Comeback Alert: Kanye West To Debut Yeezy Season 5 During New York Fashion Week

It's that time of year again.

Just as the reports indicated, Kanye West is back to work and some of the fruits of his labor will be on display during Yeezy Season 5, which is heading to New York Fashion Week on February 15.

On Tuesday afternoon (January 31), his creative company, DONDA, announced the news via the Twitterverse, revealing that the runway show will hit Pier 59 Studios that Wednesday at 5 PM ET. No word on whether or not tickets will be available to the public.

Yeezy Season 5 is bound to be a spectacle for two reasons. 1.) Apart from that very public M&G with President Donald Trump, Kanye hasn't booked any work-related events since his November hospitalization, so all eyes will be on him. 2.) If Yeezy Season 4 is any indicator, it'll be just as flashy (or potentially messy) as that particular fashion affair. In case you forgot, it was reported that models stumbled on the runaway and even passed out due to the overwhelming heat at the Governors Island-hosted event.

Considering Season 3 also debuted at Madison Square Garden and acted as the public premiere of The Life of Pablo, it would make sense that Yeezy debut some new tunes. However, this is a lot to expect from a man that just was released from the hospital, where he was reportedly treated for exhaustion, paranoia and depression. It begs the question: Is this all too much? Sure, it appears that all of this is Kanye's own doing and consistent work on his art is probably what has helped him cope with his issues, but it never hurts to stop and be mindful of muted moments.

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