Cherryade Casts A Spell With New Song “Houdini”: BreatheHeavy Exclusive

September 21 2016, 1:49 pm


London based duo Cherryade waved their wand and poof! Dropped a ferocious song titled "Houdini."

Alex and Ella of Cherryade are just getting warmed up on their followup to "Fractured Fairytales" and "The Crown." The colorful electro banger wreaks havoc on the Lewis Gardiner-produced track, a song inspired from their experiences with religion and going to a religious school.

"The priest was later convicted for being a pedophile, the music teacher was apparently fired for cheating on his wife with a male student, and all the time we were the one’s being judged and told what was right and wrong," Cherryade tells of their self-written song. "When you’re young and naive the last thing you need is more people telling you who you should be, and once you’re caught in that web it’s not an easy thing to get out of."

If you're not sure what to do with that, you're not alone. The entire tune is an auditory spectacle that takes flight in every direction with the frantic beat clanging against the pair's frenetic verses.

"For us we just hope it starts some kind of conversation," they add. "Without sounding too wanky, we want to write about things that you wouldn't normally expect to hear in a pop song."

Wank away:

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