Ciara Premieres Video For “I Bet”

It's a simple but effective visual. Ciara looks stunning, as usual, and it's to her credit that she can move so well to such a mellow song. Although the clip has no plot to speak of and very little in the way of extravagant costume or effects, it's still very watchable. A little dull, admittedly, but watchable nonetheless.

The track itself is still a silky smooth slice of '90s infused R&B, a great song with plenty of bite and bitterness (presumably residual from the collapse of her engagement last year), but not a particularly strong lead single. The slow-jam doesn't pack enough punch to get 'Jackie' off to the start Ciara will undoubtedly be hoping for.

With any luck the second single will give Cici the push she needs to climb the charts again and if she could pair chart success with an album as good as 'Ciara'? She'd basically be unstoppable.

What do you think of the video for "I Bet"?