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    and this is what katy disgusting perry makes fun of ....no wonder her music is as tasteless and bad as her
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    Britney Spears with her kids, 2007: Britney Spears with her kids, 2017: I'm so fucking proud of her.
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    Pictures Britney has framed at her house

    Hey! I thought that's interesting and I should share it. In the video where her sons scare her, we can clearly see she has this picture framed: Then here we can see she has this photo framed: And here you can also see if you look closely that she has this picture framed: Did I miss something? Is there something you have seen and I haven't?
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    It is crazy to me that fans loved 2007 britney. She was suffering so much and not herself at all. I still wish I knew why she didn't just go to Louisiana and chill for awhile. :-/
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    This Week 10 Years Ago, Everything Changed

    Feb. 11, 2007 After a night of partying at Tenjune, Britney arrives at Club One in the Meatpacking District with a a couple of friends… where she strips naked and swaps clothes with the club’s dancers. Feb. 12, 2007 Britney flies from Manhattan to Miami and checks into the Four Seasons with her sons. The hotel staff noticed she seemed “overwhelmed” and even though she’d originally planned to stay a week, “something happened” causing her to leave after a day. Feb. 13, 2007 Britney’s former personal assistant Felicia Culotta writes a letter to a gossip blog stating: “There’s just so much you can do to help a person… I know that we (as in her family and nearest and dearest - all of whom are not on the payroll anymore) are doing everything in our power to get help for Britney.” Feb. 14, 2007 Britney flies on a private jet from Miami to Antigua where she checks into rehab at Eric Clapton’s Crossroads Centre… and checks out less than 24 hours later. Feb. 16, 2007 Shortly before 11AM, a frantic Britney is the final passenger to board an American Airlines flight from Miami to LA, where she sits alone in coach. On the verge of tears, Britney tells an agent: “I’ve got to get on this plane to get home to my kids.” After arriving in LA, Britney visits Esther’s Haircutting Studio in Tarzana. Despite it being closed, the owner opens it up for Britney, who requests to have her head shaved. When the owner refuses, Britney takes an electric shaver and does it herself. When she leaves the salon, paparazzi ask her why she did it - she responds: “Because of you.” Afterwards, Britney heads to Body & Soul Tattoo in Sherman Oaks where she gets tattoos of a black-white-and-pink cross on her lower hip and red-and-pink lips on her wrist. When an employee asks her why she shaved her head, Britney responds: “I don’t want anyone touching me. I’m tired of everybody touching me.” Feb. 17, 2007 A distraught Britney attempts to get a room at the Mondrian Hotel with only a scrap of paper with half a credit card number scrawled on it. When denied, she reportedly says: “Nobody wants me anymore.” She’s later seen shaving her legs and drinking by the hotel pool and asks fellow guests to trade bathing suits and pose for pictures with her as if they’re her friends. Feb. 18, 2007 Britney debuts a blonde wig while attending a birthday party at The Roxy. She leaves shortly after arriving, though, after the DJ starts playing …Baby One More Time, and then heads to the Beverly Hills Hotel Polo Lounge. Feb. 20, 2007 Britney checks into Promises treatment center in Malibu… and checks out less than a day later. Feb. 21, 2007 Britney visits a lawyer in LA - the same one who represented Mel Gibson in his 2006 DUI case. Later that night, Britney visits Kevin Federline’s house in the Valley. After buzzing the intercom three times with no response, an angry Britney stops at a gas station nearby and attacks a photographer’s SUV with an umbrella. Later that year she apologizes for the incident, claiming it was for a “movie role.” Feb. 22, 2007 Britney checks into rehab for a third time, spending nearly a month at Promises before checking out in late March.
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    Here's your deportation baby, hope it sets you free
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    And people say she isn't portraying Britney correct
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    I shaved my hair today.

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    Omgggg you just made me watch this as a whole again and made me fucking emotional. I will never forget that night I was In tears and so fucking proud
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    joe sp

    I shaved my hair today.

    Katy would be proud of you
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    lmao further perpetuating a myth that Britney hasn't done anything with her career since 2008. Slé a bit 'comeback film.'
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    This Week 10 Years Ago, Everything Changed

    The current Britney and the 2007 Britney are like totally different people. I've never been able to picture them as the same person, because there are more differences than similarities between these two periods of her life, it's like the Sun and the Moon. I'm glad she's how she is right now, I couldn't ask for more considering we almost lost her 10 years ago... EVERYONE should respect her because of what she went through, but sadly there's still close-minded people that need to make fun of her because they think it's cool. I hope they never have to go through such pain. Britney is the strongest, kindest and sweetiest celebrity that has ever existed. She deserves nothing but love.
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    "I'm a very lucky mom"

    omg this hit me in the feels! Considering where she was 10 years ago in comparison to today! Inspirationalney is real y'all!
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    "britney ever after" actress twitter deleted

    Do you guys enjoy ruining people's lives? Unlike you, some people struggle to make living. You don't know what her circumstances were and she was ready to take whatever job she could have, hence Britney ever After Why the fuck are you bullying an actress? She's making living if anything spam the production company because THEY wanted the movie. You need to get a life.
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    She didn't need lip injections

    Enough with these threads. What's done is done. I hope she doesn't lurk on here and see these things because it's only going to make her keep doing it in search of perfection.
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    Because Myah wasn't there to perform that night.
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    Y'all need to understand that there is no point in showing anything after 2008. The plot is: Britney the child star Britney the pop star Britney the fall from grace Britney the comeback The End Tacking on the FF and Vegas eras would be redundant / irrelevant because nothing major that is essential to the main plot above has happened since then.
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    She didn't need lip injections

    she didn't really need any of the procedures she had done. she could've just gotten healthy and face would've brightened up.
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    I wonder when she listens to snoop's music she ever thinks, "hey, remember when I licked his face back in 2004?"
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    Artsy Fartsy

    ITunes after the Movie

    Glory #667 (+178) GH:MP #570 (+427) The Essential Britney Spears #928 (+134) Slumber Party #994 (+203) Toxic #912 (+238) Work Bitch #1152 (+167)
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    mswrightstylesWatching your movie and documentary really gives society a different perspective and insight of how hard of a worker you are. I love your music already now I have a newfound respect for you and your artistry. Keep shinning through. You have a heart of gold. God bless you and your family. hobantichI'll say I am sure you do not agree with the lifetime movie. However I feel and love for you. Your life has so much taken from it in the name of fame and money for your family. I love you- your children love you, im sure your parents feel regret now and love. You are a blessed woman to have your two beautiful sons and your lifetime so many have wished for and unaware of the payments you gave to have fame. briijustineThank you for letting us see that side of you on that movie. We love you so much!!!! sup.dayWe witnessed your life because of the constant tabloids, for me it was another Hollywood story, but watching the movie made everything so real and I felt the pain for the first time. At the end we are humans with the same feelings and emotions. I'm so happy to see you with your adorable sons gamattoonCannot sleep, surfing channels and I came across the Lifetime movie. I didn't like you. I cannot believe what you went through. And live to tell about it. You are such a strong courageous woman. I hope people watch this and feel the same way. God bless IT ACTUALLY HAD A POSITIVE IMPACT
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    Say goodbye to your reputation
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    You can't be serious, the acting is horrendous, the whole scene is LAME af and that of course NEVER happened, the dance moves are horrible, the scene lacks meaning. Also they were the most famous people at the time, why are they dancing at a club just like that as if no one would want to approach them? Mess, mess, mess
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    This. I think it's mostly just the pro hair and makeup team tho.
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    yet she's a multimillionaire...I wanna be talentless too
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    This Week 10 Years Ago, Everything Changed

    Currentney is even more iconic because of this. The poor girl left a club after hearing her song. She was rejecting her own identity,,, I just cant
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    This Week 10 Years Ago, Everything Changed

    I'm so glad she's okay now it's amazing how she came back from it all. Truly a role model.
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    The Official 'Britney Ever After' Discussion Post

    Please don't hate on Natasha. I mean, if the script sucks, it's not her fault. It seems like she gets a lot of hate just because she doesn't look like Britney and I think it's unfair. She actually tried hard and did some research by herself, watched as many interviews as she could find so she can work on her accent and her facial expressions (for example the laugh with the wide open mouth, we've seen candids of her doing that) she watched For The Record, she even knows what the original idea for BOMT video was and that Britney didn't like it. She had just a week to learn how to dance cause it was the first time she had to dance in her life. She even knows her worldwide records and she shows nothing but respect to Britney. I mean yes, you're probably like "But Brit didn't want it to happen and she took the part". Yeah she did. She is an actress at the beginning of her career and they asked her to play her childhood idol BRITNEY FRICKIN' SPEARS! Who would refuse?! I just know for a fact that if Britney Ever After ends up being a mess, this girl won't be the main reason. She tried hard. #leavenatashaalone
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    of course glory anybody who thinks otherwise is obviously delusional and is only saying blackout because it's their favourite album her voice has never sounded better than on glory her voice on songs like private show, what u need, just luv me, man on the moon, and others are so raw and gritty and soulful and smooth and just amazing I really wish she'd have acoustic sessions, she has such an underrated voice
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    Sarah M Gellar Tweets about movie.

    M I A ‏@757MIA 52m52 minutes ago More If I was Britney I would demand an apology from #Lifetime and the cast! #BritneyEverAfter
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    OMG SO THEY ARE DOING THE FF TOUR AFTERALL! Didn't know Justin was there
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    There's like 3 different voices during Work Bitch
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    Most Wanted Unleaked Songs?

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    I'm sure this is what everyone wanted and expected Britney to look like at the party last weekend. She has clearly done stuff to herself for her to not look like she does on the picture.
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    10 years since the start of a moment that deserves to go down in history for centuries, and I'm not kidding
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    I searched for hours and finally found it. https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/12627093?checkin=2017-09-19&checkout=2017-09-22&s=pNYiIdfl It's only $7500 a night, so I got 12 friends together and we'll each only have to pay like $625 a night. I We're all Britney fans, so we're planning on sniffing the couches, the grounds, drinking the pool water, reenacting Britney's Instagram video, sniffing each other's holes while we play "3" on repeat, etc. LMK if you want to join! By the time our vacation is complete, every inch of the house will be covered in our man babies and the couches will be crusty
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    I really like her new face, I love her new nose more than the previous one and I have nothing against lip injections but something went wrong with her mounth area, she has this weird jokerish mouth and it doesnt look good and I don't think that's injection's fault.. it must have been some kind of fucked up surgery
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    "I'm a very lucky mom"

    I know sis! Poor ha if she does read this forum tbh!
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    How have I never seen this?!?! Get those pre-recorded vocals Brit Brit!
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    Britney remains unbothered and thinking about actual important things in her life
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    if it's just a joke, why is he making it 10 years later?
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    I chose the songs that I feel like most people want as the 3rd single just to pre-filter the best choices. I personally feel like she should choose "Change Your Mind". What do you guys think? Please vote all. I will send this to her team, I don't care anymore. We need to do something. I have hopes. I will send them an e-mail.
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    10 years later and still getting more media coverage than your faves.
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    Jenny Jean the trolling imma call BJ , Jenny Jean sounds better
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    Jesus Christ she's the best, she posted this just as I was reading the crossroads article that she didn't eat anything but lunchables on set. You're killing me Britney. How can you possibly love a person this much
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    This Week 10 Years Ago, Everything Changed

    And to witness her now being a healthy and responsible mom ! Couldn't be more appreciative.