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  2. POM 2.0 What were your thoughts ?

    I loved it. Especially the new costumes, they looked so good. Then it went downhill..
  3. POM 2.0 What were your thoughts ?

    She just seems more consistent. Before the revamp she had some good days and some bad days. The choreo sucks anyway so idc if she halfassed it I'm just glad she doesnt look dead all the time.
  4. I called mine Glorious ntro (Snippets of Private Show) DO YOU WANNA COME OVER IF I'M DANCING (with IAS4U breakdown) TOY SOLDIER PERFUME/ JUST LUV ME Invitation - Interlude mixed with MAN ON THE MOON LOVE ME DOWN AND THEN WE KISS/ I'M A SLAVE 4 U TOXIC Coupure Electrique - Interlude RADAR GIMME MORE/ BREAK THE ICE/ PIECE OF ME SLUMBER PARTY Band Intro BETTER HOLD ON TIGHT Clumsy - Interlude HOW I ROLL JUST LIKE ME (REMIX) UNUSUAL YOU Change Your Mind - Interlude WOMANIZER LIAR CRIMINAL Dancers Intro - Greatest Hits (BOMT, OIDIA, Overprotected, Everytime, Circus, HIAM) I WANNA GO WORK BITCH/ TILL THE WORLD ENDS Encore MAKE ME
  5. New Ellen Von Unworth photo

    Better than Randee’s tacky cheap shoots.
  6. Net neutrality

    really don't think its that big a deal; yall are over reacting
  7. New Ellen Von Unworth photo

    the whole photoshoot looks cheap
  8. ugh i can't even understand what she's saying in get back
  9. Expectation vs Reality

    Expectation Reality

    then you didnt watch it. we would flip if she pulled this sh!t but she cant.
  11. Today

    He is legit just jumping,moving his arms and spining . If Britney did that you guys would bash her

    oh cool its a fun routine. its more masculine than something britney would do but justin serves.

    Ummm no thats part of his choreography
  15. POM 2.0 What were your thoughts ?

    How? She’s half assing or dumbing down the choreo and she ruined the costumes. The initial revamp dates are much better than her current state of things.
  16. Except she still fully cared about her career then and gave it 100% and crushed it every time. Now, I don't even think he sees it as her career anymore so much as a fun hobby to do on the side. Plenty of average people with normal careers don't make their jobs their lives and yet they show up and do it well.
  17. I think she should release an A-side and a B-side every 2 months for a full year. This would create an exciting reveal every 2 months and it would allow fans, GP, and radio to really get to know those songs. By the end of the year, she would have released 12 songs and 3 or 4 music videos that could be packaged as an album in time for the holidays. Each pair of songs could include a more mainstream track for the A-side and an artsy song for the B-side. This strategy would give some of her deep-cut material the chance to take hold by providing more exposure and anticipation. It would look something like this: FEB 2nd: Tracks 1 & 2 plus Music Video A. APR 2nd: Tracks 3 & 4. JUN 2nd: Tracks 5 & 6 plus Music Video B. (Summer songs and video.) AUG 2nd: Tracks 7 & 8. OCT 2nd: Tracks 9 & 10 plus Music Video C. DEC 2nd: Tracks 11 & 12 plus Music Video D and Album. This gets the boost of being on Britney's birthday and it gives everyone the chance to buy all of the tracks for a discount. Giving people 2 choices will cause them to replay and pick a favorite, while giving them all of the songs at once makes it too easy to stream it once then only remember a few songs. From a business perspective, I think this would get more overall $treams and people would be more likely to buy at least the song they prefer every 2 months. OOH! They could determine which Music Video gets made by which song sells the most downloads! That would find the faves and fund them.
  18. POM 2.0 What were your thoughts ?

    I actually think she got better with time.

    that doesnt look like choreography tho, looks like he's just freestyling. we wish britney was that excited and energetic onstage. and ftr bieber DOES have way better choreo than Brit and delivers it 100x better than she could so. we could only wish.
  20. POM 2.0 What were your thoughts ?

    couldn't tell you the difference tbh
  21. She's more confident and happy here because SHE created the choreo and she enjoys it. On POM, the choreos were all made without catering to her dancing style (and same with many of the dancers)... which is why her and many of the dancers look too focused on getting the steps and timings right, where they have no time to serve face and give attitude. This type of choreo works with certain genres, but not Britney's. If you look at all her of her old choreo, it's very simple and natural moves (and less theatrical)... so it allows them to perform them sharply without thinking and serve fierce face at the same time. It's obvious her and the dancers are not a fan of the choreos (minus Slaymber Party and VMAs Toxic). I really wish they allowed her to choreograph at least some of the routines or at least let her choose choreographers that design moves that suit her music and style of dancing. Not everyone dances the same.
  22. Even in FF days something looked off

    THIS. anyone who was a Britney fan 2011-2012 will know how frustrating her looks were. 2016ney/Gloryney (and a few looks in 2013-2015) is when she really started looking like Britney Spears again. even if she got plastic surgery done and her face wasn't the same as before, she started looking incredible and so much better than 2011-2012. I will never complain about how she looks now because she looks so much healthier, happier, and more alive than when she did 2011-2012. vs Now, don't get me wrong, there were good and bad looks for each era, and I'll admit, I am comparing the worst of 2011-2012 to the best of 2016-2017, but you have to understand that bad looks were generally so much more common in 2011-2012. For every good look Britney had in 2011-2012, she had like 3 bad looks. Whereas, Britney has only had a couple bad looks throughout 2016-2017.

    It was number #1 on YouTube for a while.... but yeah her label f'd up with Glory overall. Britney did her part with lots of promo in the beginning... but the label literally did zero marketing (which is their job). No billboards, No Spotify promo spots, Bare minimum radio airplay (I mainly heard it at the gym and clubs... but that's not from the label).... they know POM and her Perfumes make more money than music these days, so they focus more on that.... she really needs to leave that label and her team.... but of course, her papa has to make that decision unfortunately... I can only imagine how sucky it feels to not have that creative input and label backing like she used to.
  24. Even in FF days something looked off

    She just looks exhausted, and as with everything from that era like she didn't wanna be there. I can't at her saying "it's the most 'me' show I've ever done" when clearly it wasn't.
  25. I tell people/talk about Britney EVERY chance i get and will create an opportunity just to slip it in. There's nothing to be ashamed about as long as you are realistic with yourself…. If you talk about her and say she's the best singer ever, most talented artist, etc you're asking to get dragged. I think at this point though, Britney's prime was so long ago that she's in that madonna stage of being "historic" so you don't have to justify yourself any more than saying "she's an icon", not to mention her getting her life back together (one of the most well-known celebrity meltdowns in HISTORY) is very admirable to most people. I will say though, that when people learn/observe the level of obsession i am at (with any celebrity) it is definitely kind of sick to some people.
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