“Circus” Album Slides In Second Week’s Sales

December 15 2008, 11:18 pm

Taylor Swift looks like a horse with crazy eyes, and she's creeping in! UGH. I feel like I gotta start throwin the low blows - I'm threatened!

According to Hitsdailydouble.com, with just 50% of the sales tallied in, cuntry singer (sorry mom) Taylor Swift's "Fearless" album is ahead of Britney's Circus by more than 45,000 copies.

Britney is expected to sell around 180-190,000 copies in her second week.

Who the hell is buying Swift's album??? If you're reading this and you just pointed to yourself, then fuck off! I'm just kidding, I need you. But seriously, what are you thinking? Download that shiz now and "support" her in a month when Britney's CD isn't brand new.

Hopefully Britney will kick her ass out of first place when the second half of sales are totaled up tomorrow afternoon. Cross your hooves fingers!