Ex-Manager Sam Lutfi Claims Spears Parents Ruined His Life

Britney's former manager, Sam Lutfi, has filed legal papers in his defamation lawsuit against Britney's parents Jamie & Lynne claiming they destroyed his reputation and life, according to TMZ.com.

Lutfi claims Lynne Spears' book, Through The Storm, is littered with lies, including Sam Lutfi allegedly grinding up pills and putting them in Britney's food.

"I am constantly in fear for my life," Lutfi claims in the recently filed legal docs. He continues to say he was "harassed and cajoled by the public."

Adnan Ghalib, Britney's ex boyfriend / paparazzo, is also featured in the new legal docs, writing a declaration in defense of Sam Lutfi claiming Lynne's statements about Sam holding Britney hostage the night of her 5150 are "false."