D∆WN’s New Song “Waves” Is For Every Woman Underpaid, Under Appreciated, Undervalued And Undermined

Dawn Richard

  • Anthony Lopez

    I just can’t with her knowing all the drama and bs she pulled on her fellow DK bandmates. Now she trynna make a female empowerment anthem after she spent her whole time in that group tearing them down? This gets a resounding “Sure, Jan” from me.

    • Johnathon

      You evidently know nothing of Dawns solo work. She did herself and the girls a favor by breaking that joke DK up. And the fact that she is the only member to steadily release respected quality solo music before and after the groups split shows she WAS the only talent of that “group”.

      • Anthony Lopez

        You obviously stan for Dawn and that’s cool cause I’m not saying she’s not talented. Shifty, shady, and a hater? Yea, she’s those, too. We all know her sabotaging ways. Them other girls are all mad talented so don’t discredit, boo. And Aubrey and Shannon have launched a successful career together post DK as Dumblonde. Don’t hate just cause it’s not your genre. Andrea quit music cause she wasn’t interested anymore. D Woods is still doing her thing. Some accountability on Dawn’s part would do her well.

  • Joey

    Jesus enough of the female power shit (yes I just said that) The narrative is old and over-exploited.


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