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  2. so that UO Britney Vinyl...

    f**k us. $120 on ebay.
  3. Chad Spears... is it true?

    Yes! He was a model!
  4. so that UO Britney Vinyl...

    it was limited to 2000 something copies. or something like that. theres far more than 2000 fans and something unique like this theres no hype, it did sell out.
  5. Country Influenced Pop

    (I couldn't find the original, but you get my point.) Goddamn, the bitch has copyrighted all of the Glory songs. Either way, JLM and Liar have STRONG country roots. And she's been doing it in past albums as well. Both IGTBB and NTIFY have banjo, while DC has a distinctly "Wild West" country feel to it.
  6. Jamie Lynn stated that her dad liked country music and that is why she followed that genre but Britney was never as into it. She grew up with mostly R&B music(going by her favorite artists).
  7. Maybe Sam helped her with confidence! jk I'm sure she did it on her own
  8. What I Want: Just Like Me Everyday Alien Everytime Man On The Moon What We'd Get: Baby Oops Toxic Slave Gimme More (I wouldn't be mad about sultry, sexy acoustic GM, but it'd be so weird to hear)
  9. I got Star Search vocal vibes tbh!!!!!!!!
  10. That intro though...

    She was actually very cocky about it and her abilities and i love it Her speech was very touching and real.Her confidence while singing was equal to her confidence while dancing in 2002
  11. WOOWOOWOWOW!!!!!!! She was amazing!!!!!!!!! I am shocked! I love her voice. She sings sooo good. And she looks so freaking gorgeous truly and epic moment for her...even the mini speech was so cool
  12. She would make one of Brits best songs yet with a collab, no doubt. I love her music sfm. Shes so talented and creative. I think its so funny that the only female artists shes actually shown love for is Britney. She has some issues but if there comes a day when she can be healthy I'd be here for them to collab.
  13. I really liked the new outfit tbh
  14. That intro though...

    She sounds like BOMTney while talking. And while singing. And she looks like BOMTney while performing. I love my QUEEN.
  15. Her fucking dancing hasn't excited me since 2011. So yeah, if I can get rid of those sh!t choreos and get her to serve soul and sass and VOCALS like she did last night for a full 90-minute show? Hell yeah.
  16. So why didn't Britney sing more during Carpool Karaoke?

    This. I remember watching videos of her back in the day doing live performances and using her deep ass natural voice for Baby and Oops singles, and the comments on those videos (I was watching on YouTube since I became a fan in the 2010's) were horrible. I can only imagine how the press covered those performances back in the day. She's remarked countless times how much she loves Baby and Toxic. And she's been seen blasting In The Zone and Blackout in her car. Hell, she rehearsed dance routines to ATWK despite not having any performances at the time. Britney loves her own music. (Well, most of it. We all know how she feels about Sometimes, Crazy and Oops...)
  17. Really? I never heard about this. Was there thread about it?
  18. Was f'n AMAZING! I love how she took a dig at her team, the media, her fans, pretty much everyone who's criticized her singing abilities. I love how said he feels 'so illegal' doing it (a hint that her team might not let her sing live as much as she wants to). I love how confident she was, no cuecardney, speaking from the heart (even if it was rehearsed) but so confidently (like in FTR). She didn't even seem nervous at all! I'm really liking this more raw (and live) Britney... not really an attention-whoring one like some other artists, but just standing up for herself. I also love how she's bringing her country twang into this... she sounded great! I'd LOVE a country-urban-dance fusion album (kinda like the sound of I Got That Boom Boom, but better).... hehehe
  19. Lana Del Rey Announces World Tour

    Her recent shows in California sold out in seconds. It sucks cuz I keep missing opportunities to see her.
  20. The one thing about live singing

    She rarely hears her own songs too, so that doesn't proof anything. She's truly one of a kind artist and that's why I lover her so much.
  21. Was it really totally LIVE though?

    Or maybe did you ever think she might just be a good singer? Wow some people just can never be pleased by anything this woman does even if its something unexpectedly amazing
  22. Which of the current pop Girls is your fav

    My fave always swings between Ariana and Selena. But Selena's new era is lackluster so far.
  23. Preach. I used to like carpool kareoke but I watched the one with Demi and even she looked like "bruh calm down". It's really annoying how obnoxiously loud he is, like for one or two songs that you really enjoy I get, but I wouldn't ride with someone who screamed like that, esp if it was my songs he was ruining
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