Ed Sheeran and Beyonce’s “Perfect Duet” On Track For Hot 100 No. 1

  • Ḿƴĸḭe Ḿedĵōøḻ

    if i recall, most of her #1s are not solos’s anyway.. so not too shocking

    • Shaleah Michelle Moore

      She has 22#1 and 2 are with lady Gaga both featured each other on a song of theirs , not too mention she’s the only female artist too have her #1 hit on her first 6 albums

  • ᏴᎡᎪℕ ⛓

    First Mi Gente Remix, then the song with Eminem, now this??? She’s so desperate for a #1 this decade. That’s sad huh

    • Shaleah Michelle Moore

      Or maybe other artist want her she dosent need them and she’s stated over and over she dosent care about being the it girl she has her own label do she can put out music she loves and want too sing , mi gente was a charitable event donated too Puerto Rico and the Mexican relief how much did you donate too help? So desperate I think not so no not sad she’s a great artist who has silently done many great things while people sit on their lazy asses and complain

      • ᏴᎡᎪℕ ⛓

        ……………………she’s just trying to get a #1, don’t put too much thought into sis LMAO

  • Patricio Cabrera

    Beyonce is starving for a 1 this decade.since 4 She has been flopping.


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