Did “The Interview” Steal Music From K-pop Stars?

Successful pop/rap star Yoon Mi-rae, and her equally famous rapper husband Tiger JK (think Korea’s Beyonce and Jay-Z!) are hitting out at Sony in the form of a lawsuit.

Their recording agency, Feel Ghood Music, stated on behalf of the power couple that while the stars were at one point in talks to have their music played throughout the movie, no official contract was ever cemented – however a song called “Pay Day”, which features both Yoon Mi-rae and Tiger JK, still ultimately appears in the film during a short montage sequence.

“There were initial discussions about including the song in the film score, but negotiations stopped so we were under the impression that it wasn’t happening,” the agency said, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

The alleged decision to use the song unsolicited appears even more tasteless when considering the content of the scene itself. Franco’s character and the character representing North Korean leader Kim Jong Un decide to hire a herd of strippers and throw a party that would make Miley Cyrus blush. Classy!

“It was only after the film was released that we became aware of the song’s unauthorized use, without taking the appropriate and necessary steps to complete a contract with the artists.”

When will it end?

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