“Circus” Expected To Sell 300k+ In First Week

I’m so proud of us. And her!

According to Hitsdailydouble.com, Britney is expected to exceed 300,000 in sales on her first week!


“Based on one-day sales reports, though it’s still early, Britney Spears’ Jive/ZLG album Circus, which hit the streets today, is on track to exceed expectations. Originally, pundits had it pegged at around 300k, but initial retailer feedback indicates it could go much higher. Give credit to radio airplay, stellar reviews, the MTV documentary and a widely seen performance on ABC’s Good Morning America, where she announced her upcoming tour, for the positive results.”

I embraced my inner teeny-bop today and bought several copies. How many copies have YOU bought???

Congrats Britney, and happy birthday!!!