Is Dr. Luke Hiding Under A Perverse Pseudonym In Iggy Azalea’s “Savior” Writing Credits?

Iggy Azalea

  • Nico

    “It’s also problematic that Iggy might not have actually known Dr. Luke contributed in any capacity.” > Iggy doesn’t even know the status of her forthcoming album or her whole career even, so I absolutely believe she had no idea that Dr. Luke might have contributed to one of her own songs. I don’t know what’s up with her, not sure if she’s on the clouds all the time or if she doesn’t care about stuff in general but she’s always the last one to know wtf…


  • Marc

    Who cares… the lyrics are awesome and the song is such a jam. She finally has a hit that I’m replaying. And, enough with throwing Dr. Luke all this negativity when there was zero proof, yet Kesha kept changing her responses and even when given what she wanted, she didn’t take it. It’s most likely attention and money grabbing IMO. If anything both of them should be thrown negativity until one of them is proven guilty.

    • Michel


  • benjiremix

    Iggy gets so much undeserved backlash I just want her to succeed. The song is amazing even though I heard it more than a year ago with a singer on it and not Quavo.

  • Isobel R

    I love the song, this girl deserves to succeed.

  • Michel

    Come on now, let her have her hit already, you guys post a lot of stuff about her.

  • EDP

    Jordan is really wanting to tear down Iggy.

  • EDP

    We all know Savior is an old song. She could have produced it before Kesha’s scandal and is legally required to include him in the credits. She doesn’t support him. If you follow her on Twitter, you’d know she’s a huge activist of women’s rights.


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