Collab Queens? Madonna Just Followed Cardi B On Instagram


  • Isobel R

    I just died. Please let this be true.

  • Abraham

    Oh god, she’s such a leech! She’s reaching to stay relevant. Poor old hag.

    • Antonio Beardall

      Madonna will always make music, she has said so many times, because she is creative and loves it, not to stay relevant, but certainly to piss off sad bitter bitches like you. I dislike Cardi B, but if her doing it pisses you off, then I would tell her go for it.

      • Nae Lester

        Umm creative? Not anymore, if she liked making music so much she would have done it for herself ,at this point she’s just pathetic, and I’m a fan, but I expected more from her, if she made another album like ray of light or American life it would have been great but she chooses to be pathetic and pay attention to her haters …..

        • Automaton

          Her last album and tour were more creative than what most of the other younget popgirls are putting put out.
          So sit your butt down.

          • Antonio Beardall

            You are pathetic. Calling yourself a fan, but want her to make the kind of music that suits you. I loved Ray of light, and American Life, and I found some good gems on the later ones, especially MDNA. She is not pathetic, her haters are, and she does what she does because of them, the piss them off more, and if you were a fan you would know she has been doing this since she emerged, and even more so now to fight against ageism. I am not thrilled if she works with Cardi B and she can do without the Nicki collabs too, but if she wants to, who cares? She is happy with it, no matter if people like you, her fans, call her pathetic, washed up, dying for relevancy. So you sit your tired bitter self down, and NOT buy her stuff if you don’t want to. You are not a fan, you are a poser, and she does not need you at all to pay attention to her. So, go away.

          • Scott Moore

            Exactly. Rebel Heart was amazing..

  • Norbert Peti

    Y,not. Madonna always I repeat AlWAYS followed trends. Only since she’s older people rub it in her face. #agistBitches

  • Da Mike

    If Cardi has commonsense she would be wise to stay away from Granddonna😈😈

  • Antonio Beardall

    Oh god I hope not. Cardi B is nothing special at all, I hope she goes with unnamed unknown and unhyped people.


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