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Britney Spears Breaks Up With David Lucado After He Was Caught Cheating

There’s trouble in paradise.

A video of David Lucado making out with a woman and dancing with her in someone’s living room from earlier this month is being shopped around Hollywood, according to TMZ. Britney caught wind of it and broke up with him.

“She is heartbroken. She is in Vegas. But she will get through it. She’s a strong girl and he was never right for her,” a source tells E! News.

One source is saying Britney’s actually whatever about the breakup and doesn’t want her fans mentioning him anymore.

A rep for David says:

“David is very, very in love with Britney. This is unfortunate and he hopes that it all works out.”

Britney Spears Tweeted about the breakup to her millions of fans.

Woodney Woodpecker, Katy Perry & Britney Tweet About It

Woodney Woodpecker, Katy Perry & Britney Tweet About It

Britney Spears is many things: a mom, a performer, a business woman, a… Woody Woodpecker impressionist? Yup! The Queen of Pop exhibited the ~no fucks to give~ lifestyle on Friday, posting a video of her goofiness for all 3.1 million of her fans to enjoy.

I’m down for a Daffy Duck impression next!

See the video here:

Sometimes I do impressions…

UPDATE: Katy Perry Tweeted Britney about her video, and Brit responded back challenging Katy to do one, too.

I bet Katy can do a killer Road Runner…? #ImpressionChallenge

Britney: Thank You For The Kind Words, Zoe Saldana!

Britney: Thank You For The Kind Words, Zoe Saldana

Zoe Saldana’s defended Britney during an episode of Watch What Happens Live this weekend, and the Queen caught wind and personally thanked her.

When a caller asked Zoe what she thought of Britney’s infamous “Alien” vocals leak, Zoe said:

“That’s mean,” Zoe said. “I’m pretty sure that 80 percent of our musical artists would be mortified if they were caught singing without auto-tune.”

“She was the only pop star at that time – and I can name a lot of prominent figures right now that today are more famous than Britney – that literally got to where they were at by hating on Britney a lot. Because it was cool at one time to really just diss her. And Britney never did that.”

Britney Tweeted showing her appreciation and gratitude, even suggesting to make a sequel (lol dead).