Daya Gets Out Of Sticky Situation In The “Sit Still, Look Pretty Video: Watch


Daya won't "Sit Still, Look Pretty" in her new music video.

If Stranger Things character Eleven had a theme song and accompanying music video created after her, it'd be Daya's "Sit Still, Look Pretty."

The 17-year-old finally released a visual for the lead single off her self titled album today (Sep. 9), playing an empowered prisoner glamazon with looks ranging from Fashionista Chic to Runway Cover Girl. They're projections from authentic self, meanwhile she's trapped in a glass enclosure and bound by a straight jacket (and cornrows). Towards the end of the stylized video, Daya flips the script. Her captors fall under her spell, take their clothes off and become trapped in the glass box instead. A.K.A. the best day ever. Watch:

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