Confirmed: Britney Spears WILL Appear In A Pepsi Commercial Airing During The Super Bowl


  • Nico

    Calm down people, everybody CALM DOWN!!
    Britney is PREMIUM! If you want things regular, go ask your faves questions on freaking Twitter. With her we just have to…..wait………and see…….. *STARTS BAWLING*

  • Marc

    If that’s the case, then I don’t think that’s the ‘surprise’ she was filming. I’m pretty sure she has multiple surprises in the works right now.

  • sexnando

    apple pepsi

  • John Lawrence Co

    Why so negative, Jordan? I don’t see anything wrong with the idea. Yes, she deserves her own commercial but she cannot always do the same thing she did in the past. Personally, I love the idea. Its something to look forward to and its something fresh. And, this commercial may be an indication for next year’s Brit’s superbowl performance


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