED Glory when it came out and was so excited for the era, her complete disconnection from it, her doing the absolute bare minimum and not giving a single f**k makes the magic of the album stale for me and now I can barely listen to it. From the MM video disaster, the ridiculous knee tap, the lack of even speaking of Glory, the tragic choreo (minus SP, that's kinda decent), there's nothing glorious about the way things are and it's damaged my love for the record. I also get that she "has always lipped" (which isn't even completely accurate) but the real problem lays in the fact that it's so shamelessly done, she doesn't even lip properly and there have been plenty of times where her mouth doesn't move or she lips to vocals that aren't even hers. Let's not even talk about pre-recorded vox. No excuse. I'm all for her doing what makes her happy but she must be SO BORED because it shows so much, so is the state of things really bringing her happiness?. At this point, her career is just a tedious job and it brings in easy money for her kids future, I think that's probably how she sees it and if so cool but the days of her relying on her past legacy are evidently coming very close to an end.
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    hey over there

    Does Britney take good care of her skin?

    There is nothing to discuss it's none of our business this is a fan site and I understand some of you are bored but making someone's skin a discussion point is going too far
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    Anonymous would be more relevant tbh because by 2020 the GP won't even know her
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    How would you re-name the POM show?

    Britney Ever After
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    New pic with Sam

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    People in this forum it's very Dramatic. They would book Arenas of course (15.000-20.000 capacity). It would be the FIRST time of Britney on Asia, maybe Britney it's not longer the It Girl of the Music, but all the people of Asia will buy the tickets just for the fucking Classics like Toxic and BOMT for the first time in their countries!
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    I was expecting to see some pictures or videos of the show, but instead I got surprised by all of the positivity in this thread Britney Spears fans are so lovely. I hope the Vegas residency never ends, so ya'll can go and stan for Taylor or something
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    Duh just wanted to bless ya'll today with the beauty of Godney. I could go on and on but you know
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    The thing about people on here hating vegas is mostly because brits team can't handle promoting vegas and her album so her album gets over shadowed by vegas and most of the promo goes to vegas , and they barely preform glory songs on there so she's kind of slowly becoming a 90's 2000's act because she keeps singing her old songs instead of her new ones she barely sings femme fatale ones as well as them re-using everything like props for circus used for lucky and if u seek amy