Christina Milian Drops Comeback Single “Rebel”

The urban slow-jam with its retro flavors is a departure from the typically dance-tinged roots of Milian's discography but is arguably more in-keeping with the 'Young Money' style of her new colleagues. Clearly her signing to boyfriend Lil Wayne's label has had an influence on the "Dip It Low" hit maker, with the man himself even scoring a mention on the track. The cynics amongst you might call that an attempt to garner publicity but the shout out doesn't necessarily feel forced.

The track is okay but it doesn't seem like enough to re-establish Christina as a force to be reckoned with in the industry and definitely doesn't match up to the dizzying heights of previous successes, "Dip It Low" or "AM to PM" (which was my JAM back in 2001.)

Christina's promised to try new things and work with a variety of producers on her forthcoming forth album, so with any luck "Rebel" won't represent the sonic direction of the record and might just serve as a buzz track. In an ideal world, Milian's lead single would pack a punch and get people talking about her again but I'm sceptical as to whether the mellow tone of "Rebel" could manage that.

What do you think? Will "Rebel" spell success for Christina or should she head back to the drawing board?