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“Everytime” Video Director: Britney Didn’t Want To Finish Filming It

After Britney Spears dumped a bucket of ice water onto her manager’s head the other day, she told him it was for the 17 years of torture she’s been through.

Now I know it’s an expression, but was there a little truth to it?

Photographer David LaChapelle first met Britney in 1999 for her infamous Rolling Stone magazine cover shoot, then reconnected with her for the “Everytime” music video. He says at the time, Britney was unmotivated to finish filming that video and, frankly, was over it. All of it.

He says in a new interview:

Britney Spears An Assassin In Original “Perfume” Video Storyline

Britney Spears' "Perfume" Director Confirms Original Storyline

Once upon a time, a pop star named Britney Spears released a ballad titled “Perfume” off her eighth studio album. She filmed a music video for it, but thanks to a last minute edit, the video her fans saw was watered down and basic.

Director Joseph Kahn said of the original treatment:

“It sucks, especially since my director’s cut is an entirely different video. The released edit is missing half of the story and all of the editorial structure. It took a lot of serious salvaging of footage to get it to an acceptable place after the concept was gutted. It’s like watching people pet a shaved, bald, declawed cat. I don’t gain any satisfaction from people liking work I did that’s heavily compromised… If they liked the weak version, I’d bet they’d love the strong one. No one knows what they’re missing, and they’re missing a lot.”

It was unclear exactly WHAT happened in the original, but rumor had it Brit Brit killed off the male lead and his chick on the side. Now the original video storyline, including alleged leaked screen caps showing a bruised and beat up Britney (some believe these are shopped) is online:

Makeup Artist: Britney Sabotaged “Gimme More” Music Video Plot

Makeup Artist: Britney Sabotaged "Gimme More" Music Video Plot

They want more? Well I’ll give them… what I want!

The makeup artist Britney used for her infamous “Gimme More” music video says there was a different plot, but Britney decided to dance on the stripper pole instead.

She says:

“One of the defining moments of my career was working with Britney. I was her personal MUA for the Gimme More music video and a couple of photo shoots. She had just shaved her head and was getting a nothing but bad press. She sabotaged the director by refusing to perform and follow the script. So, what we got was her dancing on a stripper pole with her friends. It was an honest and playful performance during a very rough time and I am proud of how gorgeous she was.”

Here’s how the rumored video was SUPPOSED to go:


Britney Spears’ “Toxic” Gets Vevo Certified!

Britney Spears'

Britney Spears’ “Toxic” music video is officially Vevo certified!

After months of campaigning by Exhalers and the Britney Army (90 million views in January), the “Toxic” video finally surpassed 100 million views on Vevo, making it Brit’s seventh vid to grab the achievement.

Britney Spears'

Her other vids include:

• Baby One More Time
• Womanizer
• I Wanna Go
• Till The World Ends
• Scream & Shout
• Work Bitch

Britney Spears'

Just a few weeks back, Britney became the first artist ever to receive a Vevo Certified video from three different decades.

“Circus,” we’re coming for you next!

Britney Spears'