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  2. I'm sorry but I feel you're wrong. Muslims are not responsible for these things. A very small minority of extremists are responsible and we all (majority of Muslims included) condemn their actions. Thats why people don't see Muslims as a problem. I understand being afraid and that causes this perception, but please try to be a little more open minded Terrorism seeks to divide people, and unless we are inclusive and tolerant that will be achieved.
  3. #4 Beyonce
  4. Her legs look amazing.
  5. U lame piece of sh!t. Swallow ur own racism and genitals and don't bother posting here anymore. stfu as well. uneducated piece of sh!t
  6. Ikr? They are responsible for the death of thousands of people all around the world and people are scared to travel because of them. And I just can't at people here saying and pretending they are not a problem. Like WTF? Where do they live?
  7. That performance was terrible, why would it be mentioned?
  8. Hate, prejudice, and discrimination has no place here.
  9. Be respectful to those who died. Islamic terrorists do these things, don't pretend that Americans are like them.
  10. She appeared at the VMA's two years in a row and finally performed last year, she performed at the BBMA's two years in a row now, so what if she missed this year lol, she appeared at the Grammy's this year. Yeah, you're complaining over nothing.
  11. More?. I'm sure they will be ok.. Britney has a huge security... everything will be fine, for sure
  12. Im not complaining. It's a genuine piece of her we've always wanted a peek of. She seems happy too. She couldve posted other vids such as her chopping onions.
  13. It's sad that we keep pinning down these things to muslims or point fingers to america as terrorists. We all know this could have been avoided with better security. Back to britney, lots of worldwide fans would be sad if she cancelled. All her team needs to do is to ensure enforced security.
  14. first 10 secs are flawless she is not actually but she lives in russia and russia is one of the most homophobe countries in the world, she is not fearless, maybe she just tried to get gp, i don't know
  15. these terroists are not muslim, did you know that isis has even japanese member? i'm not muslim too but this racist comment is disgusting like you.
  16. sigh to think she used to look like this <<<
  17. Watch abc, receiving their lowest ratings ever! Katy just can't stop breaking those records, just like Oreotina can't stop releasing smashas!!
  18. I kinda love it, slay please
  19. This has already been posted , but anyways, I'm always here for dragging Katheryna Parra!
  20. Do people here not remember Volkova is an homophobe?
  21. Yeees even Julia likes every post of Britney on instagram, she is here for it
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