Cruz Beckham Launches Music Career With “If Everyday Was Christmas”

Victoria and David Beckham's youngest son Cruz ventures into pop superstardom.

Now that Justin Bieber is 22-years-old, tatted up and disgruntled at fame, there's a market for a prepubescent male pop star for screaming tweens to fawn over.

Cue Cruz Beckham.

The 11-year-old, who's been teasing his vocal chops throughout 2016 via mom's Instagram, released his first song today (Dec. 7) – the appropriately timed winter tune "If Everyday Was Christmas."

It's a sugary sweet original track about falling in love during the height of the cozy holiday season. Totally relatable for a kid.

"If everyday was Christmas and carols sung all year / Fires started blazing bright, I came with my girl tonight," he sings over bells and jingles. "If everyday was Christmas, you were here with me
That would be all Christmas time for me."

Watch out, Mariah Carey. Listen:

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