Charli XCX Wants To Make The Best Pop Album Of 2017

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Charli XCX will release a new album next year.

And of equal importance, tells The Fader in her lengthy new feature if she can pull such a feat off, she’ll actualize a childhood dream:

“I really just wanted to be Britney Spears when I was younger.”

We’ll have to wait until next year to hear Charli’s new record? I’ll just leave this here…

I'm going to finish recording my new album next week…

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For the record, the Sucker singer told The Standard last month she planned on “putting a record out soon and it’s going to be the most pop thing I’ve done.” She added: “I’m just finishing it but I can’t say anything yet. I’ve been in LA chilling and it’s great to be back in London.”

Read her full interview with The Fader here.

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