Charli XCX Premieres New Song “Vroom Vroom”


Charli XCX drops her SOPHIE collaboration for "Vroom Vroom."

The "Sucker" singer filled in for Julie Adenuga on Beats 1 on Tuesday (Oct. 20) and played a bunch of good pop tunes like LIZ, Beiber, SOPHIE, Skepta, and Diplo (with CL, OG Maco, Riff Raff) and Sex Pistols. She added a new song of her own to the list: the long-anticipated track with SOPHIE titled “Vroom Vroom.”

The song marks the official kickoff for Charli's new musical era after abruptly closing out the "Sucker." "Vroom Vroom" is organized chaos, much like XCX's last year; she cancelled a tour due to restlessness to create songs like this. She played the track on air before someone threw it up on a SoundCloud page.

Normally, we're accustomed to hearing Charli pout about how much guys suck, but this new tune steers away from the boy drama and instead puts the 23-year-old in the driver's seat. Trap beats and all.

Listen here:

By the way, is that M.I.A. we're hearing?