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  2. HuffingAndPuffingOnStage

    How do you combat loneliness?

    I've been pretty lonely too lately. For me, I just try to focus on other things, like for example I'm trying to learn Spanish right now so I do better at it in school. I'm also looking for a job and that's helping me get my mind off of it. I guess just doing activities that are completely non romantic in nature is helping me realize that there's more to life than dating. Also: working out is a great way to gain confidence. It also helps you take your mind off of things. I know gyms can be intimidating at first because they're full of people in great shape but once you realize that all they're doing there is checking themselves out in the mirror and only paying attention to themselves it gets a lot easier. In my experience people in gyms are generally kind and polite too. Focusing on working out and improving your body will definitely take your mind off of things. Plus looking good and being healthy is a great way to get back at people who have wronged you. Working out is actually how I became a Britney fan, I started listening to her as workout music! If you're trying to lose weight, it's mostly about eating food. Calorie counting has a bad rep but that's really all gaining and losing weight is about. I would highly recommend downloading one of those calorie counting apps, I used one and I saw results right away. Other than that, spending time with friends can be really helpful too. Best of luck, it's hard out there! I'm 19 and have never had a boyfriend. I've never used Grindr cause it scares me, I've used Tinder but always end up just feeling emotionally exhausted keeping up conversations with multiple people, but that's probably my fault. Tinder could be good for finding someone. I've gone to bars a few times, I probably should do that more. I guess at the end of the day it's just important to keep trying and not give up hope, right?
  3. bspearsMJfan5

    socialney Your first Britney Spears concert experience.

    Atrocious!! I hope they send us new ones.. I won't get my hopes up! See you there!!!
  4. MissSpearsSaysSo

    other What is Britney's most iconic line?

    What kind of iconicness??!?
  5. He's already on his third album? Britney teas
  6. Max Martin so she can have a hit single again. Not expecting a #1, but at least a top 10 would be nice at this point.
  7. DoSomething954

    exhale does it make you sad....

    This is true but is also sad she doesn’t remember/or think highly of those really huge moments :-/
  8. DoSomething954

    exhale does it make you sad....

    Yeah I don’t get it either. I still won’t part with my prom dress and I’ve been out of high school for 11 years lol who cares if I’ll never wear it again, it was from a really special night. Maybe those moments aren’t special to her. I get the feeling most of her career isn’t and it shows on how she talks about her craft tbh
  9. Today
  10. It was nothing different though, britney has always been sold as sexy. It was just another sexy video to add to her list. If that’s all it took, JLo and Fergie would have #1 hits right now lol as well as a lot of other artists who sell sex appeal. I think ppl in general don’t see how sex isn’t really shocking or edgy anymore. In 2018, it’s all been done and i think she has to do something really different to get ppl talking that way again.
  11. Was definitely expecting this. If she does end up doing it, at least it will be a good show. Rihanna always delivers. Plus she has sooo many hits. I'm turning 25. and i remember her blowing up when I was in middle school. I cant believe shes been around this long! I'll be dead If britney joins Rihanna for s&m But seriously. Its Britneys time to take that stage. Why wont she dooooooo it.
  12. Rihanna is a horrible performer....she cant sing live OR dance. So no. They people who have done it before can actually keep a crowd's attention. So that winding and hip rolling isnt gonna work.
  13. JeagleP

    other What is Britney's most iconic line?

    I hate f**kin waiting...
  14. MissSpearsSaysSo

    music I can't believe how they paid dust to CYM...

    As a pilot single for the album, it would flop commercially. The GP would think it’s too weird. But it would definitely appeal to the Spanish/Latino population. They would eat it up like Beiber’s Super Industrial Atom Bomb BOP. But it if it does flop that would be terrible because it would ruin the party celebration of her 20 year anniversary. It would keep lo the hype appealing to the fans and fans in the GP.
  15. really really cool guy

    music Did she do ANY promo for 3/TSC in 2009?

    She didn't need to...you know that world tours are more than enough promo for the artist's discography, not just the new album. And TSC had all the singles and she did perform them
  16. this song has recently been revived on my playlists. it's such a nice summer jam.
  17. HuffingAndPuffingOnStage

    music I can't believe how they paid dust to CYM...

    I like this song a lot, idk though I still think Better or DYWCO would be better single choices. The one thing that bothers me about this song is her mispronouncing the spanish title of the song. I speak spanish and it should be pronounced "No see-ahs cortes" but she pronounces it "No sea of cortes" Which is extra confusing because there's literally a sea called the "Sea of Cortez". Is this what Britney thought she was singing about? Why did no one correct her pronunciation?
  18. HuffingAndPuffingOnStage

    SOS! Rihanna Is Reportedly In Talks To Headline The 2019 Super Bowl

    I honestly think today's Britney is still a better performer than Rihanna, and I like Rihanna. Britney's name is definitely big enough to warrant doing the super bowl. If she did something like the BBMAs but on a larger scale with lots of special effects and prerecorded vocals I think people would love it. Even though she's not as popular with the GP as Rihanna is, most of the GP is still on her side and want to see her succeed.
  19. HuffingAndPuffingOnStage

    music My bf is not a stan and he thinks brit needs a ...

    I think Selfish and Up N Down along with a lot of femme fatale are good workout songs... but other than that... would I ever listen to them while just hanging out by myself or with friends? probably not I don't think that's the type of music the GP wants right now
  20. Despite being a low budget video it really impressed me. Tinasha kinda salved the video. It really needed one performance on tv just to build a little promo. I'm glad it has more views than Trash Me
  21. Not now. It would've been fire back then. But now it would only hurt them both cause it would flop and it would be adding another flop to their careers.
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