Don’t Ask Katy Perry To Describe ‘KP4’


Katy Perry says it's too soon to define the vibe of her next studio album and wants the music to speak for itself.

Fortunately, we might get answers soon – it's rumored the "Roar" singer's fourth studio album could drop as soon as October.

During a new interview with Mashable to talk about her Twitter reign (she surpassed 90 million followers though more than half are suspected to be spam / troll accounts but whatevs), Perry opened up about her recent release "Rise" for the Olympics and how it was perfect for the summer games and subsequently not for KP4.

"'Rise' is a song that I have had swirling around in me. It's a little bit like the story of the phoenix, about overcoming," she said. "Rising up again or finding that inner strength again and again, that's a lifelong theme for me. Years ago I had tried to write it but it didn't work, it didn't come out right. And when the Olympics approached us it was already half written, and it was one of the first songs that I have written in this next batch, so I pulled it out."

She added: "I would never necessarily go with this type of song as the first single in the middle of summer. It wasn't obvious as something I would go with for the next record, but it seemed to match the spirit of the athletes. I felt like that really matched. I've been taking my time making this record and I just wanted to have a bridge of something whether I was thinking about doing something for a film or something like this and this seemed so obvious and such a perfect fit."

Asked to detail how her forthcoming record will compare to Prism, Perry wouldn't budge. "It's too soon to define it," she said. "I want to let the music define itself when it comes out."

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