Disturbed Frontman Says It’s “Strange” To Go Up Against Beyonce At The Grammys

Disturbed and Beyonce are both up for an award in the 'Best Rock Performance' category at the 2017 Grammys.

"When you can have, with all due respect, a Beyonce and a Disturbed in the same category, something has gone wrong," says Disturbed frontman David Draiman.

The rock band is nominated for its live performance of "The Sound Of Silence", while Beyoncé is up for Lemonade cut "Don't Hurt Yourself" featuring Jack White.

"I have mad respect for all the artists in this category, including and especially Jack White," Draiman tells Billboard. "Is it strange [to be up against Beyoncé]? I think the reason you asked the question is because it is. It definitely stands out — like, one of these things is not like the other, you know? But what are you going to do?"

The other nominees in the category include Twenty One Pilots for "Heathens", David Bowie for the title track from his Blackstar album and Alabama Shakes for their performance of "Joe."

Draiman believes due to the Grammys featuring such few rock categories, the diversity is unprecedented.

"If you look at every other genre, there are so many categories and sub-categories. For rock, this is all we've got, so everything ends up being jammed into these four categories."

He added: "Is it diverse? Absolutely. It's too diverse!... Not taking anything away from [Beyonce] whatsoever, we're just very different from each other."

Beyonce also faced a bit of heat today following reports the Grammy Country Committee rejected her bid to include "Daddy Lessons" in several country categories.

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