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Britney’s Women’s Health Magazine Photos Spark Controversy

Britney's Women's Health Magazine Photos Spark Controversy

Some people think Britney Spears doesn’t look like Britney Spears on Women’s Health magazine.

In fact, a few fans went as far as Photoshopping her nose and eyes from previous years onto the new pictures (see above). They’re not alone – Buzzfeed publicized an article about her face claiming she looks nothing like herself.


But rest assured, TMZ claims the unfamiliarity is caused from a makeup technique called contouring.


Do you think Brit’s professional makeup is to blame for the new appearance? Photoshop? Or… something else?


This Is Another Britney Spears On Women’s Health Mag Post

This Is Another Britney On Women's Health Mag Post

The slayage continues to trickle in.

Britney Spears’ photoshoot by Jeff Lipsky in Women’s Health magazine is now one of, no, THE best thing you’ve ever seen.

Britney tells the mag it was easy to get back into shape after having Jayden James (all mothers everywhere grind their jaw and clench their fists), but started seeing changes five years later.

Brit says she does yoga, dancing and swimming to stay in shape – apparently parting ways with her trainer, Tony Martinez, who Brit previously credited for getting her back into tip-top shape.

Here’s a video of a behind-the-scenes look at her photoshoot featured on E! News:

Britney Wants To Take Back The Reins

She just don’t need permission, make her own decisions – that’s her prerogative.

Britney’s remained under the control of a conservatorship for years, and though it was beneficial in the beginning, she now feels she’s ready to regain control of her life.

Brit’s dad Jamie Spears oversees her personal affairs while co-conservator Andrew Wallet handles the money. Britney is fine with that, she just wants it out of the court room.

An insider tells Life & Style:


Britney Spears is a pop zombie, so I want to be a pop zombie.

In Touch Weekly needed to fill half-a-page in their latest issue by deadline, so they opted to give our Brit Brit a shout-out and compare her to a zombie.

Pretty fierce TBH.