Dawn Richard Battles Galactic Forces In “Tide: The Paradox Effect”

Pretty girls in the music industry love stutting around in front of the camera all dolled up. Or if it's a slow song, walk around in front of the camera all dolled up. You're promoting ~your brand,~ building ~your empire,~ so it's exciting when a pretty bitch releases a video minus the pretty and the bitch.

“I had to get away,” Dawn tells the NY Times about the process of making her latest album out today. “I literally left everything I had just to lock myself in a cabin in the woods for months and complete this album. No phone, no nothing. I even deleted my Instagram.”

Dawn Richard Battles Galactic Forces In "Tide: The Paradox Effect"

She faced a lot of hardships in recent years, including the inevitable end of Danity Kane, her father's cancer diagnosis and the death of her grandmother. “I didn’t know if I wanted to make music anymore,” she says. “It took a lot to come to this point, and this project is definitely the deepest, darkest place I’ve been. It became more than just an album when I decided to keep it going. It was my test. It was my therapy, and I had to go through it.”

Dawn gives us a badass galaxy warrior traveling through space and time until she reaches the sun in "Tide: The Paradox Effect," showcasing her strength embodied in a futuristic warrior seen in the visual clip.

“It’s darker, more experimental. It’s even uncomfortable at times,” she says of her new music. “I’d call it my ‘fall.’ I didn’t set out to sound different. I think I always did; this I just pushed further.”

Check out Dawn Richard's "Tide: The Paradox Effect" music video:

Are you a space warrior princess, too? I thought so.