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#11718145 Britney Bashing Will Not Be Tolerated

Posted by Zolanski on 11 January 2014 - 10:51 AM

It's literally embarrassing any of you have the nerve to bash her on her own forum board. Exhale should be a place were people can come to discuss Britney Spears in a positive manner, not fight with stupid trolls.


This section is in need of a clean up, and it begins from here on in. As your new moderator, this is my warning from me to you all. The Britney bashing has to stop. While you are all entitled to freedom of speech, many of you are abusing this privilege and crossing the line completely.


Calling Britney things like: 

- "a piece of sh!t"

- "a washed up hasbeen"

- "mentally unstable" 


etc, is wrong and completely disrespectful. 


However, constructive criticism is allowed. Posting that you didn't like how Britney's dress looked like is okay, posting that her hair didn't look nice in that performance is okay.


There is a complete difference between saying "she looks like an obese whale" to "she might have put on a little weight" or "she can't dance anymore, she looks like a cow on stage" to "Her performance was not good at all"

Get some respect you rude shits, because you are posting on her site.


I encourage you all to please report a member which you think has crossed the line. It makes our job easier, and it will make your exhale experience easier too.


If you're going to look past this warning, no one will give a sh!t about the bitch you'll have after your account has been suspended or worse, permabanned.


You've all been warned.

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#8953819 I Spilled The Truth Tea At Work And Now Everyone Hates Me

Posted by CodySpears on 26 May 2013 - 11:39 PM

I work at a store in the mall and today my coworkers were all talking about stuff they were saving up for and I said "I'm saving up for a Vegas trip to see Britney Spears" and this woman who works with me (who's like 35) was like "ew! What a loser! She's so washed up." And I was like "but she still has hits on the radio, was the highest paid female musician of 2012 and is headlining in Las Vegas while you're working a retail job. Why are you in a position to call anyone a loser?" Everyone else got silent and it was really awkward and no one talked to me the rest of my shift.... I guess the tea was too much for her to handle :displeased:
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#11621158 Britney Spears Touched My Hair!: My M&g Experience On Nye

Posted by willy2ec on 02 January 2014 - 11:59 PM

Hi Everyone, 


At first I had planned NOT TO post my M&G pic on this forum, not because I didn't like the picture, but because all I read here is people complaining, criticizing every pixel, calling Britney ugly names... and the worst thing is that most of those people don't even buy her music or go to her shows. Unfortunately, this forum is full of trolls and jealous people.


Someone posted my M&G picture (he/she took it from my Instagram account), but that's Ok, I LOVE MY PIC with Britney!! Meeting her was my biggest dream and it finally came true. The whole experience was everything I wanted and more. This is trully a once in a lifetime experience and if you are planning to meet her, I can tell you it will be worth every penny and every effort.


Here's my story:


I went to Las Vegas all the way from Ecuador just for her NYE show. Yes, I was excited.. but I couldn't believe the whole thing was true. After I picked up my ticket and VIP badge from the venue, that was when I became really excited and anxious!! I wanted the hours to fly by and finally meet Britney!


When it was time to check-in for the M&G, I was so happy to see Felicia again. She is in charge of the backstage tour and meet & greet. I met her in 2011 (Femme Fatale Tour) and I thought I wouldn't be able to LOVE her more than I did back then. This time she was so supportive, she gave us cool tips and made all the anxiety go away. She's an angel! I thanked her for everything she does for us and for Britney and told her that Brit was so lucky to have her by her side. She hugged me so hard I wanted to cry.


The whole backstage tour was SO sureal, I couldn't believe I was on the stage, seeing Britney's point of view!! (I'm planning to make a "Backstage tour post" with all the details and fun facts). After that we all had some minutes to relax before the meet and greet started.


The meet and greet was about to start, so we were told to stand in line and Felicia was making sure everyone was feeling ok and calmed our nerves! A couple minutes later, the first person went inside to meet her. After 4 or 5 guys it was my time to go.


As soon as I walked through the door I saw Edan, and standing in front of the fake wall with the "Britney logo" was Britney. Yes, the one an only Britney Spears standing right next to me!!.


My first thought: she looks like a doll! She's so beautiful in person that she looks like a porcelain doll. Her teeth are the whitest thing I've ever seen and she looked stunning in a sexy black dress.


I introduced myself (as Fe told me earlier that night): "Hi I'm Wilson, From Ecuador". She was very polite and said "Nice to meet you" and smiled (She truly has a 10 million dollar smile!)


In front of us were: Larry, Adam, Edan, her business manager, publicist and the photographer.


I showed all my "Britney" tattoo and Britney got very close to see it. Then the pic happened! (like 4 seconds after she saw the tattoo, lol) 




I thought that was it, and suddenly Britney said: "CAN I TOUCH YOUR HAIR???" Everyone on the room laughed and I couldn't believe she actually said that!! "Of course!!", I yelled to her!. She touched my hair like you would touch a baby, very gently and with a funny expression. I will never forget that moment! SHE FREAKING TOUCHED MEEEEEEE!!


After that I said: "I loved you since I was 9 y.o. and you just BLESSED me with your touch" She said "aawww thank you!" 


I finished with "Thanks for making us happy with your hard work. I love you! Can I give you a big hug?"


She agreed and I hugged and kissed her!


Then it was over. 


I want to cry right now that I'm writing this. I can't believe this happened to me. I remember that as soon as I walked out I saw Felicia and told her "Britney asked me if she could touch my hair!!". Felicia jumped of emotion and said YAAAAAY!!!! Everyone that was waiting to go in were happy for me.


I hope you liked my story and understand that pictures don't reflect the whole experience. The interaction and the excitement of being next to her is worth $100,000,000. So if you haven't experienced a meet and greet yet, please don't say bad things about the pics of other fans that met her. This is a very special moment for us. Nothing compares to this feeling. I hope everyone gets to see the show because it's fantastic. I had front row seats and she SLAYED the whole show. She's on top of her game again. 


Please check my instagram account for some pics/vids.

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#11135256 Paul Walker's Tragic Death Made Me Realize Some Things...

Posted by N.A.F.A.A.L. on 30 November 2013 - 09:54 PM

Life is too short, and we should stop melting down over stupid things. Britney is alive, healthy and happy <3 AND SHE'S RELEASING MUSIC so who gives a sh!t about sales and charts. She can debut at 68 and I'll be happy that she released something for us <3


Let's appreciate that now while we can, before it's too late cause u never know what can happen...


BTW RIP Paul, Condolences to his family and friends </3

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#11976138 My M&g Experience - 2/1/14

Posted by yugglet on 04 February 2014 - 02:48 AM

So I had a meet and greet this past Saturday and it was truly an amazing experience, minus some of the other "fans" in the VIP group...


It started with all of us waiting by the box office to be lead into the theater by Fe. At about 6:45ish she walked over to our little group, with another woman, and had our names checked off a list and we were then lead past the line and into the theater.


They had us huddle around to give a quick speech about how we should behave backstage during the tour. They reminded us that it is a working set, so we needed to watch out for stagehands and security. We weren't allowed to take any pictures, but they would let us touch some of the props.


The backstage tour was really cool, we got to walk on the stage, see all of the props super closeup, and see Britney's costumes in the wardrobe room. We also walked past Britney's dressing room and it smelled like vanilla candles. lol. There were this group of gay guys though, that were horrible. They were all obviously wealthy and so full of themselves that it was hard to see past their inflated egos. Several times during the tour, this one guy, I think his name was Ricky, would literally shove me aside and stand in front of me. I also watched him blatantly blow off another fan who asked him a question. He also hit a fan with his elbow as they were taking a drink and knocked the drink into their chin and made them spill. He looked at them and then looked away, no apology, nothing. It was ridiculous.


But anyway, after the backstage tour we were told that we could have about 20 minutes to roam around the front of the theater to go to the bathroom, get something to drink, buy merch, whatever we needed to do, and then we would meet back at the side of the GA pit for our meet and greet.


The time came for us to gather and wait for the instructions of where to go. We had to wait for security to let the GA pit people in beforehand, so we weren't in their way/trampled to death. After they let them in, we were lead outside to the back of the theater. We were then given a little speech about how we were allowed one picture, nothing could be brought into the m&g for Britney to sign, and then Fe said "Now y'all, Brit is really shy. Every night before the meet and greet, she gets really really nervous. So remember, you may know her, but she doesn't know you! So make sure to say something to her! If you walk in nervous and speechless, she's going to be the same way! And don't be afraid to get close to her! Please make sure you're not standing five feet away, or else your picture isn't going to come out nice! You know which pictures I'm talkin' about, I know you've seen 'em!"


Then we were lead into a hallway, where I was second to last in line. And one by one people were lead onto the stage and around a corner, and one by one they came back super happy and extremely starstruck. lol


When it was my turn, I walked up the ramp and around the corner and there was Britney fucking Spears just standing there smiling at me. I introduced myself, like Fe told me to, and Britney said her usual "Hi Alex, thanks for coming" and then squeezed in super close to me. It was so surreal having Britney Spears pressed up against me, you guys...lol anyway, after they took the pic security was already trying to get me off the stage. But I said "Wait, Britney I just really wanted to say something really quick." and Britney turned to face me and said "Of course, sweetie." and I just told her this. "I just wanted to say that I have been a fan of yours since I was a really little kid. And your music has helped me through some of the hardest and saddest times in my life. You helped me to be happy when it wasn't always easy and I just wanted to thank you for that." She paused for a second, looked at me in the eyes and said, very sincerely, "Thank you, that really means a lot." And her assistant said "That was the nicest thing anyone said all night." and Britney nodded and we said our goodbyes, and as I was leaving Britney said, "You have cool glasses!" and I said "Thank you!" and then it was over.


I went to my seat and had the best view and got some amazing pics that I'll have to upload when I get the chance. It was just, truly an amazing experience. Anyone who talks crap about the meet and greets and how Britney doesn't want to do them, obviously has not actually had one with her. She is really a sweet person, she's just really shy and nervous, just like us! The trick is to be calm and collected and be sure to introduce yourself. Lol








p.s. I normally wouldn't post this on Exhale, because of the negativity that surrounds the meet and greet experiences. But I thought I should for the people who still have them coming up, so they know what to expect. It was such a positive experience, so please don't post anything negative.

#12028103 Britney Spends Quality Time With Kids From Children's Hospital La

Posted by 3Pney on 09 February 2014 - 02:00 PM

:xf6:     :crying4:      :xf6:

#12276071 O M G, Check This Out! (125 Exhalers Liked This!)

Posted by Luminous on 08 March 2014 - 05:36 PM

My own creation slayed me, I hope y'all feel the same!  :crying1:


(Watch it in 1080p for a better experience!)



:tybow: Thanks y'all for the great support!  :tybow: 




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#9102378 I Got Kicked Out Of The Grocery Store Because Of Britney... (Bj Promo To Be I...

Posted by Slim Shady on 14 June 2013 - 01:16 PM

So i was in the magazine section and i saw Britney's shape magazing (they had a new full stock) so i decided to have a little stan moment....

i covered up about 2 rows of magazines with Britneys and i was taking pictures and the fucking security guard came and stopped me, and he told me "i will call the cops if you don't leave.." then he told me to get lost..

Anyways, here is one of the pictures i took





i got all of the BJ copies they had :bj:

more to come soon.


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#12119975 Let Me Fucking Tell You The Issue With This Fan Base And How We Are Runining...

Posted by Cāged on 20 February 2014 - 02:12 PM

when there is a negativity surrounding Britney that's being reported in the media the source comes straight from Breatheheavy.com.

They use the same footage, the same news, the same rumors that exhale can get their hands on and then it spreads like a wildfire.

Jordan stop mainpaging selected things that will cause conflict for Britney and her career. You always do that.

For example We all know she lip synches. Yeah it's funny how it happened on Alien, but let it go. The media exaggerate things and takes things too far. Exhalers make a huge deal out of everything.

If it is about  lucky mag, her weight, surgery,even positive things that are being reported...it all starts here. The power of exhale, eh?

But you fucks are fucking her up. When there is something that can be damaging. shut it.delete it. ignore it.

The press wont have a field day over it.

Jordan stop mainpaging things that shouldnt be up there.

you call this a fansite, but it has become something similar to TMZ and sh!t.

Fans stop embarrassing Britney, stop sharing info about "Britney fails" to your followers. Defend her, not f**k her up.Exhalers are so damn dramatic.



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#11156658 Message For Gays From A Straight Dude

Posted by Enigma on 02 December 2013 - 11:04 AM

I noticed here on Exhale so many members trying exclude Britney's songs from straights members and this is really annoying, illogical and nonsenses in a huge degree. I loved and stanned to Brit from 15 years, grew up on her songs, now after am old 27, I'm so sure about my sexual interest, I'm completely hetero guy and even with that I listen to her songs constantly and I knows many guys like me doing exactly the same. Music don't recognize specific sexual orientation, Elton John, George Michael, Ricky Martin and MANY others were gays also, but though all fans around the world they were and still are listen to their music and adore them till' nuts. Personally, I love and respect all people from different background sexualities, but please I begging you to stop bashing us this much we straights because we also have ears and taste to the music <3 ...

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#10174726 Some Truth Tea About "work Bitch"

Posted by JayG on 22 September 2013 - 07:58 PM

Please Read It All, You Will Gain Some Perspective On Work Bitch's Current iTunes US Situation & It's Hot 100 Debut In Comparison To Recent Britney Singles...




HIAM Obliterated iTunes, The Hot 100 & Radio On Release, But Then Completely Sank With No Longevity Whatsoever, Proving That Front-Loaded Success WITHOUT Promotion Is Worthless In Gaining Longevity



TTWE Dropped Like A Rock After Reaching The Top 10 Of iTunes, But It Still Managed To Debut At #20 On The Hot 100

Then It Dropped In & Out Of The Top 10 Of The Hot 100 & Ended Up Rebounding Back Up To #8 On The Hot 100 (#4 On BB Pop Songs) Due To The Video & Doing Amazing On Radio

It Managed To Reach #8 On The Hot 100 BEFORE The Remix Was Released Which, As We All Know, Pushed TTWE To A Peak Of #3 On The Hot 100


((I Do Agree TTWE Isn't The Best Example Since It Had Promotion Around Its Release So It Benefited The Most Of All The FF Era Singles, But It Still Shows That Slaying Instantly Isn't Necessarily The Best Thing, Just Look At HIAM Which Sank Due To No Promotion & Too Much Instantaneous Success))



IWG Wasn't Doing That Great At First, But It Ended Up Going From #89 To #29 On The Hot 100 In ONE WEEK SOLELY Because Of The Music Video

Then It Only Started To Slay On iTunes & The Hot 100 Due To Slaying On Radio

It Managed To Peak At #7 On The Hot 100 With NO PROMO AT ALL, Just From Releasing The Music Video & It Being Her Biggest Solo Radio Hit



We All Know What Happened With S&S, It Reached The Top Of iTunes And Sank, Debuting At #12 On The Hot 100


Then After MONTHS Of Slowly Building Up On Radio & Gradually Climbing iTunes, It Rebounded And Ended Up Peaking At #3 On The Hot 100 And Stayed In The Top 10 For WEEKS, It Had AMAZING Longevity After The Music Video Was Released & It Obliterated Radio, Becoming Both will & Britney's Biggest Radio Hit


It Would Have Reached #1 On The Hot 100 With The Current Hot 100 Chart Rules But Billboard FUCKED Britney Over Again By Changing The Fucking Chart Rules AFTER The S&S Video Views Started To Slow Down A Lot


And Let's Not Forget That AMERICA & BILLBOARD Are NOT The Only Country & Chart That Count For Success, S&S OBLITERATED The World! Worldwide Success >>>>>> Local Success




Basically, Taking Aspects Of All The Above Chart Runs - Don't Worry, Work Bitch WILL Be A Smash!


Will WB Reach #1 On The Hot 100? I REALLY Hope So And I Believe It Can & Deserves Too, But That All Depends On The Prerogative Of Britney & Her Flop Team In Terms Of Promotion, Specifically Performances


Its OBLITERATING Radio Right Now WITHOUT A Deal & It Hasn't Even Been Officially Serviced To Radio Yet (It Will Next Week, 24th Sept)


The Song Is NOT Generic, There Is Not ONE Song On Mainstream Radio That Sounds Like Work Bitch, Every Single Aspect Of The Song Is Unique (Vocals, Production & Lyrics)


It Is Not A Conventional Or Commercial Song For US Radio At All So It Will Take Some Time For The GP To Get Into This Innovative Masterpiece, Especially Since Its Coming From Britney & Her Songs With Radio Success In Recent Years Have Been EXTREMELY Different To Work Bitch, But It Is MOTIVATIONAL AND UNISEX So Its Only A Matter Of Time Before The GP Catch On, Then It Will Pick Up On iTunes


And The MUSIC VIDEO Is Coming Which Will 100% Help The Song On iTunes & The Hot 100! We Are Not READY For The Carnage The Queen Will Cause, It's Gonna Be Fucking Phenomenal, Incredible, Iconic, Flawless etc, Just Like The Song Is



You Want A Hit Single? But You Don't Request? And You Don't Stream?



PLEASE, EVERYBODY, REQUEST & STREAM (See Pinned Threads), Even If You Do A Little Of Both, EVERY Contribution Will Count, Every Little Helps! Both Are Free & Easy To Do & Anybody Can Get Involved, Just Spend A Little Time Helping Us Out In Making Work Bitch The Smash It Deserves To Be


And If You CAN, Then Please Also BUY & GIFT The Song On iTunes, Amazon etc etc


In Conclusion - Work Bitch Will Smash Over Time... We Have A FLAWLESS Video For It Coming, So Instead Of Having Meltdowns & Posting In/Making Threads Repeating The SAME iTunes Bullshit About Work Bitch, Just Use Your Time More Wisely, Have Some POSITIVITY & OPTIMISM, Help Request & Stream Instead


The Era Is Going GREAT So Far, We Have A FLAWLESS Lead Single & The Britney With That Personality We Fell In Love With Is TRULY Back, The Album Will Be INCREDIBLE, Lets Just Relish & Thank God In These Moments That She Is Alive, Still Making Music & Now Coming Out Of Her Shell & Returning To Her True Self...


Love You Brit :crying1:



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#11360129 I Am Recording The Opening Night Show!

Posted by BritneyIcon on 14 December 2013 - 10:28 PM

1 more day, everyone! We're so close! I will get some videos of the show, and I'll be tweeting about the merch, backstage tour, and meet & greet opening night. Feel free to follow me @BritneyIcon for all the details.

I'll be front row center (Section 103), slightly elevated above the VIP tables, so I'll have the perfect view! No one will be in front of me.

If you were here back in 2011 you might remember that I did the same thing for the Femme Fatale tour. I shared videos just hours after the opening show -- such good memories!
I really want all fans to be able to see this amazing show. Britney is working her ASS off. I'll upload the videos as quickly as possible. :)
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#11007473 Every Music Video As A Movie Poster

Posted by Neemz on 24 November 2013 - 02:52 AM

Tumblr: http://itsneemzbitch...s-movie-posters






Two years ago I made the Til The World Ends poster for fun, since then I've designed posters for every music video Britney has released. Directors such as: Ray Kay, Joseph Kahn, Nigel d*ck, Ben Mor, Chris Marrs Piliero, and more have taken notice and like them. They've been featured all over social media websites and even Britney.com I had so much fun making them and I hope you like them! 



Which are your favorites? 



Share on Tumblr: http://itsneemzbitch...s-movie-posters

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#10791042 "britney Jean" Tracklist On Its Way?

Posted by NickosFassas on 10 November 2013 - 01:36 PM

Tomorrow Britney will announce album tracklisting
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#11462679 Britney Jean Spears: I Am So Sorry For Ever Doubting You

Posted by NorbitRnB on 22 December 2013 - 10:23 PM

This documentary not only showed us how amazing the Vegas show looks like it will be and what the past 100 days or so have looked like for Britney, but showed us the one and only Britney Spears. By that, I mean we saw a side of her we have NEVER seen before; not even in her prime did we get this much insight.


We got to witness her spend time with her family, interact with her children, and see what she's really like behind-the-scenes. This is a MAJOR improvement from Circus & Femme Fatale, where it just seemed like she was there and would've rather been anywhere else. No, she showed us that she truly does love performing, and isn't just doing it for the money, or just because of conservatorship clauses-she does this because it's what she loves to do.


Not only did we see her in stunning outfits, her slim body, and looking healthier and younger than she has looked in years, but we saw the one thing we've been long awaiting to see in her for years: passion. For anyone who doubted that Britney ever wanted to do this residency in the first place, they can now shut up and stay secluded in the corner because she proved their theories wrong. And her passion stretches out from more than her work, but it also shows when she's around her children, her father, with David, and even her dancers. The robot-like personality we have been seeing from her in past years is now gone, and hopefully for good. She seems like she is in such a blissful and wonderful place. One would have to have a heart made of stone if they didn't smile watching this documentary, and seeing Britney's bubbly and down-to-earth personality.


And finally, Britney, I am truly sorry for ever losing faith in you, especially this year. Though I always defend her and stick up for her, I'll admit that I was really pissed off that she didn't do much to promote this album or give us any performances before the residency commences, as well as the whole incident with the "Perfume" video, and I still am to some degree. But now, I see why this whole era is the way it is. She put all of her heart and effort into the show and music, and showing that she does genuinely care about her fans and wants to continue to entertain them. And she also showed that she is not just some workaholic who places her career before her family. This documentary has brought me closer to Britney than I have ever been at before. To me, this was better than a great performance of "Work Bitch." This just made me connect with her on a personal level and see what I've been waiting to see even since I started becoming a stan of Miss American Dream, Britney Spears.


So again, I apologize for ever thinking down on you when I didn't know the full story. Thank you for sharing that story with your fans, and still making us happy throughout all of the highs and lows you've experienced. You are an incredible woman, and though I know you won't ever read this, I hope that you know that many of your adoring fans have connected with you on a personal level like you said you hoped in the documentary. I love you Britney, and I always will.

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#10893709 Will.i.am Spoke Not One Fucking Lie

Posted by ThinkinBoutYou on 17 November 2013 - 04:57 PM

I can't talk for you 14-year-old's who started stanning around Femme Fatale or Circus, but I've been a Britney fan since I was learning what the sausage in my pants was, 15 years ago when the BOMT video took over music television. I've been waiting for this album from Britney since ITZ and especially since the scrapped Original Doll project. I don't give a f**k how Work Bitch did in the U.S, Britney seemed to genuinely love it as a fun dance song, and it wasn't her typical "I'm up in the club" banger - EXACTLY what will.i.am promised when he started work on this CD. He said Britney had done those songs to death and that he wanted to help a deeper and more personal Britney come out  :bj:


So far Britney Jean, lyric-wise, seems like it's literally the story of Britney. I don't give a f**k if one or two songs don't have her name on the writing credits at the end of the day, because clearly these songs all mean something to her. Will delivered on exactly what he set out to do and yet y'all "drag" him and act like he's fucking this album up. If we had Dr Luke at the helm we'd be getting FF 2.0, this seems like a real collaborative effort between Britney and will to deliver an album of modern dance / pop beats and more personal, intimate music. I don't love will.i.am AT ALL, but damn... 


The face of every ugly hater when they realize will gave us the album we've all been waiting for


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#8778593 Why Is Britney Spears Undeniably The Only Legend Of Her Generation?!

Posted by Danbriel on 06 May 2013 - 09:53 PM

Who is Britney Spears? A global superstar? An icon? Object of obsession? Sex symbol? She's been called many things throughout her career but who she really is? She started out as a one-hit wonder no one expected to last. They gave her a few months before she burns out and becomes a fad and look at her now - almost two decades into her career and she's still going strong.


Best selling female artist of the 21st century and unless your name is Madonna, MJ, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion and a few selected others (all of which are legendary in their own right) chances are she has probably outsold you a million times over.


Her name is legendary around the world - try imagining a world without Britney Spears? Can you? Can you imagine the current pop culture without her? Can you even imagine the '00s without her? Her contemporaries are already slowly forgotten and have been pretty much the appendix of the industry itself - you know it's there but it serves no purpose and when it's gone you don't even notice you ever had it. But Britney? It's like trying to live a ''normal life'' without your eyes - or trying to breathe without your lungs. You just can't do it can you?


During her peak, Britney Spears was one of the most famous women on the planet - a phenomenon like no other. Everyone knew her name, no matter race, age or sex. Women wanted to be Britney Spears, and men wanted to be in her. It was like One Direction / Justin Bieber x 5,  but not only was she a teen icon, she captured the interest of everyone, everywhere, through old-fashioned mediums and not by social media.


She didn't need FB likes, Twitter followers, YT views to prove how HUGE she is - you could just scream ''Oh my God it's Britney Spears'' and the chances are the people around you would go insane - now you have Lady Gaga wearing a skinned corpse and people just walk by her as if it's the most regular thing you see every day. She didn't rely on shock value, cheap gimmicks nor was a money-hungry attention whore - she was just a young Kentwood girl with a big dream - a dream that turned into reality.


People looked up to strength, beauty and work ethics as something to aspire to. Real performers and people who work hard and they saw that in her. They saw that in MJ, Madonna and many legends that came beforehand. Gaga doesn't have any of that. Her work ethic comes down to smoking pot and getting the final result. How good is that? Beauty is not there either, otherwise she wouldn't have to stoop so low and use lame gimmicks to catch anyone's attention. And strength? The only thing she does is use people's weaknesses in her own favor, and that's just pathetic. That's not someone who I wanna look up to - that's not the person I wanna see inspire the world. Now Britney Spears on the other hand? Call her manufactured. Say she has no input in her career. Call her the laughing stock of the industry - try to tear her down and she will still come out on top - as true winners always do.


She was/is a great performer, a decent songwriter despite everything and a beautiful strong woman that doesn't let anything bring her down. She stands up for strength, and not weaknesses. She doesn't use her fans and actually pushes them forward and makes them realize that there's a way out from a rough patch in their life. If she could make it through Hell that was '07 - we can make it though our silly daily challenges can't we? She stands up for everything one woman is and should be. She shows how to be successful in today's world without taking advantage of others and cheating your way to the top - only a coward takes the easy way up but only a true hero struggles fighting fairly and ultimately making their way to the top.

And if her debut wasn't publicized enough, she became the most photographed celebrity of all-time in 2007 along with the photo of her shaving her head becoming one of the most expensive celebrity photographs in pop music history. She released the most influential album in the last 5 years - started the bubble-gum pop trend- introduced new elements to the mainstream -and much more - she sets trends others follow without even trying.


Britney's impact, both musically and culturally, rippled generations and influenced every female pop artist that has graced the globe since - including Gaga, Katy Perry, Rihanna etc. Britney Spears is the epitome of a pop icon, first of her kind, and undoubtedly is a legend.


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#11897536 You Know You're A Britney Spears Stan When...

Posted by βřîţňεỹ Šöℓ∂îεř on 27 January 2014 - 07:56 PM

When U Get Excited & Say "See, She Was Singing Live From 00:57 To 00:58" :orangu:

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#9951131 Work Bitch Gains Spins On Radio, Being #1 Rate The Music! Ready To Meet P...

Posted by TOUCHMEANGEL on 10 September 2013 - 08:03 PM

Dear B talented Army!

Please request these strategical radio links

- Type Name
- Type confirmation code
- Click SUBMIT

* You can request multiple times til they add the song on the playlist
* Strategical links are supposed to be changed on a daily basis!
* International fans can request

Updated Oct 28th, 2013


1 http://www.mediabase...p?c_let=WKTU-FM New York
2 http://www.mediabase...p?c_let=KIIS-FM Los Angeles
3 http://www.mediabase.com/mmrweb/7/stationplaylistrequest.asp?c_let=KMVA-FM Phoenix
4 http://www.mediabase.net/mmrweb/7/stationplaylistrequest.asp?c_let=WHBQ-FM Memphis

CHR pop

Which stations should we request?

1 http://www.mediabase...p?c_let=WRVW-FM Nashville
2 http://www.mediabase...p?c_let=KAMP-FM * Los Angeles
3 http://www.mediabase...p?c_let=KHKS-FM Dallas
4 http://www.mediabase...p?c_let=WKTU-FM New York
5 http://www.mediabase...p?c_let=WKSC-FM Chicago
6 http://www.mediabase...p?c_let=WIOQ-FM Philadelphia
7 http://www.mediabase...p?c_let=WKQI-FM Detroit
8 http://www.mediabase...p?c_let=WQEN-FM Birmingham
9 http://www.mediabase...p?c_let=KFYV-FM Ventura
10 http://www.mediabase...p?c_let=KWYL-FM Reno
11 http://www.mediabase...p?c_let=WXSS-FM Milwaukee
12 http://www.mediabase...p?c_let=WZPL-FM Indianapolis
13 http://www.mediabase...p?c_let=KMVQ-FM * San Francisco
14 http://www.mediabase...p?c_let=WHYI-FM Miami
15 http://www.mediabase...p?c_let=WIHT-FM Washington
16 http://www.mediabase...p?c_let=KBKS-FM Seattle
17 http://www.mediabase...p?c_let=KMVA-FM Phoenix
18 http://www.mediabase...p?c_let=WHBQ-FM Memphis
19 http://www.mediabase...p?c_let=WXKS-FM Boston
20 http://www.mediabase...p?c_let=WWPW-FM * Atlanta
21 http://www.mediabase...p?c_let=WAYV-FM Atlantic City
22 http://www.mediabase...p?c_let=WRNW-FM Milwaukee
23 http://www.mediabase...p?c_let=WXXL-FM Orlando
24 http://www.mediabase...p?c_let=WHHD-FM Augusta
25 http://www.mediabase...p?c_let=WODS-FM * Boston
26 http://www.mediabase...p?c_let=WYKS-FM Gainesville
27 http://www.mediabase...p?c_let=WDZH-FM * Detroit
28 http://www.mediabase...p?c_let=KEGY-FM * San Diego
29 http://www.mediabase...p?c_let=WFLZ-FM * Tampa
30 http://www.mediabase...p?c_let=WZEE-FM * Madison
31 http://www.mediabase...p?c_let=WBBO-FM Monmouth
32 http://www.mediabase...p?c_let=KDWB-FM Minneapolis
33 http://www.mediabase...p?c_let=WIXX-FM * Appleton

34 http://www.mediabase...p?c_let=KBFF-FM Portland
35 http://www.mediabase...p?c_let=WSNX-FM Grand Rapids
36 http://www.mediabase...p?c_let=WKFS-FM * Cincinnati
37 http://www.mediabase...p?c_let=WKZL-FM Greensboro
38 http://www.mediabase...p?c_let=KHTT-FM Tulsa
39 http://www.mediabase...p?c_let=WXLK-FM * Roanoke
40 http://www.mediabase...p?c_let=WKST-FM Pittsburgh
41 http://www.mediabase...p?c_let=WMKS-FM * Greensboro
42 http://www.mediabase...p?c_let=WNOK-FM * Columbia
43 http://www.mediabase...p?c_let=WPST-FM * Trenton
44 http://www.mediabase...p?c_let=KISO-FM Omaha
45 http://www.mediabase...p?c_let=KPLV-FM * Las Vegas
46 http://www.mediabase...p?c_let=WXYK-FM Biloxi
47 http://www.mediabase...p?c_let=KQMV-FM Seattle
48 http://www.mediabase...p?c_let=WZNY-FM * Augusta
49 http://www.mediabase...p?c_let=WZFT-FM Baltimore
50 http://www.mediabase...p?c_let=KSPW-FM Springfield
51 http://www.mediabase...p?c_let=WYOY-FM Jackson
52 http://www.mediabase...p?c_let=KQXY-FM * Beaumont
53 http://www.mediabase...p?c_let=KZCH-FM * Wichita
54 http://www.mediabase...p?c_let=WDJX-FM * Louisville
55 http://www.mediabase...p?c_let=WHHY-FM * Montgomery
56 http://www.mediabase...p?c_let=KMCK-FM * Fayetteville
57 http://www.mediabase...p?c_let=WAOA-FM * Melbourne
58 http://www.mediabase...p?c_let=WDJQ-FM Canton
59 http://www.mediabase...p?c_let=WERO-FM Greenville
60 http://www.mediabase...p?c_let=WKCI-FM * New Haven
61 http://www.mediabase...p?c_let=WLAN-FM * Lancaster
62 http://www.mediabase...p?c_let=WNWW-FM * Jacksonville
63 http://www.mediabase...p?c_let=KVLY-FM McAllen
64 http://www.mediabase...p?c_let=WFKS-FM Melbourne
65 http://www.mediabase...p?c_let=WZYP-FM * Huntsville
66 http://www.mediabase...p?c_let=WAEB-FM * Allentown
67 http://www.mediabase...p?c_let=WKSS-FM * Hartford
68 http://www.mediabase...p?c_let=WNRW-FM * Louisville
69 http://www.mediabase...p?c_let=X003-FM


Links Credit: Bin/Britneyvietnam.com


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#8829324 Album 8 Information Mega Post

Posted by LEM on 12 May 2013 - 11:09 AM



If anyone else has anything they want me to add, just message me and I'll do it! NOT HERE FOR RUMORS THOUGH, so I'm not adding Pharrell or David Guetta until we get receipts. Also, please no one steal this without at least crediting me! I'll keep updating this post with the latest news until we get the album!



Album 8 Recording Chronology

"Ooh La La" Related Developments In BOLD/BLUE
U: Picture - Britney has recording session with producer Darkchild.
U: Article - Songwriter Ina Wroldsen heads out to L.A. to song write for Album 8
10: Video - Britney confirms she has "not yet" thought about the direction of Album 8.
4: Video - Britney filmed in recording studio with Darkchild (from Summer '12)
26: Britney Tweet - Hints toward a Blackout 2.0
12: Article - Elijah Blake: "[Brit's] playing with new textures and stomping on new grounds and genres."
12: Tweet - Elijah Blake:  "I've definitely had the pleasure of starting on something I think is going to be big with her."
12: Twitter - Manager Adam follows Diplo on Twitter.
30: Britney Tweet - "Collaborating with inspiring new producers."
3: Article - Contributions from Hit-Boy, will.i.am. confirmed
7: Britney Tweet - Confirms new music in 2013
9: Tweet - Manager Adam confirms recording session with Ester Dean & Hit-Boy
10: Twitter - Manager Adam follows songwriter Ester Dean on Twitter.
10: Twitter - Manager Adam follows producer Hit-Boy on Twitter.
13: Tweet - Britney rejects Danja track.
16: Article - Team Britney asks for and later receives acoustic ballad from songwriter Karl Broderick.
19: Tweet - Producer Anthony Preston & songwriter Sandy Vee pitch dance song to Team Britney.
25: Video - Hit-Boy: Songs are a mix of hip-hop and pop. "Bringing my world to hers."
30: Britney Tweet - "I'm at the studio recording a new song for my boys." 
31: Tweet - Songwriter Emily Wright to Manager Adam: "awesome to see u yesterday. its been way too long!"
1: Twitter - Manager Adam follows songwriter Emily Wright on Twitter.
8: Britney Tweet - Recording session with will.i.am.
2: Tweet - New Danja track makes preliminary cut.
7: Tweet - Woodkid asked to produce for new album.
16: Video - Early recording sessions with Hit-Boy, Britney's experimenting. 
16: Tweet - will.i.am: "See you soon, Britney."
8: TweetJean BaptisteThat new @britneyspears is gonna be a game changer.  Let's work!!!!
9: Tweet - Songwriter Jean Baptiste in studio with Britney.
9: Tweet - Wiz Khalifa lays verse on Britney track.
12: TweetJean BaptisteThat monster2 @iamwill isn't playing fair with these new @britneyspears records. I gotta step it up
13: Tweet - DJ Replay creating Britney Spears instrumentals.
14: Instagram - Candice Pillay working with Britney in studio
17: Tweet - Songwriter Jean Baptiste confirms Diplo working on Album 8.
17: Britney Tweet - Confirms Smurfs 2 soundtrack single "Ooh La La" produced by Dr. Luke & written by Bonnie Mckee   
23: Video - #Willpower Live Chat: "Album being taken with real, real serious care." Talked to Britney, Adam & Larry - want conversations turned into songs.
25: ArticleInsider: "[Britney] initially started the demo requesting process with inspiration from Rihanna’s “Diamonds.”
1: Article - will.i.am confirmed as Executive Producer of Album 8
1: Article - will.i.am: "Can't do another song about going on the dance floor. Really? Didn't we see a bunch of Britney doing that already? Don't we want to see something that comes from her heart?"
1: Article - will.i.am re-confirms Diplo involvement. 
3: Articlewill.i.am alludes to less digital elements, more real instruments. 
12: Video - will.i.am: "What songs [does Britney] like right now, what in the past are your favorite career moments, what upsets [Britney]?"
12: Shape MagazineBritney Spears: “The record is definitely going to be more hip-hop than pop this time around.”
13: Article - Britney Spears: We've (will.i.am) done two songs so far, and we have so much fun in the studio.”
14: Article - Danja: "I’ve been in the studio creating for her. We haven’t got in yet, we’re just collecting songs and creating an energy."
14: FacebookDJ Replay creating more beats for Britney, according to Jean Baptiste.
25: Video - Songwriter Claude Kelly brainstorming for Britney tracks with Danja and Ammo
27: Article - Producer Naughty Boy working with Britney. "It sounds really good. I've always wanted to work with her but I'd love to do something a bit different."
27: Article - Producer Naughty Boy confirms songwriter William Orbit working on Britney's album.
31: Tweet - Producer Anthony Preston books recording session with Britney Spears.
3: TweetWilliam Orbit & Naughty Boy working in studio on tracks.
3: Tweet -DJ Replay: "Britney is back!!!! Although, she never left!"
3: FacebookJean Baptiste: "This Britney album will be fucking Amazing!!! No more questions please"
4: Britney Tweet#Recording a song 4 All My Boys : )
4: Tweet - Britney's song for "all [her] boys" is more for the "boyz," according to Anthony Preston
5: Tweet - Sister Jamie-Lynn Spears at recording studio with Britney.
5: Article - Britney recorded song "Outta Control" produced by Mike WiLL Made It.
13: TweetWilliam Orbit: Britney's new album is "Epic, Epic, Epic and Epic"
15: Britney Tweet - (in response to William Orbit): "Shh...!! Don't give it all away just yet #MYSTERY! "
17: Interview - Britney confirms to Ryan Seacrest that songs have "new approach" and "Will has alot of really interesting, different tracks - lot of guitar."
17: Interview - Britney confirms new music by the end of the year.
21: FacebookJean Baptiste: Britney's in recording studio with Savan KotechaAmmo and himself.
3: FacebookJean Baptiste: Very creative session yesterday!!! Did some new joints for Britney!!!!!
3: Photo - Britney hits recording studio.
3: Britney Tweet - "Really excited 2 give u a taste of my new album... can't wait 2 share what I've been working on. Going to be my most personal album ever :)"
5: Photo - Britney hits recording studio.
6: TweetWilliam Orbit says he never needed to use autotune and knows how to make singers sing great.
6: FacebookWilliam Orbit to cut vocals with Britney in "few weeks," have "songs to die for."
6: Facebook - Britney and  Mike WiLL Made It in studio.
7: Facebook - Jean Baptiste: "Will I Am just did one of the best and biggest Britney songs ever!!! Btw she sounds amazing on all the new material!!!! You guys are gonna be blown away!!!!"
9: Facebook - “Yesterday was super creative and awesome.”
12: Britney Tweet - Britney confirms writing a "special" new song with Sia Furler.
14: ArticleNaughty Boy and William Orbit preparing for Britney recording session. "I hope it's something that takes her to another level."
16: Article - RCA (label): "We can expect a full-length record by the end of the year."
17: Instagram - Britney Spears: "Writing and recording all day everyday..."
17: Tweet - Charli XCXconfirms having a few sessions with William Orbit for Britney tracks.
21: Instagram - #Blackout: Danja previews potential Britney instrumental?
28: Britney Tweet - "Back to dance rehearsals, writing and recording.  #GameTime #LetsGO"
31: Tweet - Songwriter Danny Mercer working with will.i.am on Britney tracks.
1: Tweet - Hannah Spears' cryptic tweet about August being a "busy" month; can't talk about new music "yet."
1: Britney Tweet - New music/album for "diehard fans" is "coming sooner than you think."
2: FacebookWilliam Orbit: Britney recording songs week of Aug. 5; one track a "sure hit" from the "heart"
3: Facebook - "Bingo!" - Britney agrees with fan-made Album 8 recipe. 
6: Photo - Britney hits recording studio.
6: VideoWilliam Orbit: Britney recorded one of his songs "yesterday" (August 5).
6: Photo - Britney hits recording studio.
7: Photo - Britney heads into dance rehearsals. 
8: Photo - Britney hits the dance studio with mother, Lynne.
10: Article - Elijah Blake on Rihanna collab: "I would hope that happens but I don’t know too much about it that I can speak about right now."
12: Photo - Britney heads into dance rehearsals. 
13: Britney Tweet - In response to new music trend on Twitter: "Patient kiddies! It's coming MUCH sooner than you think ; )"
13: Tweetwill.i.am confirms that he has been "busy" and "focused" working on Britney's new album.
13: Tweetwill.i.am: "The song @britneyspears did with #williamORBIT is fabulous and out of this world... #THEbritneyARMYwillBEproud"
13: Britney Tweet - (in repsonse to will.i.am's tweet): "@iamwill @williamorbit That song is from another planet. I hope Earth is ready!!! : )"
Confirmed Producers
  • will.i.am (Executive Producer)
  • William Orbit
Producers Britney Has Worked With
  • Danja ["Gimme More," "Break the Ice"]
  • Hit-Boy
  • Darkchild ["He About to Lose Me," "Overprotected (Remix)"]
  • Diplo
  • Anthony Preston
  • Naughty Boy 
  • DJ Replay
  • Dev Hynes
  • Mike WiLL Made It 
  • Ammo ["Ooh La La"]
  • Savan Kotecha ["If U Seek Amy"]
* Dr. Luke is not producing in full on Album 8, the track recorded was "Ooh La La" for the "Smurfs 2" soundtrack.


Confirmed Songwriters
  • Jean Baptiste 
Songwriters Britney Has Worked With
  • Ester Dean ["(Drop Dead) Beautiful"]
  • Elijah Blake 
  • Ina Wroldsen ["He About to Lose Me"]
  • Candice Pillay

  • Claude Kelly ["Circus"]

  • Sia Furler

  • Charli XCX

  • Danny Mercer

* It seems Bonnie McKee & Emily Wright are not working on Album 8, Britney recorded their track "Ooh La La" for the "Smurfs 2" soundtrack.

Potential Featuring Artists
  • Wiz Khalifa

Potential Songs On Tracklist

  • "Outta Control" prod. by Mike WiLL

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