Charli XCX Shakes It Off in Radio One’s Live Lounge

Charli's cover seemed to involve crudely copy+pasting her own brand of punk-lite over the top of the Max Martin production and throwing in some "Mickey"-esque backing vocals for good measure. It's not that the reimagining of the enormously popular track is unlistenable or unenjoyable, it just lacks the carefree spirit of the original or the fuck-free attitude that Charli usually embodies.

Gratefully, "Doing It" (sans Rita Ora) was far more successful. The track is shaping up to be the most successful offering from "Sucker," which makes a great deal of sense. Despite being decidedly Charli, it doesn't sound as out of place on the radio as "Break The Rules" and is far more innovative than "Boom Clap." It's also inspiring to see the live performances of "Doing It" brashly ignoring Rita Ora's baffling and entirely unnecessary featured role on the official release.

The track is available worldwide as of now, so it'll be interesting to see if "Doing It" can become Charli XCX's first enduring smash.

What do you think of Charli's Live Lounge performances?