Everything Is Effin’ Great In Louis Tomlinson’s Anthemic New Song “Miss You”: Listen

Louis Tomlinson

  • Jenn P

    this tune has such potential for broad appeal — all it needs is the right promotion behind it, which louis hasn’t always gotten from his team. if people hear this song, they’ll love it; they just need to have the opportunity to hear it! i think this could be his breakthrough.

  • Shari Bangsund

    You can feel his heartbreak through the whole song.Even the cursing melted me. His voice emotes so much vulnerability and emotion! Things arent always what they look like when someone is partying. Good song!!

  • Andrea Cameron Breckenridge

    Good article, and I think the general public hasn’t warmed up to Louis yet because his team sticks at promoting him correctly. I think that could change soon. Miss You is certainly a hit.


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