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  2. this article from 2014 is heartbreaking!

    What has Adnan ever lied about?
  3. any other young britney fans on exhale?

    I'm 24 but I feel 7, so I'm the youngest fan.
  4. She got a standing ovation from Janet Jackson

    That wasn’t a ‘standing ovation’. It’s just polite to stand up and clap when everyone else is. Janet wasn’t freaking out or anything lol
  5. 3rd date in Paris...

    Je préfère penser que je contribue à l'achat des aquarelles pour ses peintures
  6. It wasn't easiest to assimilate for audience, it wasn't commercial but it touched me. She's very strong artist and She has a lot to offer.
  7. 3rd date in Paris...

    tu participes au financement de ses petites retouches
  8. I must be calculated, she can't be this bad and think she's genuinely good. It must be a seek for attention or I don't know...
  9. I’m going to list according to me Britney’s most underrated SINGLE from each album ...Baby One More Time - Born To Make You Happy Oops!.. I Did It Again - Don’t Let Me Be The Last To Know Britney - Overprotected In The Zone - Me Against The Music (featuring Madonna) Blackout - Break The Ice Circus - Circus Femme Fatale - Till The World Ends Britney Jean - Perfume Glory - Slumber Party (featuring Tinashe)
  10. 3rd date in Paris...

    Je suis bien fauché et ne voulais pas prendre le 29 parce que c'était juste le lendemain mais en soi je suis pas à 100€ près C'est ça d'être dans une école de fachos
  11. 3rd date in Paris...

    T'as pas plus d'argent?
  12. 3rd date in Paris...

    If that's the case I HAVE to buy a meet and greet package
  13. 3rd date in Paris...

    Si on y va ensemble, slé
  14. I do expect them to worsen another breakdown like they did for POM, Circus and BOMT So who's next? No more floor raping during Toxic? No more working-it-out during Womanizer? Cannot wait for the surprise
  15. 3rd date in Paris...

    I feel like the poor guy still dreaming about a show in Switzerland. #utopiaLevel10
  16. Hold On God didnt deserve Brinty Bean

    He makes me feel sweatyyyy
  17. Today
  18. An one shot music video, not vertical, full of sensuality and choreography like this!! With an edgy hot trendy outfit and make up - hair at her best, her reputation will be back! She will prove that she still has it and her dance skills are the best out there!
  19. 3rd date in Paris...

    Don't. ahaha. I'll see if I'm buying a ticket, even a shitty one, for this date, but I don't think so ahah. But I hate her
  20. I become a fan when i first saw Britney on the balcony during Lucky's MV and was wondering how can a human be this beautiful singing a song this catchy!! Stronger is where i became obsessed with her
  21. Naaaah i'm the same age and we are at the peak of our prime
  22. How old are you sis?
  23. The day before the opening date of TOHT...

    Why some people act like they know everything about her life, how do you know how many times she rehearses? Just because we don't have footage doesn't mean she is sleeping 24/7
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