Christina Grimmie Finds Her Prince Charming In Posthumous “Snow White” Video


Christina Grimmie looks for love in the music video for “Snow White.”

It’s been two months since singer Christina Grimmie was tragically killed at gun-point during a meet & greet after her show in Orlando. Throughout 2016, the 22-year-old filmed a series of videos for a visual EP project she was working on titled Side A. One of those clips was for a song titled “Snow White,” which gets a proper release today (August 11). The song details Grimmie’s quest as a character named Jessica Blue who searches for love while battling fears of self-doubt.

“Some day my prince will come for me, save me from this harm that haunts me. When will I be free? Tell me some day he will come for me,” she sings.

Her brother Bryan posted a message about it on his sister’s Twitter account:

Watch below:

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