Christina Aguilera Performs “Change” At Hillary Clinton Fundraiser


Christina Aguilera calls Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton a "strong and powerful woman."

Before Aguilera jumped into the heartfelt ballad at the Hillary Clinton Victory Fundraiser in Pacific Palisades on Sunday (Nov. 6), she prefaced the performance with a little speech about being asked to headline a fundraiser for Clinton last-minute: "Yes, of course. Anything for her," she said. "And for all of you who... oh my God, thank God have a brain."

"My daughter still has a future, so there's still hope for her," she continued while explaining her bewilderment of opponent Donald Trump. "In honor of that, and in honor of our children and their future... hopefully we can all hope for a great and better change and who better to make that happen than a strong and powerful woman."

Aguilera released "Change" following the tragedy at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando. “These lyrics speak to the victims and also so many that came before them—the trailblazers throughout time that stood up to adversity to stand for what was right,” Aguilera said in the annotations on the song's Genius page. “With every tragedy and every event that sets us back, people can become jaded, but it also creates action and it also allows us to look to the future and move forward in love and in hope and that’s the main message of this song.”


She also performed an acoustic version of "Fighter":

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