Emmalyn Estrada Is Detoxing From An Ex On “Hungover”: BreatheHeavy Exclusive


Former GRL member Emmalyn Estrada is sleeping off a bad relationship on her new song "Hungover."

Estrada is following up her lowkey electro ditty "#FreeTitties" with a liberating song about ridding yourself from the poisons of a toxic relationship.

“Hungover was inspired by an ex, the more time I spent with him the more I realized how unhealthy it was for me to be with him," Estrada tells BreatheHeavy of the song. "It’s about getting over that person or situation that doesn’t serve any real purpose in your life."

"Every time you wake up in my bed / You see my face is painted with regret," Estrada sings with an auto-tune tinge and slinky beat. "And I tell myself it's over / You make me feel like I'm hungover."

If you've ever picked yourself up off the floor from a bad romance, this song's for you.

"I hope people come away from the song feeling empowered knowing that all of us have been in that place," she continued, "and all of us can get out of that place!”


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