dumblonde Sample Michael Jackson, Suzanne Vega & More On New Remix Album: LISTEN

dumblonde Sample Michael Jackson, Susanne Vega & More On New Remix Album (LISTEN)

HEIR remix of their self titled debut album dropped on Saturday.

If you needed some new music for the summer season then dumblonde have you covered with the release of their brand-new remix album of their self-titled debut.

The 37 minute mix of their debut, which was dubbed one of 2015's best pop release as per Rolling Stone magazine, surfaced on Saturday night (June 18) via Soundcloud after their fan listening party. Listeners will hear various samples from retro classics like Michael Jackson's "Remember The Time," Janet Jackson's "That's The Way Love Goes" and Susanne Vega's "Tom's Diner." This isn't just a remix album with some EDM beats slapped on the backbone on it. Considering it's one lengthy mix, here's a little breakdown of the cuts in case you want to listen to one song in particular.

00:00 – Dreamsicle – 3:50
3:50 – Eyes On Horizon – 7:06
7:06 – Tender Green Life – 12:28
12:28 – Remember Me – 16:36
16:36 – Take Away – 20:48
20:48 – White Lightning – 24:28
24:28 – Love Blind – 30:28
30:32 – Waiting On You – 33:15
33:15 – You Got Me – 37:18

Speaking with Fuse, Aubrey O'Day recently shared some thoughts on the collection, saying, "Our remix album is a '90s take on our entire album. It's really incredible. Sometimes I think I like it more than our original album!"

As for their second LP, the "Famously Single" castmate revealed that the pop duo are looking to take things back to the age of disco. "We look at the old, famous disco artists that are incredible," she confessed. "We are playing so much to the old, but in regards in to the new artists it sounds like Mark Ronson's album or Pharrell's. Robin Thicke, Daft Punk all play with that area too. It isn't done a lot and it's very hard to do well. It's such a musical time, and there's a lot of live instruments, we use a lot of vocal production the same way ABBA used vocals."

Take a listen to the HEIR remix of dumblonde below!

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