Christina Aguilera Thinks A Beyonce Collaboration Would Be “Fierce”


Christina Aguilera wants to sip some Lemonade.

The Bionic promises her new album will debut later this year, and if she gets her way… it could feature a collaboration with Beyonce.

“I haven’t done Beyonce yet! I think me and Beyonce would be a pretty fierce combination,” Christina said on The Voice red carpet this week. When asked what she had in mind, Aguilera fires back “we’d have to talk about it,” then cackles.

I don’t see Beyonce agreeing to that, unless… it’s a hologram.

Earlier this month, Christina said she will return to the recording studio following the season finale of The Voice.

“Right after I leave my coaching duties, I will go back into my artistic self and unleash what I’ve been dying to for so long.”

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