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Britney Drops By Westlake Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery Center

Britney Drops By Westlake Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery Center

Britney’s real serious about her looks these days! Homegirl’s considering laser fat removal, and on Sunday, her and boyfriend David Lucado stopped by the Westlake Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery.

No word on what Brit Brit had done (if anything).

The “Anticipating” singer showed off a peak of her belly with a flower-print crop top paired with a black pair of shorts and flip flops.

One time she posted this:

Check out the full photo below:

Britney Shares Family Photo Of Their Disneyland Adventure

Britney took her boys to Disneyland on Friday! She shared a snap with fans on her social media:

In case you’re basic, or living under a rock or it’s your first time visiting BreatheHeavy (hi! welcome! I love you) here’s a recap of Britney’s busy week:

Britney Caught Smoking A Ciggie In Front Of Her Kiddies

Britney Caught Smoking A Ciggie In Front Of Her Kiddies

Britney may have dropped by the happiest place on Earth on Friday, but some of her fans aren’t as pleased after homegirl got caught smoking a cigarette in front of her children.

An unsuspecting Brit Brit took a drag of a ciggie at a Whole Foods parking lot, and while her boys aren’t pictured in that shot, they WERE with her. This sparked a debate amongst fans: is it a big deal to smoke in front of your kids?

Britney Spears Might Be A Vampire

Britney Spears Might Be A Vampire

Britney felt a little under the weather Wednesday morning. The cause? Walking around before noon.

The “Early Mornin” singer wore a sweater that said “I’m Allergic To Mornings” with a pair of grey sweatpants on her way into a business meeting in Westlake. Probably to talk about her new lingerie line she announced today.

BTW, only the Queen’s allowed to wear pajamas to a meeting. When will your favs?

Check out the full pic after the jump:

Britney Grabs Lunch After Coffee

Britney Grabs Food After Coffee

A bigger mystery then the original “Perfume” music video or “Rebellion?” Britney carrying a rug on the way in to lunch with boyfriend David Lucado.

On Tuesday, the “Rock Boy” singer grabbed a coffee at Starbucks followed by a meal with her rumored fiance and bodyguard.

Last time Brit Brit ate lunch with her man, she forgot to pay! No word whether Brit left her credit card at home, but I imagine she won’t make that same mistake twice.

Perhaps the rug goes with the new wicker baskets homegirl bought from Home Goods after her hike yesterday. Better get that home decor!

Check out the full picture below: