Dragonette Embraces The Summertime Sadness On “Lonely Heart”


UPDATE // AUGUST 30: Dragonette dropped a dizzying music video for "Lonely Heart" (finally):


We try to live a life of no regrets, but Dragonette has a couple of em on their airy new single "Lonely Heart."

Toronto’s electro-pop trio Dragonette produced a delicious cut in 2015 titled “Let the Night Fall,” but they managed to outdo themselves with their latest dreamy tune about how much "love sucks."

“Don’t care, no sweat. I’m gonna have the best night yet and I’ll go on and on,” the group's very own singer-songwriter Martina Sorbara sings. “There’s a couple of things I regret and I’m in way over my head, I’m a little bit spent but I know I’m gonna get back up and do it again.”

Sorbara tells Spin:

When we started writing “Lonely Heart,” like most songs, we weren’t entirely aware of where it was leading us. But then, slowly, a kind of 'covert sad song' started to form. On the surface it’s almost a party tune, but if you follow it more closely it’s quite melancholic. But I think it’s the kind of melancholy that most people enjoy feeling. The kind that keeps you interesting.

Check out the newly-premiered lyric video below:

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