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  2. Im listening to gimme more and i feel like that one vine where that lady is dancing to thisĀ on a bulldozerĀ 

  3. Maybe yes, who knows? I remember we had a few. And sorry for hearing about this... but hey, at least you got your justice and now you know best the next time. i'll make sure to drag them all over the place
  4. yes, Tinasha.
  5. She definitely could do that, I just don't know why the heck she doesn't do that? Look the instagram video she posted dancing to Meghan Trainor in pink tiny shorts, it's as good as 2004ney
  6. I think this is 100% it. You could tell she wanted Alien to be a single instead of Perfume, and she didn't promote Perfume at all.
  7. Styles never get old, MJ could put on a show in 2017 with the same 80's choreography and it would look amazing as long as he does it properly. The same goes for britney, is not about doing the same moves ofc, it's about the execution of each move and the moves that Charmladonna teaches her are good for cheerleaders, zumba instructors but not for a pop music performance
  8. Looks awful. The darkest times shown. At least it will learn people of how strong she is now. I think it will end with Circus though... still gonna watch it not gonna lie
  9. What? You don't work with somebody and then trash them for something right after.
  10. I want it so bad. DM me too
  11. @badputa can I get a DM of it too?! I've been looking for this ALL MONTH LONG
  12. I thought the same
  13. It's fan interaction, people do it all the time. It really shows how bored we are of these shows when we get excited about Britney touching someone's arm.
  14. Why should we believe some random bitch on Twitter?
  15. Pm me please..
  16. Who fucking cares? Y'all just try to find drama in everything
  17. She's been doing boys and slave 4 you almost every single tour, flawless queen
  18. The thing this fanbase seems to care the most about is getting Britney in the news and front and center with the gp. The only one to do that would be with Justin Timberlake. So I vote for him. Plus, not matter how much ridiculous juvenile hate this fanbase wants to continue to give to Justin he is insanely talented and popular still.
  19. Sorry, I edited the topic!
  20. I'm not sure whether Britney could actually perform sucha choreo anymore
  21. I can't remember Britney touching the hand from someone in the audience, can you? She didn't do it in Circus, FF or POM1. So it's something exciting! ...btw it would be really exciting if she would start singing some notes live too. These are things she doesn't normally do, so it's a cool thing... well atleast for me I guess!
  22. like i promised the mkv version of "My Prerogative" where Britney is in the Bed the whole time My Prerogative(Bed Version).mkv
  23. Is this rare?
  24. they can't, that's why they don't. you can still put on a choreo like that today. also, i wasn't talking about the exact same choreo - just smth similar, where she uses her entire body and not only her arms.
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