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  2. I Love Rock n Roll should be doing well, as the cover of Britney's cover was actually not too far off vocally. Did they hire Myah?
  3. Watching Tv here in the UK and the well-known EE advert with Kevin Bacon and Brit came on. But this one ended differently! He used his phone to do a selfie with Brit and she looked awkward and said "Okay...." Anyone else seen this version? Up until now, he dances in the Oops outfit then she says "Kevin, have you been raiding my wardrobe?" And he says "Oops I did it again." And then Brit looks awkward. But in this new version, he does a selfie and THEN she looks awkward. There is ANOTHER version where Make Me plays, but that was only shown maybe once because the song never did anything but Top 50 here
  4. GH:MP #570 (+89)
  5. When Will Slumber Party?
  6. I support!!!
  7. I thought this thread was gonna be about the Lucky music video not about Vegas
  8. They're planning their own biopic in which the breakdown never happened and Britney still sings live and has hits
  9. Her team is so stupid
  10. I just watched it and enjoyed it. Yes, it was cheap and the dancing was POM rather than Primeney, BUT Britney was portrayed sympathetically and Daddy Spears got scalped (something that prik deserves). I'm excited for the sequel: Britney Ever After 2, where they deal with what the fuk happened in 2010, Charlie, the messy FF and BJ eras, Shrek, Jason and POM in more detail....
  11. the only problem is who wrote the script is not fan at all and has no idea about some accurate details they should've allow us exhalers to write the script tho and choose the cast
  12. And in that period he wrote all over again
  13. What was that?
  14. Her most popular album: GH:MP
  15. Well well well
  16. USA today nails what britney's own fans seem to have missed:
  17. Justin reportedly tried to speak to Britney before the 2007 VMA performance but she wouldn’t open the door, which actually caused her make-up people etc. problems as they had barely anytime to sort how out because she was too busy trying to avoid Justin. Some people say she was waiting for them to bring her her wig and she felt insecure to let him see her like that, some people say that was not the case. Justin also tried to see Britney during 2007 when her aunt, who he would have known, died. Britney didn’t want to speak to him but he still sent her flowers.
  18. Change Your Mind and Better.
  19. I'm still at the beginning but I can't @ them cutting out right when Britney was supposed to perform BOMT
  20. Work and Needed Me had videos but Slay On The Brain didn't
  21. Me too, I was crying and I couldn't stop
  22. That's when I cried, when she got out of the car, when she hugged her dad when her parents visited her and sam and when they announced her the c/ship. It got me really emotional. lol
  23. No, because they didnt know her story till yesterday.. and if you think im delusional go on britney instagram account and read the comments
  24. Better it's not better then other songs
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