Chris Brown’s Fans Created A Petition For Him To Perform At The Super Bowl


Chris Brown's fans are hoping their efforts lead to an eventual performance at the Super Bowl Halftime Show.

Now that Adele is no longer in the running to perform at next year's Super Bowl (according to the NFL, that deal was never on the table), the stage is wide-open. For years, music lovers have fantasized about Britney Spears or Jennifer Lopez taking the stage, and best believe a dozen petitions have been signed by countless hopeful fans, but nothing materialized. Chris Brown's fans (he has em) are hoping their luck will fare better.

They created a petition of their own on and it has already racked up over 3,000 signatures. It reads:

Chris Brown is One of the Most Talented Entertainers in this Generation. Since Chris Brown Came out he has been compared to many legendary artist, if you remember chris brown Michael Jackson Tribute on The BET awards you will see The ambition he has to make a Great Halftime Show. People even called Chris Brown a Legendary Artist. I believe chris will be a legend and thats why he need to make history on the Superbowl!

Brown caught wind of the petition, and had this to say about it:

"If they let me perform at the Super Bowl. I'll f--k that s--t up! In a good way. In a good way. But I'll f--k that s--t up."

Brown can definitely create a hit, but no one is here for anyone f--king s--t up at the Super Bowl.

Waiting for someone to create a petition for Chris Brown to NOT perform in 3... 2...

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