Embrace The Crazy With Jhené Aiko’s “Maniac” Music Video

UPDATE // JANUARY 6, 2017:

Get a little mental with Jhené Aiko.

She shared her new music video for "Maniac," which shows the singer wearing a face mask, trapped in a cage and restrained in a straightjacket inside of an abandoned hospital. Happy days, indeed!


Jhené Aiko is a femme fatale in her new single "Maniac."

Aiko continues her journey into solo pop superstardom after departing from B2K. Her latest tune is "Maniac" for what we presume is the lead single off her forthcoming sophomore album.

"You just fucked around with a maniac," she sings over dripping beats. "You love this pussy. You can't get enough of this pussy. I know that you like it."

The Maya Angelou of our generation.


Like what you hear? Stick around. Aiko announced earlier this year she's forming a duo with Big Sean named Twenty88 and have plans to drop an EP in collaboration with their solo albums.

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