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Kathy Griffin Dishes On Being Britney’s Piece Of Me Victim

Kathy Griffin Dishes On Being Britney's Piece Of Me Victim

Don’t look Britney Spears in the (break the) eyes.

Kathy Griffin chatted about her recent on-stage stint at Piece Of Me on Jimmy Kimmel Live Tuesday night. Though Kathy said the show was great, she wasn’t allowed to talk to Britney one-on-one or look at her in the eyes – a warning from Brit’s security.

“I wanted to talk with her and just say hi and they honestly kept saying: ‘no, no she can’t.’

No hugs either!

Watch Kathy Griffin on Jimmy Kimmel Live talk about Brit Brit:

Britney’s Piece Of Me Getting A Dance Makeover

Britney's Piece Of Me Getting A Dance Makeover

Britney is bringing sexy back for next the leg of Piece Of Me shows.

It’s been awhile… since we’ve seen Britney on stage in Las Vegas, so her next installment of Piece Of Me should be an exciting one! And urban. She’s apparently making changes to make it “hotter and sexier than ever!”

A source close to the show’s production says the “new material that will be a lot like old-Britney style dance.”

“It was Britney’s idea to step it up because she has gotten back into her old form and her body is just sick,” the source explains.

Updated! The Official #BritneyDay Post

Updated! The Official #BritneyDay Post

Britney Spears dazzled thousands of fans and “Britneys” on Britney Day at The LINQ Promenade in Las Vegas on Wednesday.

Planet Hollywood celebrated Britney’s success with Piece Of Me by presenting the Queen with a Key to the Las Vegas Strip.

See pictures of Britney at the Britney Day event here.

Britney Day kicked off with nearly a dozen showgirls elaborately dressed in not much more than feathers and rhinestones dancing to “Toxic.” As their number winded down, a sea of feathers revealed Britney.

@britneyspears #HappyBritneyDay introduction

A video posted by BreatheHeavy.com (@breatheheavycom) on

Anyone named Britney (spelled however) was invited to see Piece Of Me Wednesday night and take a spin on the High Roller.

Britney gave a short speech about her special day, saying:

“Thank you commissioner Sisolak for that amazing introduction, and thank you Las Vegas for welcoming me with open arms and being so supportive of me and my show. I’m honored to receive the Key to the City’s iconic strip, and I’m thrilled that today has been declared Britney Day.

Most importantly I want to thank my fans who have been with me every step of the way. Special shout-out to all the Britneys for coming out and celebrating with me today. This is our day, definitely, and I consider this city my second home and want to give back to it, so I’m teaming up with Zappos and the Nevada Childhood Cancer foundation to help the children and families of Las Vegas. “

The NCCF improves the quality of life for critically ill children and their families.

“We are thrilled that Britney Spears has chosen to partner with the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation with the support of Tony Hsieh and Zappos,” said Jeff Gordon, presiden and CEO of NCCF. “Britney brings with her so much passion for our cause and we feel privileged and honored to have her in our community and now as a part of the NCCF Family.”

Tony Hsieh also spoke a few words, adding his theme song whenever he walks into a room is “Oops!… I Did It Again.” Britney nodded.

Piece Of Me’s performed so well since opening last December, Britney’s added 36 performances. She announced shows through September 2015 earlier in the day.

Britney invited the Britneys to ride with her on the High Roller after the festivities, signed a few autographs then zipped off to Planet Hollywood to perform Piece Of Me.

Congrats, Britney!