DJ Berrie Plays 4 New Britney Tracks At Club Tenjune

February 10 2007, 10:01 pm

[Q] Rumor has it you played 4 new Britney tracks at Tenjune. How were they? How did the people react? Are these tracks gonna help her get back on top and have the comeback everyone expects?

DJ Berrie: Yeah, the tracks were dope club bangers.

[Q] Thanks for the info. How did the crowd react? Did the people know it was Brit? Any collaborations or just straight club songs (hip-hop, R&B or pop)?

DJ Berrie: No collabs, people were dancing and knew it was Britney. And the songs played on the CD were club songs, think Timbaland or The Neptunes productions. No titles, but the songs had this new wave hip-hop sound to it.

[Q] How did you like them? Will they be hits?

DJ Berrie: Yeah, I liked them. They'll blow up!