Clear Your Life: Meghan Trainor’s New Song “No” Drops Friday


Meghan Trainor’s new song “No” debuts on Friday (March 4).

Earlier this year, Trainor promised she has plans to be super big in 2016, and those plans include a new album titled Thank You and the record’s lead single “No” created in collaboration with Wallpaper frontman Ricky Reed. Trainor and Reed traded Tweets a few weeks back with the word “NO” before the “Bass” singer came clean, revealing: “Finally got my first single for my new album and I’m having trouble sleeping in so excited ? #NO.”

We don’t know much about the new song except for a lyric (“My name is #NO my sign is #NO my number is NO.”), but Trainor told MTV in December the forthcoming album “has a lot of big songs on it that I can’t for the world to finally hear” and that she “wanted to go big.”

She’ll get her chance come Friday. She confirmed the news via Instagram:


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“I wanted to get all my influences in there and show everything from my caribbean side to my love for Bruno Mars and Aretha Franklin and even some Elvis vibes, anyone I grew up listening to,” she added. “I was trying to show the world what I love. I wanted to do something that’s not on the radio, but kind of different.”

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