China Bans Citizens From Betting On Taylor Swift’s Love Life


The people of China placed a safe bet: Taylor Swift's new relationship with Tom Hiddleston is gonna go down in flames.

It was announced this week China is banning Lady Gaga from their Internet because of her recent meeting to discuss peace with the Dalai Lama, and now another American pop star is getting the boot. New reports claim China is also barring people from betting on Taylor Swift's love life, which hides under an “insurance policies” label because gambling is illegal in China.

According to China's state-run Xinhua News Agency via The Hollywood Reporter, Taobao vendors started placing bets on the "Bad Blood" singer's romantic affairs beginning last week, with the minimum wager set at 1 yuan ($.15).

"If I bought a million, I would make a lot — these stars break up all the time which gives us the opportunity to earn a lot of money!" said one policy purchaser.

A cursory survey points out the average length of Swift's recent relationships, which includes Joe Jonas, John Mayer, Jake Gyllenhaal, Harry Styles and several more — was about two and half months. Calvin Harris, who dated Swift for 15 months, was a "statistical outlier."

One seller revealed he had logged over 543 transactions.

All bets are off.

As of Wednesday, Taobao began blocking "insurance policies" related to Swift and her romantic affairs. Searches were met with the message: "According to laws and regulations, what you have searched for cannot be displayed."

At the rate Swift's new relationship with Hiddleston is going, the jet-setting, meeting his parents etc etc they're on track for that two-and-a-half month average.

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