Denny White – “Sweetness”: BreatheHeavy Premiere


Saturated in bluesy and cinematic aesthetics, Denny White takes listeners on a new voyage forging ahead with a solo bow and new song.

The singer-songwrtier has lent his pen and vocals to an array of artists from Michael Brun, Fedde Le Grand & Tiesto, as well as making up half of the sunny indie-pop duo Golden Coast.

With "Sweetness," White weaves together a well-crafted song with conceptual, thoughtful and playfully-orchestrated accents. His soulful vocals, hip hop inspired drums and futuristic textures make for a unique sonic landscape without reservation.

"The post chorus melody was the launching place of the musical inspiration, and the song stemmed from that on the brink feeling of a new relationship," White tells of the song's creation. "I started with the saturated vocal chops and dark textures over a simple drum-line inspired beat, and once that core vibe was there, the melodies and lyrics came all at once in about an hour."

"I want people to feel like they just discovered their own theme song they can leave on repeat for those late night summer drives where it may take them," he continued. “Sweetness marks the beginning of a new era for me, both personally from a lyric point of view and sonically. It’s the first production and musical canvas that represents everything in my ever spinning mind.”

Listen here:

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