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  2. what was ur reaction to...... ?

    I was really excited up until the chorus hit. I was expecting to see the choreography from the rehearsal with Charm she posted on IG. But then we got the Vegas choreo and my hype quickly died. MM&I was cute, I guess. She could have sang live though. Overall very average performance, not VMA worthy. It was more PCA / AMA 4th Single Performance.
  3. to her VMAs 2016 perfromance when u first saw it? I was like, it is coming it is comin... then me myself and i comes, i was like then after the performance be like wtf did i just watch after that hype
  4. Let's cry together y'all...

    No, they did this to for visual effect. It's a common technique. You record the video sped up, at a faster frame rate and then you play it back at normal speed it looks slower, but still in rhythm. They did this for Slave 4 U as well (The intro when she's walking very slowly). This is why they had to practice the choreography at a higher speed.
  5. That Moments Shocked You The Most

    I was honestly so excited when I saw this because she looked amazing yes, but she didn’t look like she was in pain or had those sad eyes the way she did in the Femme Fatale videos.
  6. Remember this bikini Photo?

    She was in good shape here though, she’s never been FAT, just a little thicker on her off seasons.
  7. Let's cry together y'all...

    That too
  8. Let's cry together y'all...

  9. Let's cry together y'all...

    She was so fluid, where did it go?
  10. You saw them twice ? You lucky bish the music and video is awesome as always . I've already heard the regular version and the performance was great. they have topped the us itunes already plus around 30 countries as well .
  11. Its still weird to me that kids are given cell phones, tablets, laptops, etc., so young. I watched my nieces successfully navigate YouTube once or twice, at the ages of six and four, and it just freaks me out. (Fortunately, they're no longer obsessed with Frozen. Now if it's about something called Littlest Pet Shop, let me know, because I have a sister-in-law to warn.) But on subject, that's completely fucking gross, and I hope YouTube is taking the correct steps to purge the videos.
  12. Don't let me be the last to know, Slave, Overprotected (remix), Scream&Shout Remix (love ponytailney), Stronger, Slumber Party (red outfit).
  13. Remember this bikini Photo?

    She usually does a shoot with a magazine like Shape when she's about to kick off a new era.
  14. Christmas remixes?

    Yes. Please. Thank you.
  15. Today
  16. Britney acting obnoxious!

    who would've known that having a security guard with her onstage wasn't a bad idea after all?
  17. Remember this bikini Photo?

    She needs a good photoshoot ASAP
  18. Britney acting obnoxious!

    She was single
  19. Will Brinny ever do a Xmas album?

    I'd be happy with My Only Wish getting a videoclip. At least a live performance we can have on VEVO. It's such a timeless masterpiece. It's never too late. If she ever made a Xmas album, it would have to be all original songs, maybe just one classic at the end of the album. I want bops and just a few ballads here and there. I'm talking about Max Martin of course But imagine if she mixed another rhythms and sounds into it, like FF-ish or Blackout-ish

    We can dream but iconic and current Britney just don't go hand in hand anymore.
  21. I thought it was edited bc...you know She is so healthy now that I will believe if she did a perfect photoshoot
  22. She never even performed My Only Wish live. It's my favorite song to put on erpeat when walking around disney park on xmas season so hope she does it live in the future
  23. Christmas remixes?

    there's this I'm not a girl Xmas remix
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