“Circus” Drops To #5

Circus' 3rd week sales have been tallied up. Earlier estimates claimed Britney would take the #4 spot, selling 175-190k - a near accurate estimate.

According to Hitsdailydouble, "Circus" has dropped three spots to #5, with a total of 195,836 copies sold (up 2% from last week). Coming in at #4 with 196,988 copies sold is Beyonce's "I Am... Sascha Fierce." Jamie Foxx's "Intuition" takes the #3 spot with 261,754 sold, Keyshia Cole's "A Different Me" steals the #2 spot with 324,077, while Taylor Swift's "Fearless" remains in the top spot at #1, selling 329,732 copies (up 30%).

The catch 22? In order for Britney's album to continue selling, she needs to promote. But is she ready?

Something's up...