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Britney Shows Us What She’s Sippin On

Britney Shows Us What She's Sippin On

It’s been awhile…

Britney knew she shouldn’t have kept us waiting, but she’s here now – with Starbucks in hand; the only way I like seeing Britney (unless it’s on stage).

Brit stepped out on Wednesday in a pair of leggings, blazer and her signature boots that completely don’t go with it but it’s ok because it’s Britney, bitch. Homegirl offset her Starbucks treat with a trip to the gym in Westlake Village later in the afternoon.

YAS at that side-eye she’s serving her bodyguard. Looking great!

Image: Splash News via Daily Mail

Britney Takes A Meeting In Between Piece Of Me Shows

Britney Takes A Meeting In Between Piece Of Me Shows

Britney’s looking Carol Brady-chic.

Brit Brit was spotted heading into a meeting over the weekend wearing a dress that’s business on top and party on the bottom.

Homegirl has a lot to chat about in these meetings! She’s extending her Vegas residency, promoting her fragrance line, her lingerie line and working on her next studio album (that may or may not have an acoustic pop feel).

Legs for days:

Britney Has A Monday Me Day

Britney Has A Monday Me Day

Britney’s going to look flawless this week.

Photogs caught Britney Spears leaving a dermatology appointment after her workout on Monday. In other words, she’s going to be lookin fierce for her Piece of Me show on Wednesday.

She kind of wears the same thing every day and I love her for it. #NoneMyDamnBuisness

See the full photo here:

Britney Hits The Gym, Starbucks, Obviously

Britney Hits The Gym, Starbucks, Obviously

This is classic Britney.

That ensemble, phone to ear, Starbucks in hand. Yep, that’s Britney Spears, alright!

Homegirl grabbed her caffiene fix in Westlake Village after hitting the gym on Tuesday. Today’s Brit’s last day of relaxing before heading back to Vegas to get to work bitch. She’s scheduled for shows on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

Check out the full picture below:

Britney Kicks Off October In Shape

Britney Kicks Off October In Shape

Britney’s back in the swing of things.

After taking a few days off from her whirl-wind trip in Europe last week promoting The Intimate collection, Brit hit the gym to get in shape for another round of Piece Of Me shows kicking off later this week.

Dressed in a fitted black tank top, grey shorts, sneakers and her classic blue aviators, Brit clutched a Smart Water as she made her way from the gym to her car. I’m ready for her to support Wat-Aah! instead.

Might I add her bodyguard has excellent taste in handbags…

Check out the full photo below!