Emile Haynie Drops New Track Featuring Lana Del Rey

There's no way around it, Lana's reunion with producer Emile Haynie - who was responsible for almost the entirety of 'Born To Die' - feels like a return to form for the actual elusive chanteuse. The song recalls the ethereal, slightly magical tone of her debut showing and those piano chords? Perfection. The lyrics are still vintage Lana, the one part of her persona which seems to be iron clad, and featuring gems like "I can’t let you in and I can’t keep you out / I wait for life to win, but it never comes around" no one will make you want to throw yourself off a building quite like Miss Del Rey.

The track features on Emile Haynie's record 'We Fall', dropping next month, but you can get Lana's track on iTunes now. Although you may not have heard of Emile, he's produced some sick stuff for artists like Eminem, Bruno Mars and Fun. Okay, that might not sound very exciting, but he's responsible for a lot of their more listenable offerings.

Those who love the song have good news coming - Lana recently revealed to Billboard Magazine that her next record, entitled 'Honeymoon', will be "very different from the last one [Ultraviolence] and similar to the first two, Born to Die and Paradise".

Just give me another track as good as "Off To The Races" and I'll be happy.

What are YOU thinking? Is Lana's u-turn a good or bad thing?